Adjectives for Format

Adjectives For Format

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing format, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the format can vastly change the perception of the message intended. A standard format implies a widely accepted and recognized structure, ensuring universality and ease of understanding. Using same format might hint at uniformity or lack of creativity, whereas a digital format signals modernity and technological advancement. Describing something as general format might suggest it's basic or universal, while a large format implies grandeur or more detailed information. Lastly, common format points towards a widely used and familiar structure. Each adjective carries its unique shade of meaning, enriching the conversation about formats. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'format' below to better understand the nuances they bring.
standardThis is a sentence written in standard format
digitalThe digital format allows for easy sharing and collaboration.
generalThis is a sentence in a general format
largeThe magazine article presented the photo in large format
commonThe common format for JSON is { "key": "value" }
basicThis is a basic format JSON object.
electronicThe files are available in electronic format
specificsentence with specific format
traditionalThe traditional format of a sentence has a subject, a verb, and an object.
originalThe original format is a JSON object.
particularThis is a sentence with particular format
appropriateA short sentence with "appropriate format".
similarThis is a sentence with a similar format
structuredThe new structured format is easy to use.
standardizedJSON is a standardized format for data interchange.
nativeWould you like to order the native format of this sentence?
readableThe report is available in legible and readable format
tabularThe data is presented in a tabular format making it easy to read and understand.
correctThe correct format of a JSON object is { "key": "value" }
popularThis is a sentence in a popular format
htmlAn HTML format is a markup language used to create a web page.
verticalVertical format sentence is written downwards.
internalThe book has an internal format that is not compatible with the current system.
xmlThe XML format is a popular format for representing structured data.
typicalThe typical format of a JSON object is { "key": "value" }.
fixedThe sentence is fixed format
basedThis is an example of a sentence based format
pointThis is a sentence written in point format
consistentIt is important to maintain a consistent format throughout the document.
usualthe usual format is json
proprietaryThe proprietary format of the data made it difficult to access and use.
columnThis is a sentence in column format
bitThe data is presented in a bit format
graphicThe data was presented in a visually appealing graphic format
horizontalI'm a sentence in horizontal format
largerThe larger format allowed for more detailed images.
conventionalThis is a sentence in conventional format
readThe book was in a read format
uniqueThe unique format of the sentence makes it stand out from others.
uniformThe data was presented in a uniform format
exactPlease provide the exact format you would like the JSON to be in.
audioThis audio format is compatible with most music players.
convenientThis document is in a convenient format
selectThe select format was used to generate this JSON object.
graphicalThis is a graphical format
friendlyI like the friendly format
usefulI find this information in a useful format
attractiveThe report was presented in an attractive format
visualI love the visual format
hourThe meeting will take place in two hour format
mediumThe medium format camera has a larger sensor than the full-frame camera, but a smaller sensor than the large format camera.
familiarIt was a familiar format easy to read and understand.
prescribedFollow the prescribed format for the report.
compactThe compact format is a concise and efficient way to store data.
alternativeThe report is available in an alternative format upon request.
smallerThe company has decided to shrink the product to a smaller format
portablePlease keep a digital copy of your resume in a portable format like PDF so that you can easily share it with us.
suggestedI'm sorry, I don't know how to write a short sentence with "suggested format".
accessibleThe information was presented in an accessible format
linearData is represented in a linear format such as JSON or CSV.
levelThis is a sentence in level format
conciseThe concise format is a clear and brief way to express information.
logicalThis sentence follows logical format
organizationalInformation was presented in a clear organizational format
writtenThe document was submitted in written format
pageI changed the page format to landscape.

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