Adjectives for Formation

Adjectives For Formation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing formation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'formation' is intriguing, carrying a multitude of meanings depending on it's descriptive partner. An adjective like 'reticular' explores the intricately structured, network-like aspects, while 'new' highlights the fresh, emerging qualities. A 'complex' formation suggests a multifaceted, perhaps complicated structure, whereas 'social' shifts our focus to the patterns and structures within societies. Meanwhile, 'hippocampal' connects us to the brain's anatomy, and 'geological' to the layers and processes of Earth itself. Each adjective unveils a unique dimension, emphasizing the dynamic nature of formations. Explore our full list to learn how different adjectives can alter and enrich your understanding of 'formation'.
reticularThe reticular formation is a network of neurons that runs through the core of the brainstem and is responsible for controlling arousal and attention.
newThe new formation had great success in the championship.
complexThe complex formation of iron(III) with EDTA is a well-known example of chelation.
socialSocial consciousness is shaped by the social formation in which the individual lives.
hippocampalThe hippocampal formation is a complex neural structure found in the medial temporal lobe of the brain, and is involved in learning and memory.
geologicalThe geological formation is composed of several layers of sedimentary rock.
grossThe gross formation of fixed capital increased by 4% in 2018.
subsequentThe subsequent formation of a committee was approved by the board.
cystThe cyst formation was a result of the infection.
crystalThe crystal formation was a magnificent sight to behold.
rapidThe rapid formation of ice crystals in the atmosphere can cause clouds to precipitate.
scarThe patient's scar formation is minimal and almost unnoticeable.
initialThe initial formation of the planet began millions of years ago.
secondaryMelanin is a pigment produced by secondary formation in skin and hair.
tumorThe study found that the drug was able to inhibit tumor formation in mice.
radicalThe reaction proceeds via radical formation and recombination.
closeThe soldiers marched in close formation
excessiveThe excessive formation of collagen in the skin can lead to its thickening and fibrosis.
domesticThe company's domestic formation will enable it to take advantage of the local market.
spiritualSpiritual formation is the intentional process of growing in one's understanding and relationship with God.
extensiveThey conducted an extensive formation to ensure the team's readiness.
culturalThe cultural formation of a community is influenced by its history, geography, and social structure.
gradualThe gradual formation of the new ideas is very encouraging.
wordWord formation is the process of creating new words.
inducedThe induced formation of the new government was a controversial topic.
spontaneousThe spontaneous formation of the new crystals was a fascinating sight to behold.
callusThe repeated friction caused callus formation on his hands.
acidAcid formation in the stomach is a normal process that helps digest food.
discursiveThe discursive formation around climate change is complex and multifaceted.
periostealThe periosteal formation was indicative of a healing fracture.
peculiarThe peculiar formation of the clouds caught my eye.
likeThe birds flew in V-like formation.
rosetteThe rosette formation is a type of skin lesion that is characterized by a central papule surrounded by a ring of smaller papules.
tightThe geese flew in a tight formation
abscessAntibiotics are often used to treat bacterial infections and prevent abscess formation
intermediateThe intermediate formation requires more research.
racialThe concept of racial formation helps us understand how race is socially constructed and maintained.
cellThe professor explained how cell formation occurs in the human body.
stateThe state formation process was complex and involved many different factors.
abnormalThe abnormal formation of the cells raised concerns among the scientists.
bearingThe aircraft’s bearing formation was not ideal.
defectiveThe investigation revealed defective formation of the material.
osteophyteOsteophyte formation a common feature of osteoarthritis, can lead to joint stiffness and pain.
intellectualIntellectual formation is a process of engaging critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity to develop higher-order cognitive skills.
voidDuring the annealing, void formation and coarsening were driven by surface and grain boundary diffusion.
coralThe coral formation is a beautiful sight to behold.
consequentThe consequent formation of a new government led to a period of political stability.
fixedGross fixed formation rose to a record high of over 20% of GDP in 2007.
scaleThe kettle had a thick layer of scale formation on its interior.
conceptThis book focuses on concept formation and problem-solving and it may help you in many ways.
volcanicThe towering volcanic formation dominated the landscape.
aggregateAggregate formation is the process by which sedimentary particles are combined to form larger units.
cyclicThe cyclic formation of this molecule is caused by the presence of a double bond.
tertiaryAt a tertiary formation of academics, undergraduate and graduate students coexist.

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