Adjectives for Former

Adjectives For Former

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing former, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'former' can significantly impact the tone and clarity of a sentence. Descriptors like 'sixth' and 'several' give a sense of sequence or quantity, highlighting a numerical position or multiplicity. Words like 'strong' and 'own' evoke a feeling of personal strength or possession, adding a layer of intimacy or emphasis. Meanwhile, 'wooden' and 'cylindrical' appeal to the senses, offering a tangible texture or shape that can bring your message to life. Each adjective serves to paint a more vivid picture, adding depth and precision to your communication. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'former' to enrich your narrative.
sixthThe sixth former was nervous about his upcoming exams.
strongThe strong former army general was honored for his service.
ownHe was his own former enemy.
woodenThe wooden former was used to shape the metal.
cylindricalThe cylindrical former was used to create the shape of the metal.
severalSeveral former employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company.
fifthThe fifth former was top of his class in Latin.
likelyAmerica's likely former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, testified that she had not seen any evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens.
nearerThe nearer former friend was the one who had betrayed me.
complexThe complex former is a type of parsing model.
ceramicThe ceramic former is used to shape the clay into the desired form.
currentShe is a current former student at the university.
acidThe acid former reacts violently with metals.
thirdThe third former ran towards the bus stop.
fourthThe fourth former did not know what to expect from the new term.
suitableI am looking for a suitable former student of the course to assist me in the research.
plasticThe plastic former is used to make the shape of the product.
principalThe principal former president of Iran is Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
powerfulThe powerful former ruler has been deposed and exiled.
shapedThe shaped former was used to create the perfect curve.
metallicThe metallic former is used to shape the metal.
poorThe poor former teacher had to take a job at the local grocery store.
gradientThe gradient former is used to create a gradient background for a webpage.
trueThe true former of the noun is 'foot'.
maleThe male former student went back to his old school to visit his teachers.
hollowThe hollow former was hidden in the trunk of the car.
wireThe wire former bent the rods into the desired shape.
excellentI was very impressed with the excellent former student.
madeThe new policy made former rules redundant.
tubularThe tubular former was essential to the manufacturing process.
leastI have the least former expectation.
circularThe circular former moves along the track with a fixed rotary motion.
elasticThe elastic former snapped back into place.
rectangularThe rectangular former was used to create the base of the building.
rimThe rim former was used to shape the edge of the metal sheet.
hieThe hie former was a great leader.
activeThe active former athlete continues to train hard.
thinWith his thin former self now a distant memory, he bulked up and became a formidable opponent.
weakHe was a weak former but he tried to act brave.
intelligentThe intelligent former student was accepted to the best universities in the country.
typicalA typical former professor was working as an Uber driver.
anaerobicThe anaerobic former produced methane gas.
keloidAs a keloid former she's had to have her ears pierced three times.
heatedThe heated former was able to seamlessly mold the steel.
poreThe pore former helped to increase the surface area and porosity of the material.
magneticThe magnetic former was used to create a strong magnetic field.
porousThe porous former can absorb a lot of water to keep the skin moist and comfortable.
voidThe void former degaussed the magnetic core promptly.
automaticThe automatic former folded the metal sheets precisely.
bosniaBosnia formerly asked for Russia's help to mediate the dispute.
lineThe line former helped to keep the line organized.
femaleThe female former athlete received a prestigious award.
conicalThe conical former was used to shape the metal into a cone.

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