Adjectives for Formula

Adjectives For Formula

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing formula, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a formula can significantly alter the perception of its complexity, purpose, and origin. A general formula suggests broad applicability, whereas an empirical formula grounds the discussion in observed data. Opting for simple can make the concept more accessible, while same might underscore consistency or lack of variation. The following and above adjectives play a crucial role in positioning and hierarchy, indicating the formula's relational context. Each adjective opens up a new dimension of understanding, emphasizing the importance of precise language in the realm of science and mathematics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'formula' below, exploring the nuanced differences they bring to light.
followingThe exact amount is shown on the invoice following formula Units*Rate.
generalThis is the general formula for calculating the area of a circle.
simpleThe simple formula for success is hard work and dedication.
sameI applied the same formula to the other problems.
empiricalThe empirical formula of a compound is the simplest whole number ratio of its constituent elements.
aboveThe above formula is used to calculate the area of a triangle.
structuralThe structural formula of water is H2O.
mathematicalThe mathematical formula for the area of a circle is pi*r^2.
magicThe magic formula for success is hard work.
molecularThe molecular formula for glucose is C6H12O6.
basicThe basic formula for calculating the area of a triangle is half the base times the height.
standardThe standard formula for the area of a circle is A = πr2.
usualThe usual formula for calculating the area of a triangle is base times height divided by two.
originalThe drink still uses the same original formula
traditionalThe traditional formula calls for a pinch of salt.
infantThe infant formula was recalled due to possible contamination.
dentalThe dental formula is a notation used to indicate the number of teeth of different types in each quadrant of the mouth.
exactThe exact formula for this mixture is a closely guarded secret.
secretThe secret formula for success is hard work and dedication.
correctThe correct formula is y = mx + b.
famousE=mc^2 is Albert Einstein's famous formula
appropriateUsing the appropriate formula the scientist calculated the velocity of the object.
herbalThe herbal formula contains many different ingredients.
quadraticThe quadratic formula can be used to solve for the roots of a quadratic equation.
complexThe complex formula puzzled the mathematician.
knownThe results can be calculated with a known formula
explicitThe explicit formula for the $n$-th Fibonacci number, which is denoted $f_n$, is $f_n = phi^n/√5$, where $phi = (1 + √5)/2$ is the golden ratio.
simplestThe beauty of mathematics lies in its simplest formula
complicatedScientists puzzled over the theory's complicated formula
classicalThe classical formula for the area of a triangle is A = 1/2 * b * h.
familiarThe familiar formula produced surprising results.
preciseThe precise formula for calculating the area of a circle is πr^2.
magicalThe magical formula solved all the puzzles.
theoreticalThe theoretical formula is a complex equation that describes the behavior of a system.
brownThe brown formula is a mathematical equation used to calculate the surface area of a sphere.
typicalThe typical formula for the equation is N equals 5 X P, where N is the number of elements that the particle has, and P is the number of protons that the particle has.
successfulThe successful formula for a happy life is to live in the present moment.
atomicThe atomic formula is a basic building block of propositional logic.
correspondingUse the corresponding formula to calculate the area of the triangle.
universalThe universal formula for success is hard work and dedication.
fundamentalThe fundamental formula for calculating the area of a circle is πr².
basedThe study was structured based formula
logicalThe logical formula is valid if and only if it is a tautology.
rigidWe need to break free from the rigid formulas of the past.
usefulThe useful formula helped me solve the problem.
scholesThe Scholes formula is a mathematical model used to calculate the theoretical value of a call or put option.
conventionalThe scientist followed a conventional formula during his experiment.
rationalFor a rational formula the numerator degree must be less than the denominator degree.
verbalThe verbal formula of the present continuous tense is 'be + present participle'.
classicThe classic formula for success is hard work and dedication.
winningThe winning formula for success is hard work and dedication.
definiteThe project has a definite formula for success.
convenientThe convenient formula helped me to solve a complex problem.
modifiedA doctor prescribed me a modified formula
sacredThe sacred formula was passed down from generation to generation.
constitutionalIdentifying the constitutional formula of a compound helps us understand its molecular structure.
alternativeThis is an alternative formula for the problem.
abstractThe researchers used an abstract formula to calculate the probability of success.
pointThe point formula for a straight line is y = mx + c.
binomialThe binomial formula allows us to expand the expression (a + b)^n.
idealThe molecular structure of a chemical compound can be known through its ideal formula

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