Adjectives for Forwarding

Adjectives For Forwarding

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing forwarding, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe forwarding in your sentences can significantly change their tone and meaning. A conditional forwarding plan indicates a contingent process, hinting at complexity and consideration. Describing forwarding as fast emphasizes efficiency and speed, suggesting a highly optimized process. Greedy forwarding might evoke a sense of urgency or shortsightedness, possibly compromising on quality. An automatic forwarding process suggests convenience and technology-driven solutions. Lastly, based and multicast forwarding introduce the concepts of foundation and diversity, respectively, adding layers of technical precision. The nuances these adjectives introduce are not just linguistic flourishes but paint a vivid picture of the forwarding process's nature. Discover more adjectives that transform your understanding of forwarding below.
fastI can't believe you're just fast forwarding through the entire movie!
greedyGreedy forwarding is a routing protocol that is used to find the shortest path between two nodes in a network.
automaticThe email account is set up with automatic forwarding to her personal email account.
multicastMulticast forwarding is a technique used to distribute data to a group of receivers.
promptHe directed the email to me with prompt forwarding enabled.
internationalWe provide international forwarding services for all your shipping needs.
selectiveThe network device is configured with selective forwarding to restrict traffic flow.
portTo connect to a local computer from the internet, set up port forwarding on the router.
localThe company offers local forwarding services to its customers.
internalThe company implemented an internal forwarding system to improve email delivery.
remoteRemote forwarding allows a user to access a remote server's resources as if they were local.
actualOne actual forwarding address was missing the address.
reverseThe reverse forwarding of the email was successful.
callI've set up call forwarding so you can reach me on my mobile.
geographicThe company set up a geographic forwarding system to optimize its distribution network.
conventionalThe conventional forwarding address must be registered with the post office by the property owner.
efficientThe efficient forwarding of network traffic was achieved through the utilization of advanced routing protocols.
emailI set up email forwarding to my other account for vacation.
vigorousThe team's defense took an especially vigorous forwarding position during yesterday's game.
dynamicThe switch supports dynamic forwarding of MAC addresses, IP addresses, and VLANs.
normalThe parcel was delayed due to normal forwarding
unicastThe multicast traffic is being sent to a specific address or group of addresses, whereas unicast forwarding is when a message is sent to only one specific address.
immediatePlease arrange for immediate forwarding of the attached file to relevant parties.
hopHop forwarding ensures the network will continue to operate even if a hop is compromised.
simpleThe router uses simple forwarding to direct traffic between the two networks.
subsequentThe documents provided enabled subsequent forwarding of the request.
directJohn received the package through direct forwarding
rapidHe was rapid forwarding the video to see what was next.
correctThese correct forwarding settings help prevent emails from being misdirected.
speedShe was speed forwarding the video to skip the boring parts.
worthThis is an email worth forwarding
intelligentThe email was automatically forwarded to the correct recipient using intelligent forwarding
regularPlease enable regular forwarding in your email settings.
properThe package was sent with proper forwarding information.
timelyPlease ensure the timely forwarding of the necessary documents to the appropriate parties.
traditionalThe company uses traditional forwarding to manage its logistics.
safeThe skis were returned to the rental store through safe forwarding
lessJane requested that she receive less forwarding of Jacob's email.
freightFreight forwarding is the process of organizing the safe and efficient transportation of goods from one location to another.
sureSure forwarding involves sending a copy of an email to another recipient.
friendlyThe friendly forwarding feature in email allows users to forward messages to other recipients while maintaining the original sender's information.
transparentThe router utilizes transparent forwarding to route packets through the network without the need for reconfiguration.
domesticThe domestic forwarding service is a convenient way to ship goods within the country.
standardThe standard forwarding procedure was implemented on the system.
requestThe email server can handle request forwarding
probabilisticProbabilistic forwarding is a method of forwarding in mobile ad-hoc networks where each node forwards data based on a certain probability.
levelThe files were uploaded successfully and are now waiting for level forwarding
streamlinedStreamlined forwarding enhanced the efficiency of the network connectivity.
quickThe video is quick forwarding to the end.
intermediateThe email server supports intermediate forwarding
successfulThe company prides itself on its successful forwarding of products to international destinations.
oceanThe company provides ocean forwarding services to its customers.
secureThe secure forwarding feature ensures that data is transmitted securely between two endpoints.
mutualThe two companies have agreed to a mutual forwarding arrangement.
throughI found a new job through forwarding
perfunctoryThe perfunctory forwarding of the message left much to be desired.
connectionlessThe network layer protocol responsible for connectionless forwarding is the Internet Protocol (IP).

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