Adjectives for Foundation

Adjectives For Foundation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing foundation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a foundation can subtly alter its connotation, reflecting not just its physical state but also its metaphorical strength or purpose. A solid foundation implies reliability and durability, essential in construction and personal principles. Describing it as very or firm enhances the perception of its unyielding nature, suggesting something built to last. A good foundation indicates adequacy for purpose, while a theoretical one points to concepts or ideas yet to be realized. Conversely, a strong foundation evokes an image of something unassailable, providing the utmost security and stability. Each adjective opens a window into understanding and appreciating the full significance and potential of foundations. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the nuances each brings to the term foundation.
solidWith a solid foundation the building stood tall and unyielding.
veryThe very foundation of our society is built on trust.
firmThe solid educational background established a firm foundation for his academic career.
goodShe got excellent grades and always a good foundation for college.
theoreticalThe theoretical foundation of this study is based on the concept of social constructivism.
strongThe team's strong foundation will ensure their continued success.
onlyThe makeup artist applied only foundation to the model's face.
sureThe house was built on a sure foundation
realIntegrity is the real foundation of true success.
soundThis school provides a sound foundation for academic achievement.
economicThis policy has a solid economic foundation
concreteThe house was built on a concrete foundation
privateEstablished in 2010, the XYZ Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting educational opportunities for underprivileged children.
scientificThe study has a solid scientific foundation
trueA solid reputation is the true foundation for lasting success.
necessaryA strong academic background provides the necessary foundation for future success.
basicThe basic foundation of the house was reinforced with steel beams.
legalThe contract was well-written and had a strong legal foundation
historicalThe team's historical foundation guided their strategy for the upcoming season.
philosophicalThe philosophical foundation of the argument rests on the premise that all knowledge is subjective.
moralThe most important decisions we make in life are guided by our moral foundation
secureA secure foundation is essential for building a stable and prosperous future.
broadHis theory provides a broad foundation for further research.
properA proper foundation is crucial for a stable and resilient structure.
religiousThe school was founded on a religious foundation
betterThe new building will have a better foundation than the old one.
originalThe original foundation of the house was built in the 18th century.
essentialThe essential foundation for a successful business is a solid customer base.
sufficientThe book provides a sufficient foundation for understanding this concept.
rationalEvery argument should have a rational foundation
empiricalThe research rests on an empirical foundation
conceptualThe conceptual foundation of this theory is based on the premise that all matter is made up of atoms.
spiritualHer spiritual foundation helped her through difficult times.
adequateIt was at least an adequate foundation on which to build upon.
ultimateThe ultimate foundation of success is a positive attitude.
firmerThe company is now on a firmer foundation with the new CEO at the helm.
intellectualThe historian has an intellectual foundation in the history of the Ottoman Empire.
ideologicalThe new policy lacks a firm ideological foundation
logicalThe argument lacks a logical foundation making it difficult to evaluate its validity.
soleHope was his sole foundation
substantialThe building has a substantial foundation that can withstand even the strongest earthquakes.
slightestThe slightest foundation can lead to great things.
charitableWe donated to the charitable foundation to support their work in the community.
weakThe old house had a weak foundation and needed to be repaired.
excellentWith an excellent foundation in finance, the candidate has a solid understanding of financial principles.
educationalShe received a solid educational foundation at an early age.
permanentThe company is setting up a permanent foundation to support the local community.
mathematicalThe mathematical foundation of this result was solid.
psychologicalTheir argument had a sturdy psychological foundation
theologicalThe theological foundation of the church is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
ethicalThe corporation's ethical foundation was built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for the environment.
shakyThe building's shaky foundation threatened to collapse under the weight of the heavy winds.
elasticThe bridge's elastic foundation allowed it to withstand the earthquake's force.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical foundation of their beliefs is based on the assumption that reality is essentially mental, and that all physical phenomena are ultimately manifestations of mind.
indispensableIts indispensable foundation is an iron-clad rule of civil politics.
biologicalThe study suggests that there is a biological foundation for the link between exposure to air pollution and respiratory disease.
strongerA stronger foundation would allow us to build a more successful business.
nonprofitThe nonprofit foundation provided funding for the research.
leastThe building has the least foundation
slightThe building has a slight foundation so it might collapse during an earthquake.
ontologicalThe ontological foundation of ethics is the question of what makes something ethically right or wrong.
objectiveThe report provides an objective foundation for understanding the issue.
royalThe royal foundation is a charitable organisation founded by the Prince and Princess of Wales.
sandyThe house was built on a sandy foundation and collapsed in the earthquake.
biblicalThe King James Bible provides a solid biblical foundation for Christian doctrine.
broaderThe broader foundation of the program allows students to pursue a wide range of interests.
insecureThe house was built on an insecure foundation so it was likely to collapse during the storm.
deeperThe deeper foundation gave the building a stronger base.

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