Adjectives for Foundations

Adjectives For Foundations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing foundations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective for the noun 'foundations' can significantly alter the meaning and tone of your sentence. Whether discussing 'very foundations' to emphasize strength and depth, 'theoretical foundations' to delve into conceptual underpinnings, 'private foundations' highlighting ownership and exclusivity, 'solid foundations' to assure stability and reliability, 'social foundations' to explore societal understructures, or 'economic foundations' touching on financial bases, each adjective paints a distinct picture. Choosing the perfect adjective sets the scene for a deeper understanding and richer context. Dive into the full list of adjectives to explore the nuances and broaden your descriptive capabilities.
veryThe house's very foundations were crumbling.
theoreticalThe theoretical foundations of the model were based on the principles of reinforcement learning.
privatePrivate foundations are tax-exempt organizations that provide grants to support various causes.
socialThe social foundations of the community were severely damaged during the war.
economicThe economic foundations of the country are solid.
philosophicalThe philosopher's revolutionary ideas challenged the philosophical foundations of the time.
religiousThe school has strong religious foundations
deepThe building has deep foundations that extend far below the surface.
firmThe building had firm foundations ensuring its stability for generations to come.
logicalThe logical foundations of mathematics are based on the concept of sets.
conceptualThe conceptual foundations of the theory are sound.
historicalThe historical foundations of the modern monetary system date back to the 17th century.
mathematicalThe mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics are still being debated today.
concreteThe house has concrete foundations
psychologicalThe psychological foundations of the belief in God are complex and multifaceted.
moralHe had strong moral foundations always striving to do the right thing.
charitableCharitable foundations play a vital role in supporting worthy causes and making a positive impact on society.
biologicalThe biological foundations of behavior have been studied for centuries.
legalThe legal foundations of the country were established in the Constitution.
philanthropicMany philanthropic foundations have invested their endowments to promote equity.
strongThe strong foundations of the building ensured its stability for decades.
intellectualThe research was built on the shaky intellectual foundations of the time.
scientificThe scientific foundations of the theory are sound.
ideologicalThe ideological foundations of their government are based on the principles of democracy and equality.
educationalThe new educational foundations were focused on hands-on learning and group projects.
basicWe established basic foundations for the successful startup of our program.
culturalThe architectural design of the city hall reflects the cultural foundations of the community.
metaphysicalThe theory of being as a whole is based on metaphysical foundations
empiricalThe empirical foundations of the theory are solid.
ancientOn these ancient foundations a new chapter in history was written.
ethicalThe ethical foundations of a society are the beliefs and values that guide the behavior of its members.
monasticThe first monastic foundations date back to around 250 C.E.
shakyThe house was built on shaky foundations
shallowThe home's shallow foundations were susceptible to flooding during heavy rainstorms.
soundThe building has sound foundations
broadThe building has broad foundations to support its immense weight.
theologicalTheological foundations provide the basis for understanding religious beliefs and practices.
epistemologicalThe epistemological foundations of our knowledge are based upon experience, reason, and intuition.
institutionalThe institutional foundations of the United States government were established at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.
piousThe pious foundations of the monastery date back to the 12th century.
spiritualMy spiritual foundations are deeply rooted in the teachings of my childhood.
secureA solid education provides us with secure foundations for life ahead.
sureWe built our house on sure foundations
weakThe building's weak foundations caused it to crumble during the earthquake.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical foundations of the concept of natural law have been thoroughly examined.
essentialUnderstanding the essential foundations of a language is crucial for its effective usage.
corporateThe two largest corporate foundations in the United States are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation.
biblicalThe biblical foundations of our faith provide us with a solid grounding in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
necessaryProviding the necessary foundations for future successes.
cognitiveOur cognitive foundations are shaped by our experiences and interactions with the world around us.
structuralThe building's structural foundations were reinforced to withstand the earthquake.
massiveThe building had massive foundations that reached deep into the ground.
microeconomicThe macroeconomic model has firm microeconomic foundations
rationalThe decision was made on rational foundations
methodologicalThe methodological foundations of the study were based on the principles of action research.
normativeThe researchers propose a framework based on normative foundations to foster inclusive conversations.
romanThe ancient city was built on Roman foundations
democraticThe United States is a democracy with strong democratic foundations
insecureThe house was built on insecure foundations making it vulnerable to storms.
constitutionalThe country's constitutional foundations crumbled under the pressure of tyranny.
ultimateNo one managed to shake the ultimate foundations of our society.
permanentThe old house had permanent foundations that ensured its stability for many years.

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