Adjectives for Fox

Adjectives For Fox

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fox, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'fox' can vastly change the imagery and emotional impact of a sentence. For instance, an 'old fox' evokes a sense of wisdom and cunning acquired through age, while a 'red fox' immediately paints a vivid picture of the animal in its most common and striking coat color. Using adjectives like '20th' can bring historical or temporal context into play, perhaps referring to the fox in a particular century's literature or folklore. Meanwhile, 'little' and 'gray' lend themselves to describing the physical characteristics and possibly the innocence or stealth of the fox. Each adjective unlocks a new dimension of the noun, offering unique perspectives and enhancing narrative depth. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with the fox and the nuances they bring to the page below.
oldThe old fox was wise and cunning.
redThe red fox darted across the snow-covered meadow.
20thThe 20th fox logo is a silhouette of a fox in a circle.
littleThe little fox ran through the forest.
grayThe gray fox is a small, agile canine found in North America.
whiteThe white fox jumped over the snow-covered hill.
arcticThe arctic fox is a small, white fox that lives in the Arctic.
blackThe black fox darted across the snowy field.
slyThe sly fox outwitted the unsuspecting prey.
youngThe young fox darted through the undergrowth.
blueThe blue fox is a small carnivorous mammal found in the Arctic regions.
brownThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
cunningThe cunning fox outsmarted the unsuspecting rabbit, making the rabbit an easy meal.
quickThe quick fox jumped over the lazy dog.
wilyThe wily fox tricked the rabbit with its cunning plan.
huntedThere went the hunted fox a blur across the field.
silverThe silver fox's gleaming coat shimmered in the sunlight
poorThe poor fox was injured in a trap.
wildThe wild fox ran through the forest.
deadTom found a dead fox in the forest.
lateThe late fox left home late and returned late.
greyThe grey fox is a species of fox found in North America.
femaleThe female fox trotted through the forest.
craftyThe crafty fox crept through the undergrowth, its eyes gleaming in the moonlight.
flyingWe watched the flying fox soar through the air.
hungryThe hungry fox paced impatiently around the henhouse.
bigThe big fox jumped over the lazy dog.
dearThe dear fox slept soundly in its burrow.
earedThe eared fox is a small species of fox found in the African savanna.
cleverThe clever fox quickly escaped the trap.
tameThe tame fox wagged its tail happily.
swiftThe swift fox is the fastest land mammal in North America.
polarThe polar fox is a beautiful and elusive creature that lives in the Arctic.
fineThe fine fox found food fast.
maleThe male fox trotted through the undergrowth.
beautifulThe beautiful fox ran through the forest.
swampThe swamp fox was a cunning and elusive fighter.
stuffedThe stuffed fox sat on the shelf, its beady eyes staring into the distance.
celebratedThe celebrated fox leisurely strolled across the sun-soaked clearing.
liveThe live fox ran quickly through the forest.
freshThe fresh fox trotted through the forest.
famousThe famous fox quickly jumped over the lazy dog.
tailedThe tailed fox darted swiftly across the dense undergrowth.
wiseThe wise fox outsmarted the cunning wolf.
occasionalThe occasional fox would pass through the forest.
subtleThe subtle fox quietly approached its prey.
yellowThe yellow fox jumped over the lazy dog.
trappedThe trapped fox was desperate to escape.
wickedThe wicked fox preyed on the unsuspecting villagers.
tiredThe tired fox wandered forlornly through the forest.
shrewdThe shrewd fox outwitted the naive rabbit.
lameThe lame fox hobbled across the icy pond.
thoughtThe thought fox knows all the tricks to steal your zen.
paleThe pale fox darted into the undergrowth.
centuryThe century fox was a cunning predator.
weberThe weber fox is a small carnivorous mammal native to the forests of North America.
eyedThe eyed fox darted into the shadows.
hairedThe long-haired fox raced through the forest at an impressive velocity.
handsomeThe handsome fox strolled through the forest, its coat glistening in the sunlight.
hillOur house is at the top of the hill where there are a few hill foxes.

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