Adjectives for Fraction

Adjectives For Fraction

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fraction, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'fraction' can significantly alter the meaning conveyed. A 'small' fraction might imply insignificance, while a 'large' fraction suggests a substantial part. The term 'tiny' fraction minimizes importance even further, whereas 'significant' indicates a fraction with potential impact. Considering the 'soluble' fraction introduces a scientific or specific contextual detail, indicating that part can dissolve in a given medium. 'Larger' fractions speak to comparisons, emphasizing a relative increase in size or importance. Each adjective paints a unique picture, shaping our understanding and expectations. Dive into our full list to explore the intricate nuances each adjective brings to 'fraction'.
smallThe small fraction of the population that voted for the third-party candidate was largely ignored.
largeThe large fraction of gas extracted from the well was burned off.
tinyOnly a tiny fraction of the population has this rare genetic disease.
significantA significant fraction of the population suffers from chronic pain.
solubleThe soluble fraction of the protein was analyzed by SDS-PAGE.
largerThe larger fraction of the group preferred the red option.
substantialA substantial fraction of the population is affected by this disease.
smallerThe new CEO has a smaller fraction of shares than her predecessor.
voidThe void fraction of the porous medium was determined using the Archimedes method.
majorThe major fraction of the population lives in poverty.
mereThe island is a mere fraction of its original size.
minuteThe minute fraction of the population that is affected by the disease is still significant.
constantThe constant fraction of the apple is composed of vitamin C.
considerableThe fund grew at a considerable fraction of five percent.
freeThe free fraction of the drug was 35%.
improperThe improper fraction 11/5 is greater than the proper fraction 2/3.
organicThe organic fraction of the waste was used to make compost.
insolubleThe insoluble fraction was removed by centrifugation.
appreciableAn appreciable fraction of the population is affected by this disease.
lowThe chance of being allergic to peanuts is a low fraction
higherThe higher fraction of the group was made up of women.
minorJust a minor fraction of the students attended the special session.
fineI would like to order a large, fine fraction pizza with extra pepperoni.
activeIn organic chemistry, an active fraction is a part of an extract that shows a specific biological activity.
smallestThe smallest fraction of the population is the one that is the most vulnerable.
continuedContinued fractions are a way of representing a real number.
nuclearThe nuclear fraction used in this study is defined as the cross section ratio of inclusive low-x gluon production to inclusive photon production in electron-nucleus collisions.
infinitesimalThe experimental result suggests that the infinitesimal fraction of heavier metals will not pose any harm to the human body.
properA proper fraction is a fraction where the numerator is smaller than the denominator.
largestThe largest fraction that can be expressed as a sum of distinct unit fractions is 12/13.
insignificantThe inappropriate treatment of experimental evidence is demonstrated by considering an insignificant fraction of a broader dataset.
boundThe bound fraction of the official is 2/5.
heavyThe heavy fraction of the oil has a high viscosity.
solidThe solid fraction of the suspension was concentrated by centrifugation.
averageThe average fraction of the population that is homeless in the United States has been estimated to be about 0.25%.
molecularThe fuel blend has a molecular fraction of hydrogen of 0.65.
liquidThe liquid fraction of the mixture was 0.65.
negligibleThe errors constituted a negligible fraction of the total dataset.
crudeThe crude fraction is a mixture of hydrocarbons that are separated by distillation.
globulinThe globulin fraction of blood plasma is responsible for important immunological functions.
partialThe method of partial fractions is used to integrate certain expressions that cannot be directly integrated.
equivalentThree-fourths is an equivalent fraction of nine-twelfths.
sizableThe cost of construction fell by a sizable fraction last quarter.
richThe rich fraction is greater than one-half.
neutralThe neutral fraction of the solution was 7.
unboundThe equation has an unbound fraction
merestThe merest fraction of the ice cream was left in the bowl.
correspondingMultiply the fraction by its corresponding fraction which is the fraction with the same numerator and denominator but flipped.
representativeThe representative fraction of the map is 1:24,000, which means that one unit on the map represents 24,000 units on the ground.
volatile"The volatile fraction of the crude oil was measured by distillation."
residualThe residual fraction is the fraction of the original amount of substance that remains unreacted at a given time.
massThe mass fraction of the element in the compound is 0.5.
maximumThe maximum fraction of possible sunlight collected by a solar panel is limited by the bandgap of the semiconductor material used.
solarThe solar fraction is the portion of energy that is supplied by solar energy.
definiteThe book is good for a definite fraction of the readers.
vulgarThere is a vulgar fraction in the third term of the Fibonacci series.
purifiedThe purified fraction was then analyzed by mass spectrometry.
rationalThe rational fraction 2/5 represents a number that is less than 1.
sizeableA sizeable fraction of the population is affected by this rare disease.
meanThe mean fraction of GDP attributed to government spending in OECD countries from 2015 to 2020 is about 31%.
enrichedWe accessed the enriched fraction of mitochondria by using a buffer with BSA.
subcellularThe subcellular fraction was prepared by homogenization and centrifugation.
tiniestThe tiniest fraction of doubt can ruin an otherwise perfect plan.
atomicThe given elements atomic fraction is 0.5.
crystallineThe crystalline fraction of the material was determined by X-ray diffraction.
amorphousThe amorphous fraction of the material was determined by X-ray diffraction.

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