Adjectives for Fragrances

Adjectives For Fragrances

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fragrances, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with 'fragrances' can vividly alter the image or sensation evoked in the reader's mind. Descriptors like 'sweet' suggest a comforting, often delicious or fruity aroma. 'Many' and 'different' hint at the vast diversity within the world of fragrances, inviting curiosity and exploration. 'Floral' fragrances transport one to a blooming garden, emphasizing nature's delicate beauty. Meanwhile, 'synthetic' may evoke thoughts of modern, perhaps avant-garde scents, engineered for uniqueness. 'Pleasant' is universally appealing, suggesting a fragrance that's broadly agreeable and appealing. Each adjective opens a door to a multi-sensory experience, capturing the essence and allure of fragrances in fascinating ways. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives linked to fragrances and how they can enrich your description below.
sweetThe sweet fragrances of flowers filled the air.
manyThe perfume shop was filled with many fragrances
differentShe was surrounded by colognes and perfumes with different fragrances
floralThe fragrant scent of blooming flowers filled the air with floral fragrances
syntheticI'm allergic to synthetic fragrances so I can't use many perfumes or scented products.
pleasantThe pleasant fragrances of the garden filled the air.
naturalThe natural fragrances of the flowers permeated the air.
variousWe offer a wide range of products in various fragrances to suit your tastes.
fineShe loves the fine fragrances that come in slender glass bottles.
certainCertain fragrances can evoke memories.
exoticThe exotic fragrances of the flowers filled the air.
strongThe strong fragrances of the garden filled the air.
artificialThe use of artificial fragrances in cleaning products can trigger allergies and other health problems.
richThe room was filled with the rich fragrances of blooming flowers.
delicateThe delicate fragrances of jasmine wafted through the air.
subtleThe subtle fragrances of lavender filled the air.
wonderfulThe air was filled with wonderful fragrances
headyThe garden was alive with heady fragrances
mingledMingled fragrances of jasmine and lavender filled the air.
heavyThe heavy fragrances of the flowers filled the air.
delightfulThe garden was filled with delightful fragrances
deliciousThe air is filled with delicious fragrances
freshThe breeze carried fresh fragrances from the blooming flowers.
strangeThe strange fragrances wafting through the air suggested something unusual was afoot.
orchidThe sweet orchid fragrances hung sensuously in the sultry air.
exquisiteThe exquisite fragrances of the flowers filled the air.
lovelyThe garden was filled with lovely fragrances
spicyThe spicy fragrances of cinnamon and nutmeg filled the air.
pungentExotic flowers emitted pungent fragrances that permeated the air.
polycyclicPolycyclic fragrances are a type of aromatic hydrocarbon found in many combustion products.
aromaticThe aromatic fragrances filled the air, creating a sense of tranquility.
mixedThe mixed fragrances of the garden filled the air with an intoxicating scent.
expensiveShe sprayed expensive fragrances before she went out.
beautifulShe was surrounded by beautiful fragrances
favoriteMy favorite fragrances are jasmine, lavender, and amber.
familiarThe familiar fragrances of home permeated the air, stirring memories and emotions.
divineHer room was infused with divine fragrances
warmThe warm fragrances of the garden wafted through the open window.
floweryThe park bursts with an array of flowery fragrances in the springtime.
rareThe perfumery boasted a collection of rare fragrances from around the world.
celestialThe air was filled with celestial fragrances
softThe soft fragrances of lavender and vanilla filled the air.
orientalThe shop was filled with the exotic scents of oriental fragrances
heavenlyThe flowers in the garden emitted heavenly fragrances that filled the air with a sweet and intoxicating aroma.
suddenThe garden was filled with sudden fragrances
faintThe faint fragrances of jasmine filled the air.
classicShe was wearing one of her many classic fragrances
pleasingThe aroma of blooming flowers wafted through the air, offering a myriad of pleasing fragrances
holyIncense filled the air with holy fragrances
herbalI love the herbal fragrances of lavender and sage.
lightHer light fragrances wafted through the room, filling the air with a calming aroma.
unusualThe unusual fragrances of incense and exotic flowers filled the air.
variedCandles emanated varied fragrances throughout the room.
sweeterThe sweeter fragrances of flowers filled the room.
blendedThe blended fragrances created a delightful and refreshing aroma.
earthyThe room was filled with earthy fragrances of patchouli and cedarwood.
perfumedThe garden was filled with the perfumed fragrances of the blooming flowers.
wildThe room was filled with wild fragrances
uniqueThe candles have unique fragrances that fill the room.
sweetestThe sweetest fragrances wafted through the air like delicate whispers of a distant paradise.
distinctiveThe delicate flowers wafted their distinctive fragrances through the meadow.
characteristicThe different types of flowers in the greenhouse each had their own characteristic fragrances
smellingWe were greeted by the sweet smelling fragrances of the garden.
tropicalThe air was filled with tropical fragrances
greenThe green fragrances filled the air, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.
preciousHer precious fragrances hung heavy in the air, like a heady potion that intoxicated the senses.
ferventThe fervent fragrances of exotic flowers filled the air with an intoxicating perfume.
likeI love like fragrances that smell like vanilla.
intenseThe garden was filled with intense fragrances of blooming flowers.
finestIndulge in the finest fragrances crafted with the rarest and most precious essences.
dewyThe garden was filled with dewy fragrances
typeI love the type fragrances that come from flowers.
feminineThe store sells a wide variety of feminine fragrances
overpoweringThe overpowering fragrances of the flowers filled the air.

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