Adjectives for Frame

Adjectives For Frame

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing frame, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a frame can transform your sentence, lending it nuance and depth. A wooden frame evokes a sense of traditional craftsmanship, while a whole frame suggests completeness and integrity. Describing a frame as human introduces a touch of relatability or vulnerability, whereas a single frame can highlight simplicity or focus. An open frame implies accessibility and openness, contrasting with a rigid frame, which suggests inflexibility and strength. Each adjective opens up a new perspective, enriching your narrative with subtle details and textures. Explore the full range of adjectives for frame to find the perfect match for your descriptive needs.
woodenThe artist painted a picture of a house with a wooden frame
wholeThe whole frame was filled with the vibrant colors of the painting.
humanMicroscopic creatures began to swarm all over his human frame
singleThe video was recorded at a single frame per second.
openThe open frame of the door allowed the cool breeze to enter the room.
rigidThe rigid frame of the building was designed to withstand strong winds.
coldThe cold frame proved to be an excellent way to grow vegetables during the winter months.
mainThe main frame of the building was made of steel.
inertialThe experiment was done in an inertial frame
rightThe right frame can make all the difference in a room.
rectangularThe rectangular frame was made of wood.
currentPlease select the correct frame in the current frame
entireThe entire frame of the building is made of recycled materials.
tallThe stranger towered over her with his tall frame
structuralThe structural frame of the building was made of steel.
woodThe wood frame of the house was sturdy.
properThe painting needed a proper frame to showcase its beauty.
heavyThe heavy frame of the truck made it difficult to maneuver.
powerfulThe muscular man had a powerful frame rippling with strength and vitality.
lightThe light frame construction method is widely used in building houses.
largerThe man with the larger frame was able to carry more weight.
fixedThe camera has a fixed frame
thinThe old picture had a thin frame
mortalThe mortal frame is but a vessel for the immortal soul.
slenderThe slender frame of the woman made her look like a delicate porcelain doll.
delicateHer delicate frame trembled at the thought of the task ahead.
happyThe happy frame around the picture made me smile.
theoreticalThe theoretical frame of this research is based on the work of previous scholars.
hugeThe old barn had a huge frame that could hold a dozen horses.
concreteThe new building will have a concrete frame
conceptualThe conceptual frame of a painting can be interpreted in many ways.
slightHe had a slight frame but he was surprisingly strong.
muscularThe swimmer's muscular frame propelled him through the water with ease.
giltHe kept the photograph he found in the abandoned house on his bedside table in a gilt frame
timeI need to finish this project within a certain time frame
outerThe outer frame of the window was painted white.
massiveThe athlete with the massive frame towered over his opponents.
narrowThe narrow frame of the painting complemented the delicate brushstrokes.
topThe top frame of the picture is slightly crooked.
appropriateThe painting was framed in an appropriate frame
feebleThe feeble frame of the old man creaked and groaned as he struggled to rise.
solidThe building had a solid frame
circularThe circular frame of the mirror made it look like a portal to another dimension.
ovalThe oval frame of the painting brought an elegant touch to the room.
emptyThe empty frame hung on the wall, a stark reminder of the past.
universalThis concept is based on the universal frame which is the frame of reference with respect to which all the measurements in the theory are made.
portalThe portal frame construction is widely used in industrial buildings.
broadWith broad frame the old building was like a formidable giant standing in the city center.
footThe photographer used a foot frame to get the perfect angle for the shot.
shapedThe gallery displayed paintings with different shaped frames.
doubleThe double frame of the painting was made of gold-plated wood.
wireThe wire frame of the building was completed last week.
sturdyThe sturdy frame of the bridge supported the weight of the passing cars.
leanThe young boxer had a lean frame and lightning-fast reflexes.
bonyHer bony frame made her look like a skeleton.

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