Adjectives for Framework

Adjectives For Framework

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing framework, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a 'framework' can profoundly affect the perception of its scope and function. A 'conceptual' framework lays the groundwork for abstract thinking and research development, while a 'theoretical' framework provides a lens for understanding phenomena. The 'legal' framework, on the other hand, establishes the boundaries within which laws operate, maintaining order and justice. A 'general' framework offers a broader, more universal approach, applicable across various contexts. 'Institutional' frameworks guide the functioning of organizations, and 'basic' frameworks serve as the foundational blocks for more complex structures. Each adjective reveals a different facet, emphasizing the versatility and importance of frameworks in diverse areas. Explore our full list of adjectives to uncover the nuances each brings to the term 'framework'.
conceptualThe conceptual framework of the study is based on the theory of planned behavior.
theoreticalThe theoretical framework for this study is based on the principles of social learning theory.
legalThe code of conduct establishes the legal framework for all employees.
generalThe general framework of the software was established by the development team.
institutionalThe institutional framework provided a stable environment for economic growth.
basicThe basic framework of the project is now complete.
analyticalOur analytical framework identifies several key factors that contribute to organizational success.
regulatoryThe company operates within a strict regulatory framework
commonThey used a common framework to collaborate on the project.
overallThe overall framework serves as the foundation upon which the project will operate.
broadThe guidelines provide a broad framework for understanding the process.
usefulThe useful framework offers comprehensive guidance for problem-solving.
largerThe article has to be understood in the larger framework of global developments.
broaderA broader framework is needed to address the complex challenges facing our society.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive framework provides a solid foundation for decision-making.
organizationalThe report establishes a comprehensive organizational framework for the implementation of sustainable practices.
structuralThe structural framework of the building was designed to withstand hurricane force winds.
constitutionalThe constitutional framework was designed to protect individual rights.
historicalThe historical framework of the novel is based on the American Civil War.
appropriateThe team used an appropriate framework to develop the software.
traditionalThe traditional framework of education needs to be modernized to meet the demands of the 21st century.
formalThe formal framework for the study was based on a qualitative research design.
culturalThe company's cultural framework was based on trust, respect, and collaboration.
coherentThe coherent framework provided a clear understanding of the project's objectives and deliverables.
legislativeThe legislative framework was designed to provide a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for the industry.
ideologicalThe ideological framework of the group is based on the principles of liberty and equality.
intellectualThe intellectual framework of the theory is based on the work of Piaget.
analyticThe analytic framework was designed to identify the key factors influencing customer behavior.
woodenHe reinforced the wooden framework on the swing set.
logicalThe logical framework is a methodological tool that helps to structure and analyze projects.
widerThe changes focused on a wider framework
rigidThe rigid framework of the building's structure provided stability in the face of strong winds.
unifiedThe unified framework simplifies the development and deployment of applications.
explanatory"It frames the research questions which guide the research and provides an explanatory framework for the findings."
integratedThe integrated framework provides a comprehensive approach to addressing complex issues.
normativeThe normative framework for the organization must be aligned with its values and mission.
interpretiveThe research team relied on an interpretive framework to analyze the qualitative data.
strategicThe project's strategic framework defines its overarching goals and objectives, and provides a roadmap for its implementation.
philosophicalThe study was conducted using a philosophical framework that emphasized the importance of understanding the participants' lived experiences.
ethical"We need to build an ethical framework around artificial intelligence so that it is used for the benefit of all."
administrativeThe administrative framework of the organization was streamlined to improve efficiency.
comparativeThe comparative framework provides a common basis for comparing the performance of different systems.
democraticThe democratic framework ensures the fair representation of all citizens in decision-making processes.
alternativeWe need to create an alternative framework to provide equal opportunities for all.
methodologicalOur methodological framework is based on the principles of qualitative research.
adequateThis project serves as an adequate framework for further investigation.
cognitiveThe research team used a cognitive framework to analyze the data.
mathematicalWithin the mathematical framework of a linear equation, the value of x is calculated by solving for the unknown variable.
developmentalThe developmental framework provides a clear structure for understanding and supporting the child's development.
bonyThe bony framework of the skull protects the brain.
systematicBy using the systematic framework the researchers demonstrated that the results were replicable.
regionalThe regional framework aims to foster cooperation and development among the participating countries.
consistentThe consistent framework ensures seamless integration of new components.
globalThe global framework was created to address the challenges of climate change.
solidThe new strategy will be based on a solid framework that encourages creativity and independent thinking.
stableThe company's stable framework allowed for smooth operations during the transition.
suitableThe team has developed a suitable framework for managing the project effectively.
statutoryThe statutory framework provides guidance on how to interpret and apply the law.
flexibleOur flexible framework enables customization and adaptability to meet specific needs.
unifyingThe research team developed a unifying framework to analyze the data.
theologicalTheological framework defines the beliefs and principles that underpin a particular religion or belief system.
spatialThe spatial framework of the city was designed to promote walkability and reduce traffic congestion.
interpretativeThe interpretative framework provides a lens through which to understand the text.
evolutionaryThe evolutionary framework provides a valuable perspective on the development of human behavior.
integrativeThe integrative framework provides a comprehensive understanding of the complex interactions between biological, psychological, and social factors.
temporalThe temporal framework of the story was set in the early 20th century.
multilateralThe multilateral framework seeks to promote cooperation among nations.
dynamicThe dynamic framework empowers developers to create innovative applications.
overarchingThe policy consists of three pillars which provide its overarching framework
skeletalThe skeletal framework of the human body is designed to protect vital organs, support movement, and provide a place for muscle attachment.

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