Adjectives for Framing

Adjectives For Framing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing framing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'framing' often evokes the image of construction and architecture, yet the choice of adjective preceding it can vastly alter its interpretation. A 'structural framing' emphasizes its foundational role, while an 'own framing' introduces a personalized or subjective angle. Similarly, 'wooden framing' brings thoughts of traditional, perhaps eco-friendly structures, whereas 'light' and 'heavy framing' play on the physical weight, implying ease of handling or durability. 'Conventional framing', on the other hand, nods to standard practices, setting a baseline for comparison. Each adjective opens a window into the nuanced ways we perceive and discuss framing, inviting further exploration. Discover more nuances by exploring the full list of adjectives below.
structuralSteel tubes carry heavy loads even when part of a structural framing system
ownWe are our own framing the structures within our minds define us.
woodenThis house has wooden framing and can withstand strong winds.
lightThe house's exterior walls were built using light framing techniques, making them lighter and more energy-efficient.
heavyThe heavy framing of the building made it withstand the strong winds.
longitudinalThe building had a longitudinal framing system.
interiorThe interior framing of the house was completed last week.
roughThe rough framing of the house was completed in two weeks.
culturalThe cultural framing of the event was evident in the way it was celebrated.
concreteThe concrete framing of the building was completed last week.
properThe kitchen staff maintained proper framing when working with sharp knives.
initialThe analysis was based on initial framing of the program as an educational intervention.
mainThe main framing of the house was completed last week.
carefulThe artwork's careful framing drew attention to its intricate details.
theoreticalThe researcher is creating a theoretical framing for the research study.
horizontalThe horizontal framing of the painting created a sense of expansiveness.
strategicPolitical advertising often employs strategic framing to influence voter perceptions.
actualThe actual framing of the painting was quite intricate.
veryIt was a very framing moment in history.
internalThe internal framing of the house was made of sturdy oak.
legalThe legal framing of the case was contested by the defense during the trial.
conceptualThe conceptual framing of the message influenced how it was received.
discursiveRather than just examining one idea in an argument, discursive framing explores the relationships between multiple concepts and ideas.
traditionalThe house is surrounded by a traditional framing
ideologicalThe ideological framing of the issue has led to a polarized debate.
additionalThe boy skimmed the additional framing then responded.
worthHer artwork was worth framing
episodicThe episodic framing of the narrative allowed for a more immersive experience for the readers.
ironThe iron framing of the building was strong and sturdy.
openThe open framing of the house allowed for a lot of natural light to enter the room.
exteriorThe contractor will start the exterior framing of the house next week.
cognitiveThe cognitive framing of the situation influenced their decision-making process.
architecturalThe architectural framing of the building was designed to complement its natural surroundings.
eventualThe eventual framing of the suspect in custody remains distant.
correctThe correct framing of a photograph can make all the difference.
bottomThe bottom framing of the house was completed last week.
floorMake sure that floor framing is adequate for the flooring you choose.
appropriateHe was put forth as a candidate, receiving his party's nomination, and the necessary media exposure and support with appropriate framing
institutionalThe institutional framing of the issue served to shape public opinion.
steelThe building's framework was made of lightweight steel framing
outsideThe outside framing of the house was constructed with redwood.
thematicThematic framing is a technique used to organize information and ideas in a way that emphasizes their relevance to a particular topic or theme.
keyThe animator used key framing to create smooth transitions between the frames.
solidThe greenhouse has a solid framing to withstand the strong winds.
secondaryUpon hearing the news, John pretended to be surprised, but his secondary framing betrayed his knowledge.
externalThe external framing of the building had deteriorated over time.
rigidThe rigid framing of the building ensured its stability during the earthquake.
dominantThe dominant framing of the issue by the media led to a distorted public perception.
rectangularThe rectangular framing of the portrait highlighted the subject's sharp angles.
skeletalThe house had a skeletal framing of wooden beams.
overallThe overall framing of the report was positive.
illThe ill framing of the painting made it difficult to appreciate the artist's intent.
accurateHer precise observations provided accurate framing for the discussion.
diagonalThe ancient building's foundation was reinforced with diagonal framing
wallThe wall framing is complete, and the drywall can now be installed.

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