Adjectives for Fraud

Adjectives For Fraud

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fraud, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Fraud, a term wrapped in deception, can be masked in various adjectives that add depth to its understanding. A 'pious fraud' walks the line of moral ambiguity, while 'electoral fraud' attacks the very heart of democracy. Words like 'such' and 'actual' emphasize the realness or commonality of the deceit. On the financial landscape, 'financial fraud' speaks to the dishonest schemes plundering innocent victims of their hard-earned wealth. 'Outright fraud' leaves no room for doubt in its complete and total deception. Each adjective paints a unique shade of dishonesty, affecting victims and societies in myriad ways. Dive into the complete lexicon of adjectives associated with 'fraud' to explore the full spectrum of its implications.
piousThe pious fraud of the priest led the congregation to believe in a false miracle.
electoralThe committee found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud
suchSuch fraud is intolerable.
actualThe evidence provided to the court established actual fraud
financialThe company was fined for financial fraud
outrightThe company was found guilty of outright fraud and misrepresentation.
deliberateThe deliberate fraud was discovered after a thorough investigation.
massiveThe Securities and Exchange Commission uncovered massive fraud in the company's financial statements.
oldThe old fraud was caught and punished by the police.
constructiveThe company was found liable for constructive fraud due to its failure to disclose material facts to investors.
grossThe gross fraud resulted in losses of millions of dollars for the company.
widespreadThe investigation uncovered widespread fraud throughout the organization.
possibleIt is possible fraud
corporateCorporate fraud involves the intentional misrepresentation of financial information to deceive investors and stakeholders.
criminalThe company was charged with criminal fraud for misrepresenting its financial records.
muchThere has been much fraud in the real estate market.
giganticAn investigation exposed a gigantic fraud committed within the organization.
scientificThe researcher admitted to scientific fraud when the inconsistencies in his data were discovered.
intentionalThe intentional fraud was uncovered after a thorough investigation.
consciousThe defense attorney argued that his client was not guilty of the crime because he had not acted with conscious fraud
legalJohn was accused of legal fraud for forging the signature on the contract.
commercialThe company was accused of commercial fraud
completeThat products claims are a complete fraud
potentialI am concerned about their potential fraud
bigThe big fraud was uncovered by the police.
mereThe politician's promises were nothing but a mere fraud
obviousThe bank account had signs of obvious fraud
palpableThe evidence presented in court proves palpable fraud by the defendant.
successfulThe successful fraud cost the company millions of dollars.
onlineOnline fraud has become increasingly common in recent years.
greatestThe greatest fraud in the history of mankind is the suppression of free energy technologies.
blatantThe blatant fraud was discovered by the auditors during the annual review.
wholesaleThe company was accused of wholesale fraud leading to a massive loss of trust.
scaleThe investigation discovered scale fraud where customers were overcharged for items due to inaccurate weighing scales.
medicalThe investigation into medical fraud has been ongoing for several months.
colossalThe colossal fraud resulted in massive losses for investors.
systematicThe systematic fraud was uncovered by an external audit.
monstrousThe monstrous fraud was finally exposed.
pettyThe petty fraud case resulted in a minor fine and a formal reprimand.
civilThe civil fraud case against the company was dismissed by the judge.
extensiveThe company was accused of extensive fraud
extrinsicHe was concerned that the transactions could be subject to extrinsic fraud
pureThe insurance claim was a pure fraud
wilfulThe wilful fraud led to the company's downfall.
transparentThe forensic accountant was able to uncover the transparent fraud
actionableThe police are investigating a case of actionable fraud
intendedThe intended fraud was discovered after a thorough investigation.
hugeThere was a huge fraud discovered in the company's financial records.
ingeniousThe ingenious fraud was discovered after a thorough investigation.
elaborateThe elaborate fraud was carefully crafted to deceive innocent victims.
relatedThe company was accused of related fraud which involved the misappropriation of funds.
absentThe board determined there was no absent fraud in the financial statements.
cleverThe clever fraud managed to dupe the entire town.
sheerThe company's financial statements were a sheer fraud
fiscalThe company was accused of fiscal fraud after an audit revealed discrepancies in their financial records.
cruel"The cruel fraud has to be exposed!"
equitableThe contract was deemed void because of equitable fraud
unconsciousThe unconscious fraud was caught on camera.
apparentIt is clear that the company committed apparent fraud to inflate its earnings.
doubleThe double fraud was revealed by an anonymous tip to the police.
impudentThe impudent fraud was exposed by the vigilant detective.
secretThe secret fraud was finally exposed by the auditors.

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