Adjectives for Freeze

Adjectives For Freeze

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing freeze, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a freeze can profoundly impact the imagery and connotation of a sentence. A deep freeze conveys intense, penetrating cold, often suggesting a prolonged period of extreme weather. An anti-freeze positions itself as a safeguard, introducing a sense of protection against such severe cold. The term nuclear freeze, on the other hand, shifts the context to global politics, evoking discussions about disarmament and peace. Meanwhile, a hard freeze suggests a sudden, impactful drop in temperature that could affect agriculture, water pipes, and outdoor activities. A quick freeze indicates a rapid transition, often used in food preservation to retain freshness. The nuances these adjectives add to the noun 'freeze' paint vivid pictures, each setting a different scene and tone. Dive into the full array of adjectives linked to 'freeze' below to explore more such distinctive shades of meaning.
deepThe food in the deep freeze is as cold as ice.
antiBe sure to use anti freeze during the winter to keep your car engine from freezing.
hardThe cold weather caused a hard freeze last night.
yearThe year freeze had set in, and the world was a cold, unforgiving place.
bigThe big freeze was a period of extreme cold that lasted for several years.
generalThe general freeze made it difficult to travel.
temporaryThe bank placed a temporary freeze on his account due to suspicious activity.
dayThe day freeze when I saw her again
severeThe severe freeze made it difficult to go outside.
suddenThe hikers were caught in a sudden freeze and had to seek shelter immediately.
monthThe month freeze is a period of time when the temperature does not rise above a certain level.
immediateThe cold weather caused an immediate freeze on the lake.
coldThe cold freeze caused the pond to become a sheet of ice.
totalThe cold snap caused a total freeze of the river.
lateThe farmer worried about his crops because of the possibility of a late freeze
rapidThe rapid freeze caused the water to turn solid.
completeThe new policy imposed a complete freeze on hiring.
mutualThe two sides agreed to a mutual freeze on military spending.
heavyThe heavy freeze caused the water pipes to burst.
bilateralThe bilateral freeze is a temporary halt in diplomatic relations between two countries.
virtualThe virtual freeze has halted all non-essential activities.
gonnaDude, it's gonna freeze tonight.
postThe cold post freeze made the roads icy.
fastThe fast freeze had caused the ice to expand and crack the pipelines.
partialThe partial freeze caused the water in the pipes to burst.
sharpThe sharp freeze made the air crisp and dry.
statutoryThe statutory freeze on rent increases has been extended for another six months.
verifiableThe frozen specimen exhibited a verifiable freeze
voluntaryUpon discovery of the security breach, the company implemented a voluntary freeze on the use of customer data.
wageThe union is now threatening strike action over the proposed wage freeze
slowThe ice cream company used a slow freeze process to create their new product.
unilateralThe unilateral freeze of hostilities was a welcome first step towards peace.
thawThe thaw freeze cycle can damage roads and infrastructure.
liquidThe liquid freezes at -10 degrees Celsius.
wartimeThe wartime freeze rendered economic indicators useless.
lightThe pond had a light freeze on it, making it impossible to skate.
doubleThe double freeze caused the pipes to burst.
flexibleThe flexible freeze was able to last throughout the night.
disastrousThe disastrous freeze caused widespread power outages and property damage.
prolongedThe prolonged freeze has led to widespread power outages and transportation disruptions.
interimThe interim freeze on hiring was extended for another month.
calledI called freeze on my computer when it was stuck.
gradientThe gradient freeze technique is commonly used in deep learning to fine-tune large models.
proThe pro freeze in the refrigerator is working well.
boardThe company board voted to implement a board freeze in response to the hostile takeover attempt.
diplomaticThe diplomatic freeze between the two countries has been lifted.
stillThe frigid air in December still freeze the hands and feet.

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