Adjectives for Freight

Adjectives For Freight

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing freight, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe freight can significantly influence the perception of your sentence. Describing freight as heavy emphasizes the physical weight and possibly the burden it carries. On the other hand, precious freight highlights its value and importance, potentially changing how it's handled. The term human freight adds a profound, often emotional layer, reflecting on the content being transported. Opting for fast freight underlines the speed of delivery, essential in time-sensitive situations. Meanwhile, local freight focuses on the origin or destination, suggesting community support and sustainability. Each adjective paints a unique picture, shaping the narrative around the cargo involved. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with freight and their nuanced impacts below.
heavyThe heavy freight was carefully loaded onto the ship.
preciousThe ship carried precious freight across the treacherous seas.
humanThe old freighter transported human freight to a distant world.
moreThe company carried more freight than usual.
fastThe fast freight train sped through the night, carrying valuable cargo to its destination.
localThe train was carrying local freight to the nearby towns.
muchWe were expecting much freight today.
totalThe total freight cost was $1,000.
fullThe truck is carrying a full freight of furniture.
generalThe general freight forwarder is responsible for handling the movement of goods from one place to another.
deadThe ship's captain was forced to jettison the dead freight
wholeThe truck was carrying a whole freight of bananas.
slowThe slow freight train rumbled through the countryside.
oceanThe shipment will be delivered by ocean freight
perishableThis truck only accepts perishable freight
paidThe company offers paid freight to its customers.
lessThe increase in fuel prices has resulted in less freight being transported by road.
gross}The gross freight was $2,500.
valuableThe ship was carrying valuable freight to a foreign port.
ordinaryThe ordinary freight was delivered on time.
bulkyThe warehouse is full of bulky freight that needs to be moved.
carloadThe quoted rates represent full carload freight
charteredThe chartered freight arrived at the port on time.
additionalThe additional freight cost was unexpected.
extraThe airline had to pay extra freight for the oversized luggage.
lightThe light freight was delivered on time.
boundThe trucking company has not yet booked any bound freight for my shipment.
prepaidThe shipment was sent prepaid freight so the recipient didn't have to pay for shipping.
richThe rich freight was transported by a fleet of ships.
internationalThe company specializes in international freight and logistics.
domesticThe company specializes in domestic freight and international shipping.
classThe class freight was shipped via rail and arrived on time.
eastboundThe train was carrying eastbound freight
miscellaneousThe truck carried miscellaneous freight across the country.
outboundThe company's outbound freight volume increased by 15% last quarter.
averageThe average freight cost for the product was $10.
regularThe company relies on regular freight to transport goods.
mixedThe train carried mixed freight including food, machinery, and chemicals.
inboundThe inbound freight will arrive at the warehouse tomorrow.
commercialCommercial freight surged as businesses restocked inventories and consumers bought more goods online.
actualThe actual freight cost will be determined based on the weight and dimensions of the shipment.
emotionalThe emotional freight of her childhood trauma weighed heavily on her.
netThe net freight is the total freight revenue minus the cost of freight.
outwardThe cost of outward freight is included in the price of the goods.
inwardThe inward freight cost $100.
earthlyThe earthly freight of fallen humanity was too heavy for him to carry.
outgoingThe outgoing freight was shipped via our preferred carrier.
bulkThe company transports bulk freight in large quantities.
doubleOur ship carries double freight in the busy shipping lane.
interstateThe interstate freight train was carrying a variety of goods.
borneThe company specializes in handling borne freight moving goods from one place to another by land, sea, or air.
cheapThe company offers cheap freight services to its customers.
incomingThe incoming freight will arrive tomorrow.
ideologicalThe proposed policy change carries a heavy ideological freight
enoughThe train was carrying enough freight to fill two warehouses.
usualThe usual freight was delivered on time.
containerizedThe containerized freight was shipped from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.
fairThe fair freight rate for the shipment was determined by the carrier.
distanceThe distance freight will be calculated based on the weight and distance of the shipment.
profitableThe profitable freight was delivered on time and without incident.
liveThe truck driver hauled live freight across the country.
unclaimedThe unclaimed freight was sold at auction.
airThe company uses air freight to ship its products overseas.
unpaidWe have to ensure that the unpaid freight costs are settled before the shipment is released.
excessThe company had to pay extra for the excess freight
phantomThe phantom freight charges were added to the invoice in error.
symbolicThe symbolic freight carried by this action is undeniable.
proThis pro freight service is really unreliable.
heavierThey use the trucks for carrying heavier freight

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