Adjectives for Friendship

Adjectives For Friendship

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing friendship, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Friendship, a universally cherished bond, takes on various shades of meaning when paired with different adjectives. A 'close' friendship suggests proximity and shared experiences, while a 'personal' one highlights its unique, perhaps even private, nature. 'True' friendship speaks to its authenticity and trustworthiness, often tested over time, much like a 'long' friendship, which conveys duration and resilience. The warmth of a friendship is felt in its 'warm' descriptor, indicating affection and comfort. Finally, an 'intimate' friendship goes a step deeper, signifying a profound connection and understanding between individuals. Each adjective unveils a distinct facet of friendship, enriching our comprehension of this invaluable human connection. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe friendship below, revealing the nuances each word brings to this enduring bond.
closeI cherish my close friendship with Sarah.
personalI cherish my personal friendship with my neighbor.
trueTrue friendship is not about being inseparable; it's about being separated and nothing changes.
warmThe warm friendship between them had endured for years.
oldThe old friendship was rekindled by a chance meeting.
sincereOur sincere friendship has weathered many storms.
lifelongThe two friends had maintained their lifelong friendship despite the distance that separated them.
lastingTheir shared experiences forged a lasting friendship between them.
deepHer deep friendship with her sister was apparent to all who knew them.
mutualWe have forged a strong mutual friendship over the years.
strongThey had a strong friendship that had lasted for many years.
eternalOur eternal friendship will never fade away.
genuineA genuine friendship is defined by shared values, unconditional support, and a deep understanding of one another.
americanThe American friendship with Iran has been strained in recent years.
privateI cherish my private friendship with her.
cordialOur cordial friendship has been a source of strength for many years.
femaleFemale friendships are a beautiful thing.
perfectPerfect friendships are built on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.
maleThe enduring male friendship was forged on the battlefields of youth.
firmThe firm friendship between the children grew stronger with each passing day.
formerThe former friendship had dissolved into a bitter rivalry.
traditionalWe have a traditional friendship that emphasizes loyalty and respect.
sovietHe had been trained in the Soviet Union and was a member of the Soviet friendship Society.
ancientThe ancient friendship between them endured through all the trials and tribulations of life.
internationalInternational friendship transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.
platonicDespite their strong bond, they maintained a purely platonic friendship
beautifulThe most beautiful friendship is one built on trust and understanding.
closestHer closest friendship was with her best friend from childhood.
continuedThe continued friendship between the two lasted for many years.
enduringTheir enduring friendship had weathered the storms of life.
warmestOur warmest friendship has lasted a lifetime.
disinterestedDisinterested friendship can lead to a sense of connection and belonging that is devoid of expectations or judgments.
standingOur standing friendship has weathered many storms.
loyalThe loyal friendship between the two had endured through many challenges.
honestHonest friendship is a priceless treasure.
affectionateThe two friends shared an affectionate friendship that had lasted for many years.
generousTheir generous friendship was a source of comfort in difficult times.
constantIn the midst of life's chaos, constant friendship provides an unwavering solace.
closerThey developed a closer friendship as they spent more time together.
spiritualSpiritual friendship is a deep and meaningful connection based on shared values, beliefs, and experiences.
christianThe Christian friendship was strong and unbreakable.
faithfulA faithful friendship is a rare and precious treasure.
fraternalThey shared an unwavering fraternal friendship built on years of shared experiences and mutual respect.
perpetualThey forged a perpetual friendship that would last a lifetime.
russianThe Russian friendship was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.
strangeThe strange friendship between the cat and the mouse has been the talk of the town.
solidTheir solid friendship had stood the test of time and remained unyielding.
intenseThe intense friendship between the two women had lasted for over two decades.
falseBeware of false friendship for it is a poison that can destroy your soul.
civicTimothy Snyder argues that civic friendship is a better ideal than tolerance.
wonderfulI cherish the wonderful friendship we have built.
casualThey maintained a casual friendship after graduating from college.
yearWe have had a year friendship and it feels like a lifetime.
easyI cherish the easy friendship we share.
everlastingThey shared an everlasting friendship that would endure the trials of time.
apparentThe apparent friendship between the two leaders was a carefully orchestrated facade.
strictThey maintained a strict friendship during their long lives.
profferedThe king proffered friendship to his former enemy in a bid to create an alliance.
idealThe ideal friendship is one that is built on trust, respect, and mutual support.
undyingTheir undying friendship has stood the test of time.

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