Adjectives for Front

Adjectives For Front

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing front, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe 'front' can intricately alter the perception of your narrative. A 'united front' implies solidarity and strength, often used in situations requiring collective effort. The 'western front', on the other hand, might evoke historical contexts or geographical orientations, adding layers of meaning. Describing something as the 'whole front' conveys completeness and undivided attention, while the 'eastern front' is rich with cultural and geopolitical nuances. 'Second front' introduces the notion of additional challenges or battlefields, and 'cold front' brings meteorological phenomena into the conversation, symbolizing change or conflict. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of 'front', enriching your message with precise connotations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for 'front' to enhance your communication.
unitedThe enemy has been defeated due to the united front
westernThe Western front refers to the main theatre of war between the Allies and Germany during World War I.
wholeThe whole front of the house was covered in ivy.
easternGerman troops suffering huge losses on the eastern front
secondThe Allies opened a second front in Normandy in 1944.
coldThe cold front brought frigid temperatures and high winds to the region.
broadThe elections brought a broad front of opposition to the government.
russianThe Russian front was the main theater of war in World War II.
entireThe entire front of the house was covered in ivy.
commonThe two rival companies decided to form a common front against their shared competitor.
rightThe right front tire was flat.
warmThe warm front brought heavy rain and strong winds.
wideThe officers combed the city, covering a wide front hoping to catch the escaped convict.
leftThe left front tire was flat.
germanThe German front was a line of fortifications and defenses built by the German army during World War II.
economicDespite the headwinds on the economic front the company has managed to maintain its growth trajectory.
solidThe house had a solid front
southernThe Southern front was a major front in the Great War and was fought between the Allies and the Central Powers.
domesticThe US economy is facing challenges on the domestic front alongside global headwinds.
nationalThe National Front's leader Marine Le Pen has called for France to leave the European Union.
southThe house had a south front that received plenty of sunlight.
northernHe took charge of the northern front and fought valiantly for two years.
eastThe battle was fought on the east front
italianWorld War II was fought on many fronts, including the Italian front
popularThe Popular front was a coalition of left-wing parties that governed France from 1936 to 1938.
mileThe mile front was a long and difficult one.
veryThe very front of the line was empty.
britishThe British front was reinforced with new troops.
narrowThe narrow front of the house was not very appealing.
polarThe polar front separates air masses of different temperatures.
openThe open front of the house allowed for ample ventilation.
braveDespite her physical ailments, she put on a brave front
frenchThe French front was stretched thin during the battle.
westThe west front of the cathedral was badly damaged in the fire.
unifiedThe leaders presented a unified front against the new policy.
immediateThe teacher asked the student to stand in front of her immediate front
internationalThe company has been actively involved in international front
democraticThe democratic front has been severely weakened by the recent scandals.
solventThe solvent front moved rapidly through the paper, separating the pigments.
diplomaticThe diplomat maintained a calm diplomatic front despite the tense negotiations.
principalThe principal front of the building looked plain and uninviting.
broaderThe rebels were forced to retreat on a broader front when the enemy reinforcements arrived.
widerThe wider front panel gives off a bulkier appearance.
seaThe sea front was lined with towering palm trees.
centreThe centre front of the dress should be in the middle of the bust.
unbrokenThe army marched forward with an unbroken front
sovietThe Soviet front was a major theater of operations during World War II.
1stThe 1st front was a great success.
imperialistThe imperial troops formed an imperialist front between the two opposing forces.
revolutionaryStudents were motivated by a revolutionary front
syrianThe Syrian front was one of the most active during the war.
ideologicalThe magazine served as an ideological front for the political party.
occludedThe occluded front brought heavy rain and thunder to the region.
extremeThe tallest moose in the herd stood at the extreme front
continuousThe fog stretched out in a continuous front over the sandy shore.
steepThe steep front of the mountain was too challenging to climb.
firmThe firm front of the house was a testament to its sturdiness.
extendedThe extended front of the building was visible from a distance.
defensiveThe defensive front collapsed under the weight of the enemy's relentless assault.
jointThe government took a joint front against any attacks towards their nation.
stationaryThe weather is expected to remain stagnant due to a stationary front
waveThe wave front of the laser beam was measured using a diffractometer.
egyptianThe Egyptian front was a major theatre of operations during the First World War.

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