Adjectives for Frontier

Adjectives For Frontier

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing frontier, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vast expanse of the word 'frontier' through its adjectives unveils a rich tapestry of meanings and contexts. Whether it's the 'western' promise of adventure and discovery, the 'northern' edge of the unknown, or the 'eastern' boundary where cultures meet, each adjective brings its own nuance. 'New' frontiers push the boundaries of what we know, while 'American' and 'southern' frontiers evoke specific historical and cultural narratives. These modifiers do not just describe geographic boundaries; they also signify the limits of human ambition, curiosity, and the unending quest for progress. Dive deeper into the myriad ways 'frontier' is colored by its descriptive partners, opening up a full spectrum of interpretation and exploration.
westernThe western frontier was a dangerous place in the 1800s.
northernThe Chinese government has tightened security along its northern frontier
easternThe eastern frontier of the Roman Empire was marked by the Rhine and Danube rivers.
newWe are on the cusp of a new frontier in space exploration.
americanThe American frontier was a time of great change and opportunity.
frenchWe followed the river for several miles till we reached the french frontier
germanI sneaked through the german frontier under cover of darkness.
lastAlaska is often called the "last frontier" because of its wild and undeveloped natural beauty.
russianThe Russian frontier is vast and unforgiving.
indianThe Indian frontier is a complex and ever-changing landscape.
spanishThe Spanish frontier is one of the most heavily fortified in Europe.
belgianThe Belgian frontier is a line of demarcation between Belgium and its neighboring countries.
efficientThe efficient frontier represents the optimal combination of risk and return for a given portfolio.
commonThe two towns are very close, and they have a common frontier
westThe west frontier of the country was under attack.
polishI visited the polish frontier yesterday.
wholeThe frontier town was small but it attracted people from the whole frontier
austrianI have been following with great attention the course of events on the Austrian frontier
chineseThe Chinese frontier is a long and winding one.
swissThe Swiss frontier is heavily patrolled.
agriculturalThe agricultural frontier is the boundary between cultivated land and uncultivated land.
italianThe Italian frontier as fixed by the treaty, was to be the river Var.
canadianTraditionally, the Canadian frontier was defined by the fur trade, but it has since expanded to include many other industries.
egyptianThe Egyptian frontier was heavily guarded.
turkishThe Turkish frontier was constantly under threat of Russian attack.
northwesternThe northwestern frontier of India is marked by the Hindu Kush mountains.
afghanThe Afghan frontier is a rugged and mountainous region.
romanThe Roman frontier was a complex and ever-changing system of fortifications and settlements.
finalSpace is the final frontier
dutchThe Dutch frontier was crossed by a large body of troops.
militaryThe military frontier was a region of land along the Ottoman border that was defended by a standing army.
sovietThe Soviet frontier was heavily guarded.
openThe vast, open frontier beckoned to the intrepid explorers.
northwestThe northwest frontier is a mountainous region with a long and turbulent history.
internationalThe international frontier between the two countries was closed for several years.
portugueseThe Portuguese frontier was crossed by the advancing Spanish army.
mexicanThe mexican frontier with the United States is 2,000 miles long.
northeasternThe Mongolian people gradually expanded their tribes to the northeastern frontier of China.
eastThe range marked the east frontier of the old Afghan kingdom
technologicalResearchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are pushing the technological frontier with their latest advancements in artificial intelligence.
colonialMerchants grew wealthy by supplying goods to settlers on the colonial frontier
syrianThe Syrian frontier was quiet yesterday.
wildThe wild frontier lay ahead, beckoning them with its unknown wonders.
extremeExploring the extreme frontier of the Himalayas was a challenge.
scientificThe team's research is at the scientific frontier of a new era in genetic medicine.
bulgarianThe Bulgarian frontier is heavily guarded.
greekThe Greek frontier is heavily guarded.
northThe north frontier was guarded by a formidable army.
urbanThe urban frontier is where the city meets the wilderness.
brazilianThe Brazilian frontier is a vast and diverse region, home to a wide range of ecosystems and cultures.
prussianThe Prussian frontier was strongly fortified.
farBeyond the far frontier explorers discovered a lost civilization.
vastThe pioneers trekked into the vast frontier in search of a new life.
distantThe pioneer family set out for the distant frontier eager to begin a new life in the untamed wilderness.
remoteHe had to fly a small plane out to a remote frontier research post.
strategicThe strategic frontier defines the maximum potential performance that can be achieved given the available resources.
albanianThe Albanian frontier was defended by several Albanian divisions.
electronicThe electronic frontier is the constantly expanding realm of cyberspace.
bohemianThe bohemian frontier where art and nature collide, is an ethereal realm of creativity and expression.
imperialMerchants and settlers flooded into the imperial frontier eager to exploit the vast and unexplored lands.
maritimeThe maritime frontier of the country was patrolled by the navy.
finnishBorder Control fired gunshots at the Finnish frontier and assailants replied with automatic weapons.
linguisticThe linguistics of the southern cone of South America exhibit several linguistic frontiers.
yugoslavWe arrived at the Yugoslav frontier late in the afternoon.
crossThe cross frontier trade between China and Vietnam is booming.
exposedThe exposed frontier of the town was under constant threat from bandits.
neisseThe Neisse frontier was a provisional boundary between Germany and Poland after World War II.
algerianThe Algerian frontier is patrolled by the Gendarmerie Nationale.
geographicalThe gradual process of colonizing a geographical frontier has been almost continuous.
manchurianThe Manchurian frontier was a contested area between Russia and China in the 19th century.
rumanianHis house was situated on the plains near the Rumanian frontier

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