Adjectives for Ftp

Adjectives For FTP

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ftp, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'ftp' (File Transfer Protocol) can significantly alter the understanding of its functionality or status. Describing it as 'anonymous' emphasizes a level of privacy and general access without identification, while 'available' highlights its readiness for use. The terms 'passive' and 'active' delve into specific modes of operation, impacting how data connections are established. Mentioning 'net' can hint at its integration or usage within broader network systems. Lastly, 'standard' points to its widespread acceptance and adherence to foundational protocols. Each adjective sheds light on different facets of FTP, revealing the complexity and versatility of digital communication. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover more nuances.
anonymousI need to connect to the anonymous ftp server to download the file.
availableCheck the available ftp server space.
passiveI use passive ftp to avoid firewall issues when transferring files.
netConnect to the server using net ftp
standardThis server uses standard ftp You must provide your username and password after connecting.
regularRegular ftp is designed for automated, unattended file transfer.
secureYou can use secure ftp to transfer files safely.
basedThe file is based ftp
remoteI can't access the remote ftp server right now.
lineI use the command line ftp to transfer files.
trivialA trivial ftp (file transfer protocol) server can be quickly set up using 'proftpd'.
chronicWe have been experiencing chronic ftp issues with the new update.
nonanonymousI connected to the FTP server using nonanonymous ftp
userThe user ftp is unable to access the files.
medianThe median ftp is 21.
virtualYou can use virtual ftp to access files on a remote server.
forwardI need to forward ftp traffic to another server.
finiteThe finite ftp client is unable to initiate the file transfer.
serverThe server ftp is not available at the moment.
fractionalThe fractional ftp of the patient was 0.65.
proxyThe proxy ftp is a great way to improve your privacy and security online.
restrictedThe company implemented restricted ftp access to protect sensitive data.
shorterThe ftp server responded with a shorter ftp directory listing.
tunneledFTP can run over a secure channel using tunneled ftp
ftamYou can use ftam ftp to transfer files between computers.
configurePlease configure ftp to allow anonymous access.

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