Adjectives for Functionality

Adjectives For Functionality

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing functionality, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse adjectives used with 'functionality' unveils the nuanced perceptions and expectations we hold. 'New functionality' often sparks excitement, hinting at innovation or improvements. Conversely, 'same functionality' might indicate reliability or stagnation, depending on context. 'Additional functionality' suggests expansion, while 'basic functionality' refers to essential, foundational features. The quest for 'more functionality' can reflect a desire for complexity or value, whereas 'similar functionality' could imply comparability or redundancy. Each adjective shades the term with distinct connotations, subtly influencing our understanding and attitudes towards technological features and advancements. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'functionality' and the unique dimensions they add to our discussions.
newThis latest software update includes new functionality that enhances the user experience.
sameThe two programs share the same functionality
additionalThe app offers additional functionality with its premium subscription.
basicThe software has basic functionality
moreThe new software version boasts more functionality including advanced data analytics and cloud integration.
similarThe two systems provide similar functionality but the first is easier to use.
fullThe system resumed full functionality after the update.
specificThe toolbar provides specific functionality across different platforms.
commonAutomating communication tasks provides common functionality to various components.
limitedThe remote control had limited functionality
advancedThe new software update includes advanced functionality that enhances productivity.
overallThe overall functionality of the system has been improved.
greaterThe new software boasts greater functionality and a user-friendly interface.
necessaryThe software provides the necessary functionality for the project.
levelThe software update includes level functionality that is essential for optimal performance.
enhancedThe latest software update enhanced functionality across all devices.
complexThe complex functionality of the software allows for advanced customization and automation of tasks.
addedWe've added functionality that allows users to create custom alerts.
standardThe software offers standard functionality for basic users.
multiThis innovative device boasts multi functionality seamlessly integrating various features into a single compact package.
completeThe newly installed software offers complete functionality for managing employee data.
usefulThis tool has useful functionality
higherThe system upgrade provides higher functionality
equivalentThe new software has equivalent functionality to the old one.
relatedIt has related functionality to the atomic capabilities of each architectural component.
richThe software offers rich functionality allowing users to customize their experience.
extendedThis feature boasts extended functionality and versatility.
actualThe actual functionality of the device is impressive.
keyThe key functionality of the app is to connect people.
powerfulThis software has powerful functionality and an intuitive interface.
lessThe replacement had less functionality than the original.
minimalThe device's minimal functionality meets basic needs.
correctThe device operates with correct functionality
underlyingThe underlying functionality of the system allows for efficient processing of data.
likeThe system's capabilities include like functionality
genericThis is a sentence with generic functionality
appropriateThe new application comes with appropriate functionality
sideThe software update also includes new side functionality
intendedThe new software was designed with the intended functionality to enhance user productivity.
availableThe available functionality allows users to customize their experience.
requiredThe new app has the required functionality to meet our needs.
essentialThe software retained all its essential functionality after the update.
improvedThe newly released version features improved functionality for easier use.
uniqueThe device boasts unique functionality that sets it apart from the competition.
sophisticatedThe software's sophisticated functionality allows for advanced data manipulation and analytics.
minimumThe website redesign focused on maintaining minimum functionality
dualThe device has dual functionality as a Bluetooth speaker and a charging dock.
sufficientThe robot performed with sufficient functionality even after being damaged in the explosion.
integratedThe new software features integrated functionality that streamlines workflows and enhances productivity.
dynamicThe dynamic functionality of the application provides users with a seamless and customizable experience.
identicalThe two programs have identical functionality but the second one is more efficient.
extensiveThis software program provides extensive functionality including advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities.
specializedThe software program has specialized functionality for the user.
endThe end functionality of the system is to process the data.
desiredThe desired functionality is to generate responses that are both relevant and informative.
reducedThe software update resulted in reduced functionality of the application.
reactiveThe reactive functionality of the chemical allows it to interact with other molecules.
remoteThe remote functionality of the device allows users to control it from anywhere with an internet connection.
maximumThe car's maximum functionality was achieved through rigorous testing.

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