Adjectives for Functioning

Adjectives For Functioning

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing functioning, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe functioning can subtly shift its meaning, highlighting different aspects of capability and wellness. Cognitive functioning focuses on mental processes, while normal functioning implies a standard level of operation. Social functioning, on the other hand, emphasizes one's ability to interact effectively within society. Proper functioning suggests that something is working as it should, and intellectual functioning specifically refers to the realm of intellect and reasoning. Lastly, mental functioning broadly covers the psychological aspects. Each adjective paints a unique picture of efficacy and health. Dive deeper into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with functioning to fully appreciate the nuances they bring.
cognitiveHis cognitive functioning has improved since the medication change.
normalThe normal functioning of the system was disrupted by the power outage.
socialMartha's social functioning improved significantly after the intervention.
properI rely on the proper functioning of my car for my daily commute.
intellectualThe study also found that children with higher intellectual functioning had better social skills.
mentalThe results indicate that the mental functioning of the children is normal.
wellThe well functioning of the machine is essential for optimal performance.
sexualIf you're experiencing any difficulties with sexual functioning it's important to talk to your doctor, a therapist, or other healthcare provider.
psychologicalHer psychological functioning has significantly improved over the past few months.
effectiveThe team's effective functioning ensured a successful project outcome.
smoothThe smooth functioning of the machine was essential for its longevity
physicalThe patient's physical functioning has improved significantly since the surgery.
humanCognitive function is a major aspect of human functioning
efficientThe efficient functioning of the system ensures its continued reliability.
healthyRegular exercise and a healthy diet contribute to healthy functioning of the body and mind.
psychosocialPsychosocial functioning refers to the way an individual interacts with their social environment.
overallThe evaluation of overall functioning revealed consistent improvements.
optimalThe optimal functioning of the engine is essential for its longevity.
successfulThe successful functioning of the organization depends on the cooperation of all its members.
nonThe non functioning car was towed to the junkyard.
physiologicalThe study examined the physiological functioning of the participants.
dailyThe new treatment plan significantly improved her daily functioning
emotionalThe therapist helped me improve my emotional functioning
currentCurrent functioning of the new software is suboptimal.
actualThe actual functioning of the device is determined by its physical properties.
organizationalThe company's organizational functioning was improved through the implementation of new management strategies.
executiveThe child's executive functioning skills were assessed using a variety of tests.
interpersonalEffective interpersonal functioning requires good communication and problem-solving skills.
internalThe internal functioning of the watch was quite advanced.
poorThe patient's poor functioning made it difficult for them to perform everyday activities.
neuropsychologicalThe neuropsychological functioning of the patient was assessed using a battery of tests.
dayHis seizures prevent day functioning
correctThe correct functioning of the machine is essential for the process to be completed successfully.
everydayThe doctor said that my everyday functioning would return to normal in a few weeks.
immuneA balanced diet is crucial for maintaining proper immune functioning
biologicalThe biological functioning of his body was severely impaired.
psychicShe was stunned by his apparent psychic functioning and telepathic abilities.
academicHer academic functioning has significantly improved since she started taking medication.
democraticThe democratic functioning of the organization was praised by many.
continuedDespite the setbacks, the organization's continued functioning was essential to the community's well-being.
occupationalThe occupational functioning of the individual was assessed using a standardized questionnaire.
autonomousThe autonomous functioning of the body was impressive.
behavioralThe patient's behavioral functioning has improved since the implementation of the new therapy.
premorbidThe patient's premorbid functioning was generally good.
perceptualThe patient's perceptual functioning was assessed using a battery of neuropsychological tests.
nervousThe student's nervous functioning made him hesitate when answering the teacher's questions.
maritalMarital functioning is an important component of a happy and healthy relationship.
visualVisual functioning is the ability to see and interpret the world around you.
sensorySensory functioning in infants can be assessed by observing their responses to various stimuli.
symbolicSymbolic functioning is the ability to understand and use symbols.
harmoniousThe harmonious functioning of the team contributed to their success.
improvedThe new technology improved functioning at the office.
cerebralShexplained the details of the cerebral functioning with great ease.
orderlyThe orderly functioning of the organization depends on the cooperation of its members.
familyFamily functioning is often disrupted by the presence of a chronic illness.
integratedIntegrated functioning improved the ability of the system to meet its goals.
neurologicalHis neurological functioning was tested with a series of exercises.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory functioning of the machinery was ensured by regular maintenance.
parentalParental functioning is the ability of parents to provide care and support for their children.
corticalThe study investigated the relationship between cortical functioning and cognitive performance in healthy adults.
differential"Differential functioning of items" is an important concept in psychometrics.
improperThe computer's improper functioning caused a system-wide crash.
automaticThe automatic functioning of the equipment ensured a smooth operation.
longerThe longer functioning of the equipment will allow for greater productivity.
frontalFrontal functioning refers to the cognitive processes that take place in the frontal lobes of the brain.
adultHer adult functioning has improved because of the medication.
autonomicAutonomic functioning is the involuntary regulation of bodily functions.
physiologicThe physiologic functioning of the body can be affected by various factors, such as lifestyle, environment, and genetics.
neuralThe neural functioning of the brain is complex and fascinating.
inadequateThe agency cited inadequate functioning of the internal audit function as a material weakness in its report.

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