Adjectives for Functions

Adjectives For Functions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing functions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe functions can subtly change the meaning and highlight different aspects, from their nature to their impact. Describing a function as important emphasizes its essential role, whereas various underscores the diversity and range. The adjective social points out the interactive or communal aspect, while certain and specific denote clarity and focus on particular functions. Each adjective brings its own nuance, painting a more vivid picture of the functions and their significance in various contexts. Dive into our full list of adjectives to capture the precise shade of meaning you're aiming for.
differentThe program performs many different functions
importantThe blood-brain barrier serves several important functions
variousThe device performs various functions including communication, timing, and calculations.
socialI enjoy attending social functions to meet new people and build connections.
certainThe program uses certain functions to accomplish its tasks.
specificThe different components of the system perform specific functions
basicWe should first cover the basic functions of the product.
administrativeThe newest administrative functions have become useful in recent months.
mainThe main functions of our platform are ...
majorThis software has several major functions
vitalEnsuring the vital functions of the patient is the top priority for the medical team.
cognitiveThe patient's cognitive functions have declined significantly in recent weeks.
normalMy daily routine consists of normal functions like eating, sleeping, and working.
mentalTraining and education maintain mental functions in the elderly
judicialThe judge exercised judicial functions in the courtroom.
similarThe two devices have similar functions
physiologicalExercise can improve many physiological functions including heart health, lung capacity, and muscle strength.
followingThis program has the following functions input validation, data processing, and output generation.
essentialThe nurse is responsible for carrying out the patient's essential functions
primaryThe primary functions of the cell are metabolism, growth, and reproduction.
higherHigher functions allow us to abstract away complex logic into reusable components.
linearLinear functions are a fundamental concept in algebra, with applications in various fields.
biologicalBiological functions are the activities that keep an organism alive and functioning.
multipleThis versatile tool serves multiple functions ranging from a writing instrument to a precision cutting device.
complexThe complex functions provide more flexibility for data retrieval and manipulation.
governmentalThe governmental functions were carried out by the representatives of the people.
objectiveThe objective functions should be defined carefully.
trigonometricTrigonometric functions are used to calculate the angles and lengths of triangles.
continuousThe continuous functions are an important class of functions in mathematics.
additionalHe added additional functions to the program.
legislativeThe Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments, but legislative functions are vested in both chambers.
separateThe various departments in the company have separate functions
regulatoryThe banking industry is subject to extensive regulatory functions
relatedThe two variables are related functions
specializedThe team was composed of highly skilled professionals with specialized functions
mathematicalThe mathematical functions in this software are very useful.
distinctThe two teams had distinct functions in the company's success.
traditionalThis model uses traditional functions to achieve its results.
principalThe principal functions of the school are teaching and learning.
psychologicalPsychologist Carl Jung proposed four primary psychological functions thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition.
usefulThis software provides useful functions
officialThe mayor was invited to several official functions during his visit to the city.
key"Key functions" are essential tasks that are performed by a system or application.
intellectualIntellectual functions such as imagination can be suppressed or repressed depending on the culture's toleration.
sensoryThese are known as the sensory functions of the neocortex.
necessaryEffective communication requires the necessary functions of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
respectiveThe respective functions of the two proteins were examined.
recursiveRecursive functions are functions that call themselves indirectly.
managerialHe can fulfill his managerial functions extremely well.
exponentialExponential functions are characterized by their constant growth rate.
definedThe implementation of some defined functions varies across different libraries.
correspondingThe corresponding functions are described in the following sections.
immuneThe immune system protects the body from infections and disease through its immune functions
diverseThe team's diverse functions allowed them to work collaboratively and efficiently.
characteristicThe characteristic functions of a random variable can be used to completely determine its distribution.
nonlinearThese equations are a type of nonlinear functions with inverses that are also nonlinear functions
elementaryElementary functions are the basic building blocks of more complex functions.
periodicThe heartbeat can be represented by periodic functions
organicThe scientific study of the growth and development of organic functions is known as ontogeny.
digestiveThe doctor suggested that my digestive functions might be impaired.

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