Adjectives for Fundamentals

Adjectives For Fundamentals

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fundamentals, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fundamentals can dramatically alter the perception of your sentence. Whether you're discussing economic fundamentals, which suggest a broad scope of economic principles, or focusing on the basic fundamentals, emphasizing simplicity and essence, the adjective sets the stage. Mentioning certain fundamentals implies specificity and assurance, while very fundamentals intensifies the significance. If your discussion leans towards a wider lens, macroeconomic fundamentals broaden the scope to global economic indicators. Alternatively, pointing out a few fundamentals narrows the focus to a select, critical few. Each adjective shades the noun with unique nuances, inviting a deeper exploration. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'fundamentals' below.
economicThe company is strong with its solid economic fundamentals
basicThe basic fundamentals should be established before any further action is taken.
certainA strong grasp of certain fundamentals is essential for success in mathematics.
veryShe needed to go back to the very fundamentals of medicine to treat the rare disease.
macroeconomicThe company's strong macroeconomic fundamentals have contributed to its recent success.
fewThe contract contains few fundamentals
theoreticalThe theoretical fundamentals of quantum mechanics are based on the wave-particle duality of matter.
strongThe company's strong fundamentals have allowed it to weather the economic downturn.
importantThey provided the important fundamentals of the process.
arithmeticI need to review the arithmetic fundamentals before taking calculus.
soundA strong foundation in reading and writing is based on sound fundamentals
simpleThe simple fundamentals of this system can be easily understood.
physicalThe physical fundamentals of the universe are still not fully understood.
realThe real fundamentals of the game are strategy and skill.
christianChristianity necessitates internalizing christian fundamentals
scientificThe scientific fundamentals of the theory were solid and well-established.
weakThe company's weak fundamentals raised concerns among investors.
followingWe are following fundamentals to make an effective website.
financialPlease consider the company's financial fundamentals before investing in it.
solidThe company's solid fundamentals will help it weather the economic storm.
necessaryStrong necessary fundamentals are required to continue.
essentialA solid grasp of essential fundamentals is crucial for success.
mathematicalThe mathematical fundamentals of computer science are essential for understanding the algorithms and data structures that are used in software development.
electricalElectrical fundamentals are essential for understanding how electrical systems work.
constitutionalConstitutional fundamentals are the principles and values that underlie the Constitution of a country.
termThe term fundamentals refers to the basic concepts and principles of a subject or discipline.
technicalThe technical fundamentals of the project were sound.
broadThe proposed initiative lacked broad fundamentals
properEstablishing proper fundamentals is crucial for long-term success.
keyThe team's success can be attributed to its strong key fundamentals
biologicalThis research focuses on the biological fundamentals of immune cell function during pregnancy.
domesticCorporate profits and domestic fundamentals have improved.
someSome fundamentals of computer science are algorithms, data structures, and computer networks.
biochemicalThis research paper reviews the biochemical fundamentals of the phenomenon known as the 'Coenzyme Q10 Effect'.
hydraulicA thorough understanding of hydraulic fundamentals is essential for designing and maintaining hydraulic systems.
philosophicalThis paper is concerned with the philosophical fundamentals of one particular area of business management.
bareLet's focus on teaching students the bare fundamentals first.
islamicIslamic fundamentals are the core beliefs and practices of Islam.
democraticThe democratic fundamentals of the country were under attack.
partWe reviewed the part fundamentals to ensure we could build it.
relevantThe study explored the relevant fundamentals to informing decisions for maximizing productivity and optimizing resource allocation.
thermodynamicThermodynamic fundamentals support the reversibility of chemical processes such as heat storage and transfer.
fiscalThe government is working to improve the country's fiscal fundamentals
ideologicalThe ideological fundamentals of the group were based on a strict adherence to traditional values.
simplestFootball's simplest fundamentals are maintaining possession and gaining yards.
defensiveThe team's defensive fundamentals were impeccable, making it difficult for opponents to score.
mechanicalThe mechanical fundamentals of the engine were beyond their comprehension.
underlyingThe underlying fundamentals of the economy remain strong.
correctThe player's correct fundamentals boosted his performance.
macroThe macro fundamentals look positive for the coming year.
electronicElectronic fundamentals are the building blocks of modern technology, encompassing the study of circuits, components, and signals.
barestWe only know the barest fundamentals of the subject.
corporateA thorough analysis of corporate fundamentals can reveal a company's financial health and future prospects.
digitalDigital fundamentals are essential for understanding how computers work
academicStudents with strong academic fundamentals are more likely to succeed in college.
elementaryThe elementary fundamentals of mathematics are essential for further mathematical pursuits.

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