Adjectives for Funding

Adjectives For Funding

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing funding, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe 'funding' can significantly change the tone and perception of your message. Whether it's 'federal funding' highlighting government support, 'public funding' suggesting community-backed initiatives, or 'additional funding' indicating more resources, each adjective brings a unique nuance. Discussing 'adequate funding' touches on the sufficiency of financial resources, while 'external funding' points to support from outside organizations. The choice between 'private' and other types of funding can imply a range of privacy, exclusivity, or even bias towards non-public resources. Dive into our complete list to uncover the vast landscape of possibilities when combining adjectives and 'funding.'
federalThe organization receives federal funding for its research.
publicPublic funding for the project was approved by the city council.
additionalThe project received additional funding from the government.
adequateThe project received adequate funding to complete the research.
externalHis business has received external funding to the tune of $1 million.
privateThey relied completely on private funding to build the spaceport.
moreThe organization requested more funding to support its programs.
inadequateThe project was delayed due to inadequate funding
totalThe total funding for the project was 10 million dollars.
directThe government provides direct funding to schools in need.
outsideThe project will require outside funding to complete.
fullThe project is expected to receive full funding by the end of the year.
initialThe initial funding for the project was provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation.
substantialThe research program received substantial funding from the government.
localLocal funding is very important for the community's economy.
limitedThe project was completed with limited funding
sufficientThe company has sufficient funding to complete the project.
specialThe organization received special funding for its research program.
termThe company is seeking term funding for its expansion.
generousThe project was supported by generous funding from the government.
necessaryThe necessary funding will ensure the success of the project.
foreignThe government plans to crack down on foreign funding of political parties.
partialThe project received partial funding from the government.
availableThe grant's available funding has increased significantly in recent years.
futureThe company is seeking future funding to expand its operations.
major"Nova" is a science documentary program produced by WGBH Boston with major funding from the National Science Foundation.
furtherThe project was delayed due to a lack of further funding
internationalThe project received international funding from multiple organizations.
significantThe study was awarded significant funding from the National Institutes of Health.
insufficientThe project was delayed due to insufficient funding
extraThe extra funding was approved by the board.
continuedOur agency will be able to expand its services to at-risk youth with continued funding
centralThe project will be funded with central funding
corporateCorporate funding is essential for the success of many businesses.
governmentalA research study, funded through governmental funding analyzed data that was collected from a population of over 1000 people.
educationalEducational funding should be used to provide equitable opportunities for all students.
annualThe organization receives annual funding from various sources.
lessThe school closed due to less funding
jointWe are seeking joint funding from multiple sources to finance our project.
massiveThe project received massive funding from the government.
appropriateWe were able to complete the project with the appropriate funding
overallThe overall funding for the project was 10 million dollars.
congressionalThe bill includes congressional funding for the project.
supplementalThe project received supplemental funding from the government.
stableThe organization has secured stable funding for its upcoming projects.
enoughThis project has enough funding to succeed.
institutionalThe new project received a significant amount of institutional funding
equalThe school board promised to provide equal funding for all schools in the district.
extensiveThe University's research department has received extensive funding from the government.
yearThe year funding will cover the cost of the new equipment.
modestThe project received modest funding to support its ongoing research.
categoricalThe government decided to use categorical funding to make sure that the money would only be used for specific purposes.
ongoingThe project will continue with ongoing funding
minimalThe project was completed with minimal funding
provincialThe provincial funding will help with the building of the hospitals.
discretionaryThe company allocated discretionary funding for research and development to support new product development.
underI am sorry to hear that your project is under funding
scaleThe project requires a flexible approach to scale funding based on the evolving needs.
alternativeThe company is exploring alternative funding options to support its growth plans.
ampleWe have ample funding to support this project.

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