Adjectives for Fundraising

Adjectives For Fundraising

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing fundraising, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe fundraising efforts can greatly influence the perception of those initiatives. A successful fundraising campaign implies not only financial gain but also a positive public response. Political and direct fundraising efforts highlight the intention and approach used in the campaign, whether it aims to support a political cause or seek donations without intermediaries. Private versus local fundraising can denote the scale or target community, while charitable fundraising underscores the altruistic goal behind the endeavor. Each adjective opens a window into the campaign's strategy, outcome, and ethical considerations. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the diverse angles from which fundraising can be approached.
successfulThe successful fundraising campaign raised millions of dollars for the charity.
politicalPolitical fundraising is the process of raising money for a political campaign or cause.
directThe direct fundraising campaign raised a significant amount of funds for the organization.
privateThe private fundraising campaign raised a total of \$ 10 million.
localThe organization raised $50,000 through local fundraising efforts.
charitableThe charitable fundraising campaign exceeded its goal, raising $1 million for the local homeless shelter.
onlineThe organization launched an online fundraising campaign to support its mission.
corporateWe need to hire a corporate fundraising manager to help us secure major gifts.
majorThe charity will begin its major fundraising campaign next month.
effectiveEffective fundraising requires strategic planning, targeted outreach, and compelling storytelling to maximize donor support.
ownThe school relied on its own fundraising efforts to pay for new equipment.
annualThe organization aims to raise $10 million through its annual fundraising campaign.
mailThe organization sent out mail fundraising to raise money for their cause.
publicPublic fundraising involves soliciting donations from the general public to support a cause or organization.
educationalThe educational fundraising event was a great success.
philanthropicThe philanthropic fundraising campaign has been successful in raising millions of dollars for the organisation.
terroristThe terrorist fundraising network was dismantled by law enforcement.
professionalThe professional fundraising world is ever-changing.
earlyThe company had a successful early fundraising round.
aggressiveThe organization's aggressive fundraising tactics have drawn criticism from some donors.
jointThe non-profit organizations are collaborating on a joint fundraising campaign.
illegalThe illegal fundraising scheme netted the group over $1 million.
futureWe have our future fundraising events planned out for the whole year.
extensiveThe organization's extensive fundraising efforts allowed them to expand their services.
additionalAdditional fundraising for the project was not possible.
democraticThe democratic fundraising campaign has been a great success.
federatedThe organization used federated fundraising to maximize its impact in the community.
nationalThe national fundraising campaign was a huge success.
grassrootsAn organization's grassroots fundraising campaign was fueled by small donations from a large number of individuals.
independentThe NGO relies heavily on independent fundraising to support its mission.
activeTo support his reelection campaign, the incumbent began active fundraising in the summer.
traditionalTraditional fundraising has been the go-to method for nonprofits for decades.
individualThe individual fundraising effort was a huge success, raising over $1 million for the charity.
creativeThe creative fundraising campaign yielded an unexpected surge in donations.
constantThe constant fundraising was a drain on their resources.
internalInternal fundraising is the process of raising capital from within a company or organization.
massiveThe company raised $100 million in a massive fundraising round led by SoftBank Vision Fund.
presidentialThe presidential fundraising event was attended by hundreds of wealthy donors.
voluntaryThe organization primarily relies on voluntary fundraising efforts to support its initiatives.
seriousThe project requires serious fundraising to get off the ground.
faceWe are doing face fundraising for the local charity in town.
overallThe overall fundraising did not meet our target.
softThe team is conducting soft fundraising to gauge investor interest.
externalThe company hoped to rely on external fundraising to meet its financial needs.
institutionalInstitutional fundraising efforts typically prioritize building relationships with major donors and foundations.
republicanRepublican fundraising for the upcoming election has been strong.
improperThe campaign was accused of improper fundraising tactics.
ethicalEthical fundraising involves adhering to principles of transparency, accountability, and respecting donors' intentions.
ongoingThe ongoing fundraising efforts have been successful in securing essential funds for the organization.
innovativeThe organization used innovative fundraising strategies to raise vital funds for its programs.
busyThe organization has been busy fundraising for its new headquarters.
coordinatedThey used coordinated fundraising to raise awareness of the issues that were important to them.
massThe mass fundraising campaign was a huge success, raising millions of dollars for the charity.
intensiveThe organization is engaged in intensive fundraising efforts to support its mission.
incumbentWe are focused on incumbent fundraising but we are also open to new clients.
communalThe communal fundraising effort was a great success, raising over $100,000 for the local food bank.
academicThe university is seeking to increase academic fundraising to support its research initiatives.
unifiedThe unified fundraising campaign raised a record amount of money.
missionaryMissionary fundraising can be a difficult task, but it is essential for supporting the work of missionaries.
profitThe profit fundraising activity raised a substantial amount of money for the local community center.
outsideThe company plans to raise additional capital through outside fundraising
timeIt took him a long time fundraising for the entire project.
intenseThe intense fundraising campaign generated an unprecedented amount of donations.
systematicThe organization's systematic fundraising efforts have been highly successful.
organizationalWe need to focus on organizational fundraising to support our mission.
fraudulentThe investigation found evidence of fraudulent fundraising practices.
centralizedThey each have their own fundraising stage, with or without centralized fundraising
widespreadThe widespread fundraising efforts raised millions of dollars for the cause.

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