Adjectives for Funds

Adjectives For Funds

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing funds, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe funds can dramatically shape the perception and understanding of financial discussions. Whether referring to public funds, highlighting the role of federal support, discussing the benefits of mutual funds, or emphasizing the need for additional resources, each adjective unveils unique nuances. It’s about delineating whether the resources are necessary for basic functions or sufficient to fulfill specific objectives. The power of adjectives in finance can't be underestimated, as they paint a vivid picture of financial health, origin, and allocation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'funds' to enhance your financial literacy and communication.
publicThe government allocated public funds for the construction of a new hospital.
federalThe federal funds rate is the interest rate at which banks lend to each other overnight.
mutualThe mutual funds that are investing in this company are hoping for a good return.
additionalThe budget needed additional funds to cover the unexpected expenses.
necessaryWe are still short of the necessary funds
sufficientHe didn't have sufficient funds to buy the car.
ownThe company announced they are going to increase their own funds in the latest round.
moreWe need more funds to complete the project.
privateThe company's private funds were used to fund the project.
availableI need to check my available funds before I make a purchase.
specialThe company has set aside special funds for research and development.
limitedThe project was completed with limited funds
localYou can conduct transactions immediately with local funds
adequateThe company has adequate funds to cover its expenses.
foreignThe company has received foreign funds to expand its operations.
totalThe total funds raised by the charity amounted to over $10 million.
termThe company recently raised $10 million in term funds
insufficientThe transaction could not be completed due to insufficient funds
enoughWe do not have enough funds to cover the expenses.
substantialShe donated substantial funds to the organization.
structuralEU structural funds have been used to support economic development in less-developed regions.
corporateThe company provided corporate funds to the new project.
ampleShe had ample funds to cover the expenses of the trip.
endThe company decided to end funds in the project.
institutionalInstitutional funds are funds managed by institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.
externalThe company has been able to raise external funds to continue its operations.
extraWe had extra funds left over from the project.
internalThe company used internal funds to finance its operations.
municipalThe city council voted to allocate additional municipal funds to the parks and recreation department.
surplusThe company was able to invest its surplus funds in a new venture.
separateThe company has separate funds for its different projects.
permanentPermanent funds are funds held by the government, which cannot be spent or invested without authorization.
excessThe company reported excess funds of over €10 million.
liquidThe company has substantial liquid funds
discretionaryThe director of the program had discretionary funds to reward his team's achievements.
providentEmployees in India can invest a part of their salaries in provident funds which are long-term savings schemes offered by the government.
charitableThe company donated charitable funds to the local food bank.
unlimitedThe company's unlimited funds allowed them to invest heavily in research and development.
loadI need to load funds to my account before I can make a purchase.
governmentalHe embezzled governmental funds and fled the country.
inadequateThe transaction could not be completed due to inadequate funds
secretThe politician was accused of hiding secret funds in an offshore account.
educationalThe state also has a number of educational funds that help pay for college for students from low-income families.
scarceThe organization struggled to make ends meet due to scarce funds
investibleThe company has raised $100 million in investible funds
outsideThe company has raised outside funds to support its operations.
idleWe can invest your idle funds in a variety of ways.
budgetaryThe firm has applied for budgetary funds to complete the project.
regionalThe government allocated regional funds to support the development of rural areas.
requisiteThe foundation will cover a range of healthcare costs, including requisite funds for advance care planning facilitation.
requiredThe project proposal was approved once the required funds were secured.
hedgeHedge funds have become major players in global financial markets.
sickWe need to increase sick funds for our employees.
tribalWith tribal funds the tribe was able to build a new health clinic.
meagerThe meager funds were insufficient to cover the expenses.
canadianThe total cost of the trip is $1,000 in Canadian funds
productiveThe company invested its productive funds in a new factory.

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