Adjectives for Futures

Adjectives For Futures

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing futures, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of 'futures' through adjectives reveals the multi-faceted potential embedded in this concept. Describing 'futures' as 'possible' implies an openness to what may come, contrasting with 'alternative', which suggests a branching path from the present. When 'own' is used, it personalizes the future, making it an individual's vision. 'Financial futures' highlight the economic implications, whereas 'different' futures underscore the variety and diversity of what is to come. The adjective 'political' adds a layer of societal impact, showing how futures can be shaped by governance and policy decisions. This intricate interplay of adjectives with 'futures' enriches our understanding of what lies ahead. Discover the full array of adjectives used with 'futures' and the unique perspectives they unveil below.
possibleI'm excited about the possible futures that await us.
alternativeThe book explored a series of alternative futures in which the outcome of the election had been different.
ownWe are responsible for our own futures
financialFinancial futures are standardized contracts that obligate the buyer to purchase or the seller to sell a specified underlying asset at a set price on a specified future date.
differentThe different futures of humanity are as vast and as uncertain as the stars in the night sky
politicalThe political futures of the candidates are uncertain.
uncertainThe workers faced uncertain futures due to the impending closure of their factory.
economicEconomic futures are uncertain, with various factors influencing their trajectory.
eurodollarThe eurodollar futures market is a market for futures contracts based on the eurodollar interbank lending rate.
brightThe graduating class embarked on their bright futures with boundless optimism.
personalWe must learn about personal futures before investing in the stock market.
potentialThere are so many potential futures that it's hard to know which one to choose.
foreignThe foreign futures markets were volatile last week.
probableThe planning considered the probable futures and possible outcomes from a range of initial conditions.
desirableWe must shape desirable futures not just restrain destructive forces.
democraticThe many democratic futures are complex, exciting, challenging, and full of hope.
betterWe all deserve and desire better futures
termWe provide you with highly leveraged term futures that expire weekly.
sustainableThe project aims to create sustainable futures for local communities.
educationalMy goal is to learn about educational futures and other related topics.
shortThe stock market has short futures
globalThe network has a strong reputation for analysing global futures and providing mentoring to early-career researchers.
plausibleWe're all trying to predict plausible futures in order to make the best decisions today.
urbanThe conference focused on urban futures and the challenges that cities will face in the coming decades.
multipleAs the veil of uncertainty lifted, branching paths revealed multiple futures each promising its own unique tapestry of possibilities.
preferredWe need to think about our preferred futures and how to get there.
promisingThe young students embarked on their promising futures with enthusiasm and determination.
alternateI can't help but wonder about the alternate futures that could have been.
distantThe distant futures hold untold stories waiting to be written.
likelyOur likely futures depend on making choices today that will shape our tomorrow, for better or worse.
rateThe rate futures market is a financial market where contracts to buy or sell currencies at a specified price on a future date are traded.
professionalHer guidance helped me to think about my professional futures
yearThe company is also exploring the use of year futures to manage its risk exposure.
crudeThe price of crude futures is expected to rise in the coming months.
immediateI am excited about my immediate futures
pastThe past futures of our dreams are the present memories we cherish.
collectiveThe collective futures of humanity depend on our capacity for unity, diversity, and creativity.
respectiveThe students discussed their respective futures at the career fair.
monthWheat jumped by its exchange-imposed daily limit in month futures
agriculturalThe agricultural futures market is a complex and dynamic one.
tradedThe financial advisor uses traded futures
occupationalArtificial intelligence will transform occupational futures
unknownEmbracing the possibilities of unknown futures
bleakThe students faced bleak futures without any hope of finding stable employment.
environmentalWe must consider the environmental futures of our planet.
brighterWe hope to create brighter futures for all.
technologicalThe latest technological futures are exciting.
preferableIt seemed like the preferable futures we all envisioned would never happen.
nuclearThe nuclear futures of the two countries are intertwined.
japaneseThe price of Japanese futures rose significantly last week.
hypotheticalWe pondered the hypothetical futures that lay ahead of us.
brilliantThe students all had brilliant futures ahead of them.
managedManaged futures are a type of alternative investment that uses futures contracts to bet on the future direction of markets.
utopianI yearn for the day when utopian futures become a reality.
contingentMy contingent futures hinge upon the occurrence of future uncertainties.
happyWe can anticipate happy futures for our children.
vocationalThe students spent a week exploring their vocational futures
islamicThe development of Islamic futures is a complex and multifaceted issue.
academicStudents were concerned about their academic futures
liveThe traders live futures on the floor of the exchange.
anticipatedWe should prepare for our anticipated futures
dayThe company has increased its staff to cover day futures
diverseWe envision diverse futures where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
organizationalThe study explores how to craft organizational futures for resilience.
idealWe can plan for our ideal futures with certainty.
corporateThe company's corporate futures were uncertain after the merger.
projectedThe projected futures of climate change are alarming.
imaginaryWe spent hours discussing our imaginary futures
viableWe must consider all viable futures to ensure the best possible outcome.

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