Adjectives for Gamma

Adjectives For Gamma

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing gamma, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Gamma, a pivotal part of scientific discussions, manifests differently depending on the adjectives it pairs with. For instance, 'interferon gamma' highlights its crucial role in the immune response, contrasting with 'beta gamma', which might relate to specific types or characteristics in physics or biology. Words like 'human gamma' delve into genetics, emphasizing the personal impact. Meanwhile, 'high gamma' suggests intensity or a significant level in its context, and 'activated gamma' hints at a state of action or readiness. Each adjective shifts gamma's meaning, illustrating the breadth of its relevance across various fields. Delve deeper into how these and other adjectives unfold the multifaceted world of gamma.
interferonInterferon gamma is a cytokine that plays a role in the regulation of the immune response.
ifnThe expression of ifn gamma was up-regulated.
humanScientists have shown that the human gamma oscillations correlate with decision-making.
betaThe beta gamma transitions between two states of a nucleus occur without change of the atomic number.
highThe high gamma emissions indicated that the pulsars were highly energetic.
activatedThe activated gamma rays penetrated the lead shield.
normalResearch aimed at understanding gamma or normal gamma is restricted to a few studies.
greekThe greek gamma is the third letter of the greek alphabet.
recombinantRecombinant gamma played an important role in the development of molecular biology.
intravenousThe patient received intravenous gamma globulin as a treatment.
lowThe low gamma range shows a complex pattern that can be related to the overall NREM profile.
negativeThe negative gamma distribution is a skewed distribution with a long left-hand tail.
positiveThe stock's positive gamma indicates that it is likely to increase in value as its underlying asset increases in price.
alphaThe alpha gamma class is the best!
partialThe partial gamma function is a special function that generalizes the usual gamma function.
deltaDelta gamma is a great sorority at this school.
promptThe prompt gamma was detected by the spacecraft.}
higherThe higher gamma waves indicated heightened activity in the brain.
pparPPAR gamma is a nuclear receptor that plays a role in adipogenesis and insulin sensitivity.
immuneOur immune system contains cells called T cells which use immune gamma to communicate with other cells.
pooledThe imaging technology pooled gamma cameras has been employed as an essential tool in medical imaging.
overallThe overall gamma emission was 1.6E48 photons MeV-1.
plusiaThe plusia gamma is a moth in the family Noctuidae.
indianaIndiana gamma known officially as Gamma of Indiana, is a chapter of Phi Kappa Tau at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, United States.
aggregatedThe aggregated gamma values showed a significant increase over time.
particleThe particle gamma is a type of ionizing radiation.
bovineRadiation doses were measured inside the experimental building for releases of gaseous radioiodine, bovine gamma and tritium.
missouriHe is a Missouri gamma
generalizedThe generalized gamma model has been widely used in areas such as reliability engineering and queuing theory.
doubleThe double gamma function is a special function that is related to the factorial function.
iowaIowa gamma is a sorority at the University of Iowa.
murineIt is unknown whether the antisense effect of murine gamma 680 also contributes to its antiangiogenic activity.
phiPhi gamma is an honors society for academic achievement in business.
kinaseThe kinase gamma subunit stimulates the activity of LKB1, a major kinase in the AMPK pathway.
rabbitThe rabbit gamma globulin, which has high molecular weight, is also involved in this immune response.
maximumThe radiation exposure was at its maximum gamma
homologousThe homologous gamma ray is useful for studying nuclear structure.
prophylacticThis prophylactic gamma is the best preventive cure for viral infections.
infWith soft inf gamma in the room, I felt very peaceful.
boundThe bound gamma is the energy difference between the bound state and the continuum state.
concentratedThe concentrated gamma rays caused the metal to break down.
rifnRIFN gamma is a cytokine that is produced by T cells.
subcutaneousThe subcutaneous gamma granulosa cell tumor has a huge solid mass in lateral pelvic wall and extends to the abdominal wall below the umbilicus.
lognormalThe lognormal gamma model is widely used in modeling mortality rates as it provides a highly flexible distribution with a simple structure that can be easily handled in statistical modeling.
meanThe mean gamma of the process is 4.
ultraThe ultra gamma rays were detected by the satellite in space.
photographicPhotographers often understand the modulation of the photographic gamma and calibrate their equipment accordingly.
scatteredThe scattered gamma rays would be detected by the scintillator layer.
timeThe time gamma of the event recorded by the observer on the ground is the same as the time gamma of the event recorded by the observer in the spaceship.
abnormalThe MRI showed abnormal gamma signal within the left temporal lobe.
pennsylvaniaThe Pennsylvania gamma chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1854.
lfnI'm adjusting the LFN gamma frequency on the voltage using the high-pass filter.
endogenousEndogenous gamma oscillations are bursts of electrical activity.
mixedThe mixed gamma of oxygen did not affect the reaction rate.
psiHe is a member of Psi gamma fraternity.
incompleteThe incomplete gamma function is a generalization of the incomplete beta function.

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