Adjectives for Gender

Adjectives For Gender

Explore the most common adjectives for gender, including same, masculine, feminine, and female. Our resource provides clear examples in sentences to enhance understanding and usage. Perfect for writers and learners aiming to enrich their language skills. Dive into the nuanced world of gender-related adjectives today.

sameI don't understand what you mean by 'same gender'.
masculineThe masculine gender is the grammatical gender assigned to nouns that refer to male beings or things.
feminineThe feminine gender is a grammatical category that refers to nouns that are associated with female beings or qualities.
femaleThe term "female gender" refers to individuals assigned female at birth.
maleThe male gender is often associated with strength and masculinity.
grammaticalThe grammatical gender of a noun is its classification as masculine, feminine, or neuter.
neuterThe child was assigned the neuter gender at birth.
oppositeMy opposite gender sibling often wears my clothes.
ownShe always wanted to be with people of her own gender
mixedThe mixed gender group of hikers set off on their adventure.
commonThe common gender is used for all nouns referring to people.
thirdThere is a third gender besides male and female in certain cultures.
racialI am interested in learning more about racial gender and its impact on society.
singleThe school has a policy of admitting students on a single gender basis.
ethnicThis is a list of ethnic genders.
particularEveryone has a particular gender identity.
naturalNatural gender refers to the gender that a person is born with.
biologicalThe biological gender of a person is typically determined by their chromosomes.
sexualThe movie explores the theme of sexual gender in a frank and insightful way.
wrongThe student went to the wrong gender bathroom.
culturalThe cultural gender of a society is the way in which that society defines and differentiates between the roles and behaviors of men and women.
traditionalThe traditional gender roles of father and mother are still prevalent in many cultures.
dominantThe dominant gender in this society is male.
nonThe team's non gender-specific uniform policy allows all players to feel comfortable.
appropriateThe company has a policy of hiring employees regardless of their appropriate gender
twoThe two gender systems mainly describe mammal species.
psychologicalThe students were asked to indicate their psychological gender
mainstreamThere are many different ways to express mainstream gender and there is no one right way.
ageThe age gender distribution of the population has changed slightly over the past decade.
fetalThe fetal gender was determined to be male.
linguisticLinguistic gender refers to the grammatical gender of nouns and other words.
correctThe man used the correct gender pronouns.
dualThe program provides dual gender counseling to help clients explore their gender identities.
normativeThe media often reinforces normative gender roles.
unknownThe individual of unknown gender walked down the street.
inherentInherent gender is a characteristic that is essential to the nature or being of something.
andI oppose all discrimination, including discrimination based on race, religion, and gender
preferredI would like to know what your preferred gender is.
physicianPhysician gender has been shown to influence patient care.
strategicThe company has adopted a strategic gender approach to hiring and promotion.
subjectThe subject gender of nouns in Spanish is determined by their meaning.
postThey are post gender and identify as non-binary.
interviewerThe interviewer gender bias can affect the outcome of an interview.
lexicalThe lexical gender of the noun can influence the choice of article.
parentalThe parental gender of the child was not disclosed.
threeThe book explores the three genders in the novel.
uncertainThe individual approached the group with uncertain gender

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