Adjectives for Gene

Adjectives For Gene

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing gene, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'gene' serves as a cornerstone in the vast field of genetics, and the adjectives used with it can deeply influence the understanding of biological processes. Descriptors like 'single,' 'human,' 'recessive,' and 'dominant' allude to the genetic diversity and the nuanced roles genes play in heredity and evolution. Meanwhile, 'structural' and 'specific' highlight the function and uniqueness of genes in the orchestration of life. Each adjective opens a window into the extraordinary complexities of genetics, offering a glimpse into how these microscopic elements drive fundamental aspects of biology and personal traits. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives unveil the intricate tales woven into our DNA by exploring the full list below.
singleResearch suggests that the cause of a single gene disease is mutations in the DNA sequence of the corresponding gene
humanThe human gene is a complex and fascinating thing.
recessiveBlue eyes are a recessive gene meaning that both parents must carry the gene for the child to have blue eyes.
dominantThe dominant gene is responsible for the appearance of a particular trait.
structuralTranscriptional regulation is mediated by proteins encoded by _**structural genes**_.
specificScientists are now able to identify the specific gene that is responsible for a particular disease.
particularResearchers have identified a particular gene variant which has been associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
defectiveThe defective gene caused the child to have a rare disease.
normalThe molecular basis of the condition is a mutation in the normal gene
autosomalThe genetic variants responsible for the condition are carried on autosomal genes.
abnormalThe abnormal gene caused the child to have a rare disease.
novelIt is the novel gene that made the new therapy possible.
mutatedThe mutated gene caused the cells to grow uncontrollably.
linkedThe genes are always linked genetically
majorThe major gene responsible for this disease has not yet been identified.
foreignThe insertion of the foreign gene into the host cell was successful.
regulatoryThis regulatory gene controls flower development.
mycMYC genes are a group of genes that encode transcription factors.
functionalThe scientists were able to isolate a functional gene from the bacteria.
likeI'm like gene
bacterialThe bacterial gene was successfully sequenced.
relatedThe three genes are named KRAS, BRAF, and NRAS and are all related genes in the MAPK pathway.
correspondingMutations in the ATM gene result in a corresponding gene product that lacks kinase activity.
ancestralThe ancestral gene has been passed down through generations.
selfishThe selfish gene is a theoretical unit of natural selection that favors the replication of an individual's own genes.
putativeThe putative gene is responsible for the production of a protein that is involved in the development of the nervous system.
endogenousThe endogenous gene is responsible for the production of a protein that is essential for the cell.
nuclearMutations in nuclear genes can also affect mitochondrial function.
sickleThe sickle gene is a genetic disorder that causes red blood cells to become sickle-shaped.
suppressorA suppressor gene is a gene that reduces or eliminates the expression of another gene.
cellularThe expression of a cellular gene was significantly upregulated in the experimental group.
chainThe chain gene is a gene that is inherited together with other genes on the same chromosome.
chimericScientists have developed a chimeric gene that allows for the creation of new therapeutic proteins.
lethalThe lethal gene was responsible for the kitten's early death.
inducibleThe inducible gene was activated by the presence of the inducer.
heavyThe insertion of a heavy gene into the genome caused several disorders.
activeResearchers are working to develop gene therapies that can target and activate active genes.
cellThe cell gene is responsible for coding the proteins that make up the cell.
therapeuticThe therapeutic gene was inserted into the patient's cells.
mutantThe researchers discovered a novel mutant gene responsible for the rare disease.
essentialThe researchers identified 10 essential genes required for cell viability.
rasA mutation in the ras gene can lead to the development of cancer.
responsibleGenetic counselors test for the responsible gene in certain high-risk families
galactosidaseThe mutant galactosidase gene resulted in a reduced enzymatic activity of the enzyme
regulatedThe regulated gene was expressed in the liver.
encodingThe encoding gene for the protein was identified.
subunitSingle-subunit gene is a gene that has only one transcription unit.
forFor gene I am available to write a short sentence with your desired words.
homologousThe homologous gene is responsible for the production of a protein that is involved in the development of the organism.
selectableThe selectable gene cassette was inserted into the genome of the virus.
syntheticScientists have developed a new synthetic gene that could help treat cancer.
mammalianThe mammalian gene was sequenced in order to study its role in disease.
rareThe researchers discovered a rare gene that may be responsible for the disease.
faultyThe faulty gene was responsible for the rare disease.
eukaryoticDNA is copied into RNA in eukaryotic gene transcription.
hydroxylaseThe hydroxylase gene is responsible for the production of the enzyme that catalyzes the hydroxylation of a specific substrate.
associatedThe associated gene is located on chromosome 1.
affectedThe affected gene is located on chromosome 17.
intactThe researchers discovered an intact gene that is associated with the disease.
fosResearchers are studying whether mutations in the fos gene are related to the development of cancer.
neoThe neo gene is responsible for the synthesis of a protein that is essential for the survival of the organism.
obeseThe obese gene has been identified as a major factor in the development of obesity.
responsiveOur next step is to validate the chip in an appropriate cellular model expressing the target responsive gene
relevantThe mutation in the relevant gene is responsible for the disease.
resistantThe resistant gene made the bacteria impervious to common antibiotics.
muscularThe muscular gene is responsible for the development of muscle tissue.

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