Adjectives for General

Adjectives For General

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing general, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the military and related contexts, the noun 'general' gains various nuances when paired with adjectives such as 'major,' 'brigadier,' 'consul,' 'postmaster,' and 'adjutant.' Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning, highlighting different ranks, duties, or characteristics within the organizational structure. For instance, a 'major general' holds a specific rank just below a lieutenant general, whereas an 'adjutant general' might be responsible for administrative duties. An 'old general,' on the other hand, implies a wealth of experience and possibly retirement. These combinations reflect the rich tapestry of roles and responsibilities in institutional settings. Discover the full array of adjectives that color the world of 'general' and explore the intricate distinctions each one introduces.
majorThe major general led his troops to victory.
brigadierThe brigadier general gave the order to attack.
consulThe Consul general of France was in attendance at the event.
postmaster"The postmaster general announced a new initiative to improve mail delivery."
adjutantThe adjutant general is responsible for the administration and training of the state's military forces.
oldThe old general commanded his troops with wise strategy.
formerMalcolm, a former general had a brave heart and refused all luxury.
commandingThe commanding general ordered the troops to advance.
britishThe British general led his troops into battle.
moreThe more general way to define most theories is by specifying sets of axioms.
frenchThe French general led his troops to victory.
registrarThe registrar general said that the birth rate had fallen to its lowest level in a decade.
romanThe Roman general swiftly surveyed the battlefield.
surveyorThe surveyor general oversaw the surveying and mapping of public lands.
americanThe American general drove his troops to victory.
assistantThe assistant general supervised the daily operations of the army.
vicar"What is the office of vicar general?" asked the bishop.
quartermasterThe quartermaster general was responsible for the provisioning and transportation of the army.
englishThe English general led his troops into battle.
advocateThe case is assigned to Advocate general Sharpston.
directorateThe directorate general of the European Union is responsible for managing the EU's budget.
commissaryThe Commissary general is responsible for the provision of all supplies and services to the Army.
victoriousThe victorious general returned home to a hero's welcome.
russianThe Russian general watched as his troops advanced on the enemy positions.
agentThe agent general represented the province in London.
famousThe famous general ordered the retreat.
confederateThe confederate general led his troops to victory.
lateThe late general was a great leader.
germanThe german general was proud of his troops.
greatestThe greatest general of all time is Genghis Khan, who conquered much of Asia and Europe in the 13th century.
commandantThe commandant general addressed the officers.
secretaryThe new secretary general stated his goals in a speech to the United Nations.
spanishThe Spanish general led his army to victory.
dearDear general I am writing to you today to express my gratitude for your service to our country.
solicitorThe Solicitor general represents the United States in the Supreme Court.
starThe general was promoted to star general
consulateThe consulate general is responsible for issuing visas to foreign nationals.
successfulThe successful general led his troops to victory.
retiredThe retired general was gruff and unyielding, but he had a heart of gold.
ableThe able general led his troops to victory with ease.
superiorThe new superior general was elected by the congregation.
receiverThe Receiver general of Canada is responsible for managing the federal government's finances.
accountantThe accountant general is responsible for the financial management of the government.
attorneyThe attorney general is responsible for providing legal advice to the government.
residentThe resident general administered the island through a cabinet composed of secretaries appointed by the French government.
austrianThe Austrian general was a brave and noble man.
chineseThe chinese general led his troops to victory.
distinguishedThe distinguished general deserved a medal for his bravery.
seniorThe senior general issued a stern warning to the enemy forces.
presidentThe president general dismissed the concerns of the soldiers.
japaneseThe japanese general was defeated by the American troops.
governorThe Governor general is the representative of the monarch in a Commonwealth realm.
lieutenantThe Lieutenant general ordered the troops to advance.
gallantThe gallant general led his troops to victory.
imperialThe imperial general led his troops to victory.
surgeonThe surgeon general has issued a new warning about the dangers of smoking.
mexicanThe Mexican general led his troops into battle.
ablestThe ablest general of the army led the troops to victory.
prussianThe Prussian general ordered his troops to advance.
turkishThe Turkish general will fly to Damascus.
athenianThe Athenian general led his army to victory over the Persians.
celebratedThe celebrated general led his troops to victory.
masterThe master general was proud of the way he handled his troops.
unfortunateThe unfortunate general lost the battle due to his poor strategy.
aerojetAerojet general was an American rocket and missile manufacturer.
brilliantThe brilliant general led his troops to a decisive victory.
youngestThe youngest general in the history of the country was only 23 years old.
carthaginianThe Carthaginian general led his army to victory.
deputyThe deputy general was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company.

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