Adjectives for Generation

Adjectives For Generation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing generation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjective when paired with the noun 'generation' reveals a tapestry of intent and perspective. Describing a 'new generation' infuses the text with a sense of renewal and upcoming change, potentially optimistic. 'Next generation' suggests a forward-looking, anticipatory stance, often buzzing with innovation. Terms like 'younger generation' evoke discussions around age dynamics, marking a distinction that may imply energy or, conversely, inexperience. Historical contexts come alive with 'first' or 'second generation,' underpinning discussions with layered backgrounds of origin or sequences in time. The 'present generation' situates narratives in the immediate, drawing a line of relevance to current moments. Each chosen adjective unlocks a unique narrative angle, shaping our understanding of time and its participants. Explore our full spectrum of adjectives for a richer discourse on the multitude of generations.
newThe new generation is more tech-savvy than any other generation before.
nextThe next generation of technology is here.
secondThe second generation of the technology should be available by next year.
firstMy first generation iPhone was a revolutionary device.
presentThe present generation is more technologically advanced than any other generation before it.
thirdThe third generation of the family was very close-knit.
wholeThe whole generation is obsessed with social media.
lastThe last generation was full of technological advancements.
spontaneousThe spontaneous generation of life is now considered to have been disproved.
previousThe previous generation had a different perspective on life.
youngThrough education, the young generation can be equipped with the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing world.
fourthThe fourth generation of the family settled in California.
earlierThe earlier generation believed that destiny was a path out for them.
currentThe current generation of students is more tech-savvy than any previous generation.
laterThe later generation will have to deal with the consequences of climate change.
pastThe past generation saw a significant rise in the use of technology.
singleThe single generation is the group of people who were born within the last 15-20 years and are now reaching adulthood.
entireThe medical treatment helped the entire generation from a contagious disease.
futureWe have to take care of our planet for the future generation
fifthThe fifth generation of wireless technology is expected to bring about a number of new and exciting changes.
electricThe electric generation of the power plant is sufficient for the needs of the city.
automaticThe automatic generation of text is a rapidly growing field.
successiveIn successive generations, the cells gradually reduce their size.
postwarThe postwar generation grew up in a time of prosperity and optimism.
latestThe latest generation of smartphones has a wide range of features.
seventhShe was a seventh generation farmer, working the land her family had owned since the 1800s.
subsequentThe subsequent generation of scientists is working on a cure for cancer.
harmonicHarmonic generation is a nonlinear optical process in which a nonlinear material is illuminated with a single frequency laser beam and generates output beams at frequencies that are multiples of the input beam frequency.
electricalThe electrical generation plant uses turbines to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
sixthThe sixth generation of the iPhone was released in 2014.
eternalThe concept of eternal generation is used in some religions to explain the origin of the universe.
randomThe random generation of numbers was essential to the project's success.
parentalThe parental generation passed on their knowledge and values to the next generation.
radicalThe study of radical generation in organic compounds has been an active area of research for several decades.
warThe war generation has seen its fair share of hardships.
immigrantThe immigrant generation is often credited with bringing new ideas and cultures to their new home.
revolutionaryThis revolutionary generation has changed the world for the next generation.
elderThe elder generation often has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
newerAI technology has advanced at an unprecedented pace, making newer generation AI models more powerful and versatile than ever before.
youngestToday's youngest generation is more likely to be connected to technology and social media from a young age.
thermalThe thermal generation of electricity is a process that converts heat into electrical energy.
foundingThe founding generation of the United States was a remarkable group of individuals who shaped the course of human history.
hydroelectricHydroelectric generation is a process of generating electricity from the energy of flowing water.
tenthThis is the tenth generation of my family to live in this house.
efficientThe innovative design facilitates efficient generation of energy, improving the system's overall performance.
calledMillennials are often called generation snowflake.
eighthThe eighth generation of gaming consoles is here.
ninthI'm so old, even my ninth generation ancestors are dead.
oldestThe oldest generation of Americans are graduating high school at the age of 19.
seniorThe senior generation has witnessed many changes in the world.
filialThe researchers identified the first filial generation of dwarf maize plants.
newestThis is a sample sentence with the phrase "newest generation".
asexualAsexual generation gives rise to offspring that are genetically identical to the parent.
adulterousJesus said to the Pharisees, 'An adulterous generation seeks after a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.'
signalThe signal generation process involves creating periodic waveforms for testing purposes.

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