Adjectives for Gift

Adjectives For Gift

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing gift, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a gift can significantly impact the perceived value and sentiment of the gesture. A free gift suggests an unexpected or complimentary offering, enhancing its appeal through the joy of receiving something without cost. Great and special gifts elevate the item or experience, indicating thoughtfulness and consideration from the giver. A precious gift implies rarity and emotional value, often irreplaceable and cherished. The greatest gifts are those that leave a lasting impression, potentially changing someone’s life. Meanwhile, divine gifts carry a spiritual or transcendent quality, elevating them beyond the physical realm. Discover the myriad ways adjectives can color the perception of gifts in our full list below.
freeThey gave me a free gift with my purchase.
greatThe garden gnome was a great gift
specialShe has a special gift for design.
preciousThe child is a precious gift from God.
greatestThe greatest gift is to give.
divineThe divine gift of life is something we should cherish and never take for granted.
naturalThe artist had a natural gift for painting.
rareThe 'rare gift' had the power to make darkness into light, bringing hope to those in despair.
wonderfulMy mother's painting was a wonderful gift for my birthday.
generousThe generous gift from the donor helped to fund the new hospital wing.
perfectThis is the perfect gift for your mom
spiritualMy friend has the spiritual gift of healing.
pricelessThe old photograph was a priceless gift from her grandmother.
extraordinaryShe received an extraordinary gift
valuableShe received a valuable gift from her grandmother.
peculiarShe had a peculiar gift for finding lost objects.
remarkableAlice has a remarkable gift for drawing.
poeticHer poetic gift allowed her to capture the beauty of the world in her words.
beautifulYou can't put a price on a beautiful gift
uniqueThe antique shop had a unique gift for every customer.
graciousHis understanding and thoughtfulness were a gracious gift to everyone who knew him.
supremeThe supreme gift of creativity is having the imagination to see the future.
fatalThe fatal gift had a devastating consequence.
heavenlyI am so grateful for my heavenly gift my beautiful child.
unexpectedI was surprised to receive an unexpected gift from my friend.
royalThe royal gift was a testament to the king's generosity.
propheticThe elder's prophetic gift foretold the perils the young men would encounter on their journey.
outrightHe received an outright gift of $10,000 from his wealthy uncle.
supernaturalShe possesses a supernatural gift that allows her to see into the future.
literaryThe young writer's literary gift was evident in her beautifully crafted prose.
sacredThe sacred gift of life is to be cherished.
unusualHe received an unusual gift on his birthday.
taxableThe taxable gift was valued at $100,000.
charitableI am donating a charitable gift to the local food bank.
miraculousI received a miraculous gift of health after suffering from a long-term illness.
magnificentWe received a magnificent gift from our relatives.
voluntaryThe voluntary gift was gratefully accepted.
appropriateGiving an appropriate gift can show someone how much you care.
welcomeThe Welcome gift is waiting in your bag.
splendidShe received a splendid gift from her friend on her birthday.
nobleThe noble gift of life is something we should never take for granted.
richShe felt like she had been given a rich gift
annualMy grandparents give me an annual gift of $500 for my birthday.
niceMy mother gave me a nice gift for my birthday.
expensiveShe received an expensive gift from her rich aunt.
creativeI received a creative gift from my friend for my birthday.
excellentThis would make an excellent gift for my grandfather.
munificentThe munificent gift from the benefactor was a welcome surprise to the struggling organization.
handsomeShe gave me a handsome gift during my birthday.
absoluteThe ability to play the piano is an absolute gift
ultimateThe ultimate gift was the love and support of her family.
substantialMy wealthy uncle surprised me with a substantial gift for my birthday.
strangeI received a strange gift from an unknown sender.
inestimableThis precious object was given to me as an inestimable gift
genuineShe had a genuine gift for finding common ground with people from all walks of life.
lovelyMy aunt gave me a lovely gift for my birthday.
givenThey were so grateful for the given gift
validThe valid gift came just in time.
gratuitousThe gratuitous gift of the car was a surprise to everyone.
singularHe has a singular gift for music.
blessedHe appreciated the blessed gift of spending time with his family.
anonymousThe anonymous gift was a welcome surprise for the young couple.
mysteriousI received a mysterious gift in the mail today.
gloriousThe glorious gift of life should be cherished and celebrated.

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