Adjectives for Gifts

Adjectives For Gifts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing gifts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives accompanying the noun 'gifts' can profoundly convey the nature and intention behind them. Describing gifts as 'many' hints at abundance and generosity. 'Spiritual' gifts bring a sense of deeper, transcendent connection, whereas 'such' introduces an element of surprise or emphasis on the particular quality of the gifts. Labeling gifts as 'great' celebrates their significance and impact, while 'natural' emphasizes their purity and organic essence. 'Special' gifts, on the other hand, highlight their unique and personal value to both giver and receiver. The nuances each adjective adds to 'gifts' offers a glimpse into the myriad ways we perceive and appreciate these tokens of thoughtfulness. Discover the full range of adjectives that can describe gifts and enrich your expressions.
manyShe received many gifts on her birthday.
spiritualSpiritual gifts are God-given abilities that the Holy Spirit empowers believers with for the sake of serving the church and glorifying God.
suchShe was grateful for such gifts
greatMy grandparents got me great gifts for my birthday.
naturalShe has natural gifts for music and painting.
specialEach person is blessed with special gifts and talents.
goodWe received good gifts on our wedding.
smallI appreciate your small gifts
intellectualHer intellectual gifts were evident from an early age.
richThe guests brought rich gifts to the wedding.
preciousThese precious gifts are to be treated with the utmost care.
freeHere are some free gifts for you!
extraordinaryHer extraordinary gifts brought her fame and fortune.
bestThe best gifts come from the heart.
generousThe foundation awarded generous gifts to many charities.
rareThe king was extravagant in appraising her rare gifts
greatestMusic and art are two of the greatest gifts that humanity has been given.
valuableHe received valuable gifts from his friends and family.
personalThese personal gifts will be treasured for years to come.
literaryMaya exhibited extraordinary literary gifts with her poignant and evocative prose.
expensiveI can't afford to buy expensive gifts
charitableThe company gives charitable gifts to many different organizations.
lavishThe wealthy benefactor showered the winners with lavish gifts
miraculousThe old man possessed miraculous gifts such as healing the sick and raising the dead.
wonderfulI received wonderful gifts from my family and friends on my birthday.
mentalHe has an extraordinary talent for poetry, it's one of his many mental gifts
uniqueShe shared her unique gifts with the world.
supernaturalI have supernatural gifts that allow me to see the future.
unusualShe received some unusual gifts for her birthday.
remarkableThe child had remarkable gifts when it came to music.
taxableThe donor of taxable gifts in excess of the annual exclusion amount must file a gift tax return.
musicalI'm grateful for my musical gifts
poeticThe writer's poetic gifts were evident in her vivid descriptions and lyrical prose.
exceptionalShe was a child with exceptional gifts in music.
splendidMy grandfather sent us splendid gifts for our wedding.
peculiarShe has some peculiar gifts that make her stand out from the crowd.
artisticShe was blessed with artistic gifts that allowed her to create beautiful paintings and sculptures.
voluntaryMany people express their gratitude with voluntary gifts
brilliantShe received brilliant gifts for her birthday.
annualMy grandparents gave me annual gifts of money for my birthday.
substantialThe foundation provided substantial gifts to the university.
beautifulI received some beautiful gifts for my birthday.
numerousShe received numerous gifts on her birthday.
charismaticShe has many impressive charismatic gifts that she uses to inspire others.
highestWe were endowed with creative power as one of our highest gifts
choicestWe were grateful for the choicest gifts we received.
royalThe king and queen showered their loyal subjects with royal gifts
outrightThe foundation gave outright gifts to more than two hundred colleges and universities.
creativeTina brought some creative gifts to celebrate the artistic abilities of her students.
liberalThe faculty has raised over $70 million to support the liberal gifts program.
excellentThe excellent gifts brought joy to the recipients.
propheticShe uses her prophetic gifts to guide people on the right path in life.
oratoricalWith his tremendous oratorical gifts he moved the jury to tears.
heavenlyThe choir's harmonious voices were like heavenly gifts that filled the chapel with ethereal beauty.
monetaryThe couple received monetary gifts worth $5000 at their wedding.
superiorHer superior gifts including extraordinary intellect and an eidetic memory, set her apart from her peers.
magnificentThe newlyweds received magnificent gifts from their well-wishers.
psychicHer psychic gifts allowed her to perceive things that were hidden from others.
occasionalThe teacher received occasional gifts from her students.
graciousThe king and queen received gracious gifts from the foreign dignitaries.
votiveAs a sign of devotion to the gods, worshipers donated numerous votive gifts to the temple.
netBob received net gifts of $5,000 last year.
variedThe party featured guests with varied gifts
richestThe richest gifts are those that come from the heart.
outstandingThe students received outstanding gifts for their hard work.

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