Adjectives for Girls

Adjectives For Girls

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing girls, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe girls can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. Whether referring to the innocence of young girls, the diminutive charm of little girls, the inclusivity when mentioning other girls, the multitude implied by many girls, the specific age group of adolescent girls, or the aesthetic appeal of pretty girls, each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning. These descriptive choices not only convey factual information but also the speaker's attitude and nuances concerning the subject. Explore the full range of adjectives that enrich your descriptions of girls and broaden the narrative possibilities.
youngThe young girls giggled as they ran through the park.
littleThe little girls were playing in the park.
manyMany girls were playing in the park.
adolescentThe adolescent girls were excited to start their new school year.
prettyI love seeing all the pretty girls walking around on the beach.
mostMost girls like to go shopping.
olderThe older girls were talking about boys.
teenageTeenage girls often go through a phase of wanting to be more independent and making their own decisions.
americanThe American girls played in the park.
beautifulThe beautiful girls were walking down the street.
whiteThe white girls were having a pool party.
poorThe poor girls were shivering in the cold.
youngerThe younger girls were excited to start their first day of school.
niceThe nice girls got ready for the prom.
blackBlack girls are beautiful.
indianIndian girls are very beautiful.
englishThese english girls are very beautiful.
classThe class girls were excited to go on their field trip.
chineseChinese girls are beautiful.
dearDear girls don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.
lovelyThe lovely girls were walking along the beach.
japaneseThe Japanese girls were very friendly.
nativeMy parents told me to bring home some traditional food from the local market, as well as meet up with some of the local native girls
coloredThe colored girls were beautiful.
prettiestThe prettiest girls in the room were wearing red dresses.
attractiveThe crowd was filled with attractive girls
lookingThe looking girls were very beautiful.
irishThe irish girls danced merrily at the ceilidh.
innocentThe innocent girls skipped through the meadow, their laughter echoing through the air.
gradeThe grade girls were excited to get their new uniforms.
pregnantThe pregnant girls were all excited to meet their new babies.
seniorThe senior girls are going to prom together.
schoolThe school girls were playing in the playground.
africanAfrican girls are beautiful.
twinThe twin girls were so alike that people often mistook them for each other.
elderThe elder girls were planning their future.
charmingHe often has lunch with charming girls who he meets at parties.
sweetThe sweet girls were playing in the park.
allAll girls are beautiful.
eyedThe eyed girls laughed when they saw me.
italianThe italian girls are beautiful.
mexicanThe mexican girls were beautiful.
prepubertalThese hormones are produced in prepubertal girls and boys and, therefore, do not change the normal sequence of pubertal development.
giftedThe gifted girls performed well in the competition.
tallThere are some tall girls in my class.
marriageableThe village has many marriageable girls
hairedThe sun kissed the long-haired girls' faces.
asianAsian girls are beautiful.
teenagedThe teenaged girls giggled as they ran down the street.
healthyThe three healthy girls ran through the park.
catholicThe catholic girls were singing in the choir.
juniorThe junior girls were excited about their upcoming track meet.

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