Adjectives for Glass

Adjectives For Glass

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing glass, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'glass' when paired with different adjectives, opens up a world of nuanced meanings, each painting a unique picture in the reader's mind. A 'stained glass' evokes images of colorful, light-filled churches, while a 'looking glass' transports one to tales of whimsy and reflection. The stark contrast of a 'broken glass' suggests fragility and rupture, whereas an 'empty glass' might symbolize longing or absence. Conversely, a 'clear glass' offers transparency and purity, with a 'small glass' hinting at delicacy or minimalism. These adjectives transform the simple noun 'glass' into a mosaic of perceptions and imagery, inviting readers to explore the depths of language. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'glass' below to enhance your understanding and expression.
stainedThe stained glass window cast colourful light into the room
lookingThe looking glass reflected the image of a tired old man.
brokenThe broken glass sparkled in the sunlight.
emptyHe finished his drink and was left with an empty glass
clearLight passed through the clear glass casting a shadow on the table.
smallHe placed the small glass on the counter.
coloredThe light streamed through the colored glass casting a warm glow on the room.
colouredThe sunlight filtered through the coloured glass window, casting a kaleidoscope of hues upon the room.
blueThe blue glass vase was beautiful in the sunlight.
greenThe antique shop owner carefully wrapped the green glass vase in bubble wrap.
tallI have a tall glass of water.
fullThe full glass of water sat on the table.
flintThe antique vase made of flint glass has an exquisite surface.
ordinaryThe ordinary glass was clear and transparent.
redThe red glass shattered into a thousand pieces.
thickThe thick glass prevented the window from shattering.
whiteThe vase was made of clear white glass
thinI could see the clear liquid through the thin glass
transparentThe transparent glass allowed me to see clearly through the window.
frostedThe frosted glass reflected the afternoon sunlight.
opticalThe quality of the optical glass is very good.
volcanicThe volcanic glass obsidian, is a natural glass that forms from the rapid cooling of lava.
blackThe shards of black glass littered the floor of the abandoned building.
darkShe peered at him cautiously through dark glasses.
crystalThe crystal glass sparkled in the sunlight.
coldThe cold glass of lemonade was refreshing on a hot summer day.
opaqueThe opaque glass prevented us from seeing the contents of the box.
cleanThe clean glass glistened in the sunlight.
tintedThe windows were covered in tinted glass obscuring the view inside.
borosilicateBorosilicate glass is a type of glass with high thermal resistance and low thermal expansion.
powderedThe criminal had powdered glass on his gloves to make it harder to identify his fingerprints.
venetianThe delicate Venetian glass vase shimmered in the sunlight.
heavyJack lifted the heavy glass to his lips.
shatteredThe shattered glass glinted in the sunlight, reflecting the broken pieces of a tragic event.
fineThe fine glass sparkled in the sunlight.
magnifyingI used a magnifying glass to examine the tiny details of the painting.
flatThe flat glass window allowed us to see the beautiful scenery outside.
hardThe fragile vase, made of hard glass shattered when it fell from the table.
yellowThe light refracted through the yellow glass casting a golden hue on the room.
polishedThe polished glass reflected the sunlight, casting a warm glow on the room.
blownThe delicate blown glass vase was so fragile that it seemed like it could shatter at the slightest touch.
groundThe ground glass made it difficult to see through the window.
leadThe lead glass protects the artwork from harmful radiation.
halfThe optimist sees the half glass as full.
leadedThe old church had beautiful leaded glass windows.
burningThe magnifying glass intensified the sunlight resulting in a burning glass
chilledThe frosty liquid filled the chilled glass
laminatedThe laminated glass windows prevented the storm from shattering them.
coolThe cool glass of water quenched her thirst.
spunThe delicate spun glass ornament sparkled in the sunlight.
plateThe plate glass window shattered into a thousand pieces.
rubyThe antique ruby glass vase had a beautiful deep red color.
opalThe opal glass vase was a perfect match for the pale pink flowers.
doubleThe double glass windows provided excellent insulation.
softThe soft glass bent easily into the desired shape.
limeThe glass vase was made of lime glass
ounceThe ounce glass on the table was nearly empty.
brownThe old book had a brown glass cover that was inlaid with gold leaf.
bohemianThe antique shop had a beautiful collection of bohemian glass
porousThe porous glass allowed water to seep through its surface.
colourlessThe colourless glass glittered in the sunlight.
translucentThe translucent glass window allowed a soft glow of light to filter into the room.
colorlessThe colorless glass allowed the sunlight to flood the house.
bulletproofThe bank teller was protected by bulletproof glass during the robbery.
inchThe inch glass was filled with sand.
cutThe fragile cut glass vase shattered into a thousand pieces.
wayI was holding a heavy glass and way glass fell and broke.
handHe examined the wound with a magnifying hand glass
resistantThe bullet was shot at the resistant glass

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