Adjectives for Going

Adjectives For Going

Discover the perfect adjectives for going with our curated list. Enhance your descriptions whether it's church, easy, cinema, or sea adventures. Ideal for writers aiming to enrich their narratives. Dive into our collection and find the precise words to bring your experiences to vivid life.

easySusan was an easy going person.
cinemaWe discussed cinema going at length over dinner.
seaThe sea going vessel sailed through the vast ocean.
thoroughTheir plans had been thorough going and left no room for error.
keepKeep going even if the path seems difficult.
getIt was getting late, so we decided to get going
movieMy favorite part of movie going is the popcorn.
foreignThe ship is foreign going
hisHe canceled our plans because of his going to the party.
notI am not going to the store today.
bedThe bed going down the street was blocking traffic.
jailI can't believe he's jail going after all this time.
playThe play going is amazing!
frequentFrequent going to the gym has improved her health.
theatreMy aunt used to enjoy theatre going
roughIt was rough going but we finally made it to the top of the mountain.
partShe was only part going to the party.
happyThe happy going child skipped down the street.
partyWe are all excited for the party going to be held this weekend.
wayWay going you finally made it!
jesusJesus going was an example to all.
homeThe family of the deceased is preparing for the home going
heavyThe heavy going made it difficult to reach the summit.
infectiousThe infectious going made it difficult to resist joining the crowd.
oceanThe ship was an ocean going vessel.
joyfulAfter a year of separation, seeing his family was a joyful going
concertConcert going is a great way to experience live music.
downThe sun is down going
pubThe pub going was lively and the atmosphere was electric.
regularI am regular going to the gym.

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