Adjectives for Goods

Adjectives For Goods

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing goods, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe goods can significantly alter the perception of your message. For example, manufactured goods evoke images of factory production lines, while finished goods suggest products ready for the consumer market. The distinction becomes clearer with public goods, which are accessible to everyone, contrasting sharply with foreign goods, implying importation from abroad. Moreover, dry goods cater to a specific category of non-perishable items. Each adjective paints a unique picture, emphasizing different attributes or origins of goods. Dive into our comprehensive list below to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that add color and context to the term goods.
otherI'll buy some other goods and vegetables tomorrow.
manufacturedThe manufactured goods were exported to countries around the world.
public"Public goods" are non-excludable and non-rivalrous, meaning that once produced, they can be enjoyed by all without diminishing the amount available to others.
foreignThe company primarily deals in foreign goods
finishedThe company has a large inventory of finished goods
dryI went to the store to buy some dry goods
durableDurable goods are items that are designed to last for a long time, such as cars, appliances, and furniture.
moreWe need to produce more goods to satisfy the increasing demand.
britishBritish goods are often considered to be of high quality.
industrialIndustrial goods are manufactured products used in the production of other goods or services.
certainThe ban only applies to certain goods like luxury cars and electronics.
worldlyHe renounced all his worldly goods
graveThe wealthy Viking was buried in a ship with his grave goods
intermediateThe firm purchases intermediate goods from other firms to produce its final goods.
americanChina's demand for American goods has been steadily increasing over the years.
europeanThe shop sells a wide range of European goods
bakedThe aroma of freshly baked goods wafted through the kitchen.
agriculturalThere was a large shipment of agricultural goods that arrived last week.
privateMany private goods are excluded from being public goods.
domesticDomestic goods are produced within the same country as the consumer.
englishEmma loves to buy english goods
finalThe final goods were delivered to the customer this morning.
freeThe free goods were offered to encourage people to visit the new store.
basicThe store was stocked with basic goods like bread and milk.
japaneseThose are high-quality japanese goods
essentialEssential goods are necessary for survival and well-being.
primaryPrimary goods are those that are essential for human survival.
madeThe company mainly deals in made goods
cheapThe store sells cheap goods
collectiveCollective goods are non-excludable and non-rivalrous, meaning that they cannot be withheld from an individual and can be used by multiple individuals simultaneously.
indianThe bazaar sold an impressive assortment of beautiful indian goods
stolenThe stolen goods were stashed in a warehouse on the outskirts of town.
electricalI went to the store to buy some electrical goods
perishableThe perishable goods should be stored properly to maintain their freshness.
heavyThe lorry driver was delivering heavy goods to the warehouse.
contrabandThe police seized a large shipment of contraband goods including weapons and drugs.
externalThe external goods are material possessions, such as a car, a house, or money.
producedThe factory produced goods at a high rate.
valuableWe must secure the valuable goods before the storm hits.
intensiveWith the rising cost of production, intensive goods are becoming more expensive.
chineseChinese goods are popular all over the world.
scarceWe have scarce goods so we must be careful not to waste them.
dangerousThe transportation of dangerous goods requires specialized training and safety precautions.
earthlyThe power of Christ can conquer all earthly goods
smuggledThe smugglers were caught at the border with a van full of contraband smuggled goods
inferiorThe demand for inferior goods decreases as income rises.
environmentalThe company is specialized in the production of environmental goods
fancyThe fancy goods shop is full of beautiful and unique items.
tradableTradable goods are those that can be bought and sold in the marketplace.
consumableThe company produces a wide range of consumable goods including food, beverages, and household products.
necessaryNecessary goods are essential for survival and well-being.
tradedThe traded goods were shipped across the ocean.
tangibleWe ordered tangible goods and intangible services from the same vendor.
qualityThe boutique was renowned for its impeccable taste and quality goods
expensiveThe store was filled with expensive goods that I could only dream of affording.
electronicThe shop sells a wide variety of electronic goods
temporalThe temporal goods of this world are not to be compared with the eternal goods of the next.
nondurableWe typically classify milk, bread, and gasoline as nondurable goods
cheaperI like cheaper goods because they are more affordable.
fewerWe have fewer goods to sell this month than last month.
civilianWe should stockpile civilian goods in case of an emergency.
pricedThe thrift shop had a variety of priced goods
availableThe available goods were displayed on the shelves.
nontradedThe country's economy is primarily based on the production of nontraded goods

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