Adjectives for Grade

Adjectives For Grade

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing grade, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives such as first, third, eighth, or second can deeply influence the perception of the noun 'grade'. Each adjective serves as a qualifier, subtly indicating a level, position, or sequence that has significant implications in educational and professional contexts. From the youthful excitement of a 'first grade' student to the mature expectations in 'eighth grade', the choice of adjective prefaces the noun with a distinct sense of progression or achievement. Moreover, adjectives like sixth and fourth bring forth the nuances of intermediate stages, suggesting a journey of growth and learning. Discover how each adjective intricately modifies the meaning of 'grade', providing a precise descriptor that adds depth and specificity.
firstThe first grade class is learning about the solar system.
thirdI was in third grade when I learned to ride a bike.
eighthMy brother is in eighth grade
secondMy son is in second grade
sixthThe sixth grade students were excited to begin their new science unit.
fourthI remember my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, very fondly.
fifthI am in the fifth grade
highThe student received a high grade on his report card.
seventhI remember when I was in the seventh grade
higherI received a higher grade in math than I expected.
lowThe fever was low grade but it was still concerning.
ninthShe loved her ninth grade English teacher.
highestThe student received the highest grade in the class.
lowestThe lowest grade in the class is a D.
tenthI was in tenth grade when I first learned about the Great Depression.
averageThe average grade of the class was a B+
twelfthI recently graduated from twelfth grade
finalThe final grade for the course will be based on a weighted average of the student's performance on exams, quizzes, and assignments.
steepThe trail has a steep grade making it difficult to climb.
eleventhI am currently in eleventh grade
betterI studied hard for the test and got a better grade
8thI remember my 8th grade science teacher very fondly.
inferiorThe inferior grade of the product was evident in its poor performance.
6thThe class of 6th grade went on a field trip to the museum.
12thI am in 12th grade this year.
10thI am currently in 10th grade
histologicThe histologic grade of the tumor was determined to be stage III.
analyticalThe scientist used analytical grade reagents to ensure the accuracy of the experiment.
downThe manager down graded the employee due to consistent poor performance.
metamorphicThe metamorphic grade of the rock indicates that it has undergone significant heat and pressure.
7thThe 7th grade students eagerly anticipated their upcoming field trip.
5thMr. Jones taught 5th grade at Washington Elementary School.
juniorThe junior grade students performed well on their standardized tests.
4thThe class of 4th grade students was working hard on their project.
commercialThe commercial grade oven can cook a pizza in just a few minutes.
9thI'm in the 9th grade this year.
maximumThe maximum grade for the test was 100.
intermediateThe students in the intermediate grade were excited to start their new science unit.
topThe student received a top grade on her history test.
superiorThe company's products are of superior grade
nuclearThe plant was using nuclear grade materials in its construction.
histologicalThe histological grade of the tumor was determined to be II.
middleThe middle grade students eagerly anticipated their upcoming field trip.
moderateThe patient has moderate grade hypertension.
easyThis assignment is an easy grade
uniformThe students were all in uniform grade
slightThe road had a slight grade as it climbed the hill.
seniorThe applicants have to work under the guidance of a teacher of the senior grade
minimumThe minimum grade required to pass the exam is 60%.
finestThe finest grade of coffee was served at the party.
elementaryThe elementary grade teacher was very patient with her students.
meanThe mean grade for the class was 85.
finishedThe finished grade of the project was expected to be completed by the end of the month.
onlineI received an online grade of 95 on my recent exam.
reagentThe reagent grade chemicals were used in the experiment.
gentleThe gentle grade of the hill made the climb an easy one.
3rdOur 3rd grade class is learning about the solar system.
cheaperThey sold the cheaper grade of tools.
advancedThe student skipped the advanced grade because of their extraordinary academic performance.
finerThe researcher used a finer grade of sandpaper to smooth the surface of the wood.

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