Adjectives for Grand

Adjectives For Grand

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing grand, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'grand' comes to life with the adjectives chosen to accompany it, each bringing its own shade of meaning and emotion. A 'grand' experience could be elevated into a 'noble' tale of valor, while a 'less grand' scenario might hint at modesty or a tempered expectation. The difference between 'very grand' and 'more grand' could be the tipping point between excellence and transcendence, illustrating the power of nuance in language. Each adjective, from 'louis' with its royal connotations to 'five', suggesting a ranking or a measure, paints a unique picture. Words weave intricate tapestries of perception and understanding, beckoning us to explore the vast expanses of their combinations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'grand' below, each with a sentence to illuminate its essence.
louisLouis grand is a name often used to refer to Louis XIV of France.
lessThe new house was less grand than the old one.
moreThe palace was more grand than I had imagined.
veryThe celebration was very grand indeed.
nobleThe noble grand master of the Freemasons gave a speech.
fiveHe won five grand at the casino last night.
pastThe past grand master of the Masons revealed the ritual to me.
fewI had a few grand in my account.
estLe bleu est grand
tallThe tall grand oak tree stood on a hill and overlooked the valley.
rightThe right grand son was the one who came to my house.
noisyThe noisy grand stood out from the others in the room.
modernThe modern grand piano is a beautiful and powerful instrument.
maternalI remember my maternal grand was very particular about her knitting.
beautifulI was so happy to see my beautiful grand old grandmother.
mightyThe mighty grand wizard cast a spell that made the trees dance.
prettyThe party she threw was pretty grand full of famous people and fancy food.
uprightThe upright grand piano had a rich, resonant sound.
bazentinThe Bazentin grand was a ridge of land that was the objective of several British offensives during the Battle of the Somme.
extraThe festivities were extra grand this year, with extravagant decorations and performances.
biggerThe bigger grand prize is a trip to Hawaii.
rueThe rue grand was full of shops and restaurants.
singularlyThe singularly grand palace stood majestically on the hilltop.
ampleHe had ample grand ideas for how to improve the city.
dearMy dear grand I hope you are well.
halfShe won a half grand at the casino.
viceThe vice grand was very kind to the children.
uncommonlyThe city's skyline was uncommonly grand with towering skyscrapers piercing the heavens.
peculiarlyThe peculiarly grand mansion stood out from the rest of the neighborhood.
footI am six foot grand
twoI just won two grand in the lottery.
paternalShe visited her paternal grandparents every summer.
chicagoI'm going to the Chicago grand this weekend.
famousEleanor Roosevelt was a famous grand niece of President Theodore Roosevelt.
magnificentThe magnificent grand cathedral towered over the city, its spires reaching towards the heavens.
hughleHughle grand was a large and imposing figure.
leastWe reserved the least grand room for the storage of old documents.
sevenI won seven grand in the lottery.
plusLe plus grand arbre du monde est le séquoia géant.
inconceivablyThe view from the mountaintop was inconceivably grand
liffolThe liffol grand is a bird.
eightI won eight grand at the casino last night.
coolI got a cool grand from my grandma.
quiteThe old house was quite grand with its sweeping staircase and high ceilings.
mourmelonThe mourmelon grand is a large, edible gourd that is native to Africa.
fourThe diamond ring was valued at four grand
hilaireLe visage d'Hilaire Grand était hilaire.
majesticThe majestic grand oak tree stood tall and proud.
astonishinglyThe astonishingly grand palace was a sight to behold.

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