Adjectives for Grant

Adjectives For Grant

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing grant, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'grant' can profoundly influence the meaning and impression of a phrase. An 'annual grant' may evoke a sense of routine support or funding, essential for ongoing projects or scholarships. In contrast, a 'federal grant' implies a more official, governmental source of assistance, potentially tied to specific legal requirements or standards. The adjective 'original' suggests a grant with unique, pioneering objectives, while 'land grant' conjures historical contexts or real estate investments. Each adjective, from 'god' to 'special,' nuances 'grant' with layers of meaning, reflecting the source, purpose, or nature of the grant itself. Dive deep into the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'grant' to explore the diverse implications and opportunities each combination can unlock.
godGod grant me the strength to face my fears.
annualThe foundation awarded an annual grant to the organization.
originalThe original grant included a provision for the development of a public park.
land"The land grant university system has been a major force in the development of higher education in the United States."
federalShe decided to apply for the federal grant to fund her new research project.
specialThe university received a special grant to support research on climate change.
royalKing John issued a royal grant to the city of London in 1215.
largeThe organization was awarded a large grant to fund its research.
smallThey were awarded a small grant to help them with their research.
generousThe organization has received a generous grant to support its work.
parliamentaryThis organisation is supported by the parliamentary grant to art organisations that engage in community work.
generalGeneral grant was a famous American Civil War general.
yearThe company received a five-year grant from the government.
additionalThe organization's budget increased by an additional grant of 10%.
directThe direct grant provides funding for programs that are designed to improve student achievement.
initialThe initial grant was awarded to the university in 2019.
freeI am applying for a free grant to help fund my research.
averageThe average grant is $48,000 per year.
totalThe total grant of the program is $100,000,000.
spanishThe Spanish grant was a type of land grant given to settlers in the New World.
substantialThe professor received a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation.
legislativeThe legislative grant provided funding for the construction of a new school.
formerThe program provides grants and loans to refugees and other former grant recipients.
maximumThe maximum grant amount is $20,000.
liberalThe prestigious university offered the liberal grant to the impoverished student.
constitutionalThe authority to create national banks is a constitutional grant given to Congress.
formalThe formal grant of the patent had to be verified.
outrightThe university received an outright grant of $10 million from a wealthy alumnus.
acreThe acre grant of 1769 was made to encourage British settlement in the West Indies.
largestDr. Michael Lai received the largest grant of his career for his research on Alzheimer's disease.
financialThe organization received a financial grant to support their research.
expressThe express grant of authority includes the right to perform specific tasks.
supplementaryThe local council received a supplementary grant to help fund the new library.
monthlyThe organization provided a monthly grant to support underprivileged families.
broadThe board gave the CEO a broad grant of authority to make decisions.
immediateThe immediate grant of funds to the organization was critical for its survival.
yearlyThe yearly grant was given to the organization for its work in the community.
flatThe university provides a flat grant to every student.
conditionalThe conditional grant was awarded to the organization after they met the specified conditions.
impliedThe implied grant of authority to the agent was never made explicit.
papalThe papal grant of indulgences was a major factor in the Protestant Reformation.
statutoryThe statutory grant of power to the county commission to regulate land use is broad.
educationalThe student received an educational grant to help pay for college.
exclusiveThe exclusive grant of a patent gives the patentee the sole right to make, use, sell, and offer to sell the invention in the United States.
imperialThe imperial grant gave the company exclusive rights to trade in the region.
brownThe brown grant was granted to the earl by the king.
congressionalThe proposed congressional grant would provide funding for research and development of new technologies.
unconditionalThe unconditional grant provided much-needed funding for the research project.
freshI am happy to announce a fresh grant for our organization.
limitedThe limited grant was only available to a select few individuals.
subsequentFollowing the initial grant, a subsequent grant was awarded for further research.
hugeThe university received a huge grant from the government to fund their research.
fixedThe fixed grant was approved by the committee last week.
modestThe foundation received a modest grant to support their educational programs.
extensiveThe researcher received an extensive grant to conduct their groundbreaking research.
priorThe prior grant was not sufficient to cover the full cost of the project.
unrestrictedThe unrestricted grant made it possible for the organization to use the funds for a variety of purposes.
temporaryThe temporary grant allowed for access to the building for only a week.
voluntaryThe voluntary grant was given to the non-profit organization.

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