Adjectives for Growing

Adjectives For Growing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing growing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe growing can vastly alter the perception of your subject. Whether you're talking about the fastest-growing technology companies, or the slow but steady growth of a personal project, each adjective carries its own weight and implications. This is especially true in the context of agriculture, where the terms wheat-growing and corn-growing regions highlight specific crops and their economic importance. Similarly, the concept of fast-growing industries versus nurturing your own growing plants or businesses presents a fascinating contrast. For a closer look at how each of these adjectives can change the story of growth, explore the full list below.
fastestThis company is the fastest growing in the industry.
slowThe slow growing tree reached towards the sky.
wheatThe farmer was satisfied with the wheat growing in his field.
cornThe corn growing in the field was taller than the young boy.
ownShe needs to do her own growing
woolThe sheep industry is focused on wool growing
commercialCommercial growing is the cultivation of plants on a large scale for the purpose of making a profit.
riceRice growing is an important part of the local economy.
successfulThe farmer was successful growing tomatoes in his garden.
cottonCotton growing is an important part of the agricultural economy in many countries.
vineThe vine growing in the garden produces delicious grapes.
grainThe vast majority of grain growing in India is done on the Indo-Gangetic Plain.
continuousThe company is experiencing continuous growing in its revenue.
grapeGrape growing requires a lot of sun and water.
vegetableVegetable growing is a rewarding hobby that can provide fresh, organic produce for your family and friends.
everThe ever growing population is a concern for the government.
tobaccoThe strong winds damaged the tobacco growing in the fields.
slowestThe tree in the backyard is the slowest growing tree in the neighborhood.
lowThe low growing ferns spread across the forest floor.
cropThe farmer had success with crop growing this year.
freeThe free growing plants added a touch of nature to the room.
flaxThe field was full of flax growing
oliveOlive growing is a major industry in many Mediterranean countries.
largestThe largest growing city in the United States is Houston.
orangeThe orange growing season in Florida typically runs from October to June.
profitableThe profitable growing of mushrooms is a promising business venture.
scaleThe scale growing in the river was as big as a largemouth bass.
coffeeCoffee growing has been a major industry for many years
extensiveThe extensive growing season in the area has been a major factor in the local agricultural industry.
crystalThe crystal growing process is fascinating to watch.
treeThe tree growing slowly but steadily.
actualThe actual growing of the plant occurs in the spring.
intensiveThe use of intensive growing methods has increased crop yields significantly.
plantThe plant growing in the garden is a beautiful rose.
fruitFruit growing is a major industry in California.
strawberryWe went strawberry growing last weekend.
maizeMaize growing is a major agricultural activity in many parts of the world.
peachI enjoy peach growing in the summer.
beetBeet growing is a popular hobby for many gardeners.
constantThe constant growing of the population is a major concern for the government.
appleApple growing is a major industry in the state of Washington.
gradualThe gradual growing of the tree has been a joy to watch.
poppyPoppy growing is prevalent in some regions due to its economic value
orchidOrchid growing is a popular hobby among plant enthusiasts.
cocoaCocoa growing is a major industry in many tropical countries.
quickestThe Internet is the quickest growing technology of all time.
rootThe root growing down into the soil anchors the plant.
organicHerbs grown using organic growing methods are healthier and more flavorful.
tallThe tall growing trees are a beautiful sight to behold.
experimentalI am excited to see the results of the experimental growing techniques.
compulsoryHer compulsory growing up was very painful.
nonShe has streaks of beautiful non growing hair
mushroomI'm interested in mushroom growing
dateThe Coachella Valley is known for its date growing industry.
sheepSome of them are still sheep growing and will always be sheep growing
continualThe continual growing of plants requires constant attention.
hempI've never seen hemp growing before
sugarThe sugar growing industry in this region has been booming in recent years.
regionRegion growing is a technique used in image processing to segment an image into different regions.
bananaIn the tropical climate, the banana growing industry thrives.
lowestThe lowest growing sector is the manufacturing sector.
slowerThe slower growing plants are more tolerant of drought conditions.
protractedThe protracted growing season allowed the farmers to cultivate a wide variety of crops.
paddyThe warm weather was ideal for paddy growing
tulipTulip growing is a popular hobby for many people.
vigorousThe vigorous growing plant reached up to the sky.
rubberThe company derives its primary income from rubber growing and processing.

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