Adjectives for Growth

Adjectives For Growth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing growth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives commonly paired with 'growth' reveals the multidimensional aspect of development across various fields. Whether it's 'economic growth' indicating a thriving market, 'rapid growth' showcasing speed and expansion, or 'slow growth' hinting at deliberate progress, each combination paints a unique scenario. 'Industrial growth' highlights sector-specific advancements, while 'personal growth' focuses on individual improvement and 'normal growth' defines expected development patterns. These adjectives not only modify the noun but also enrich our understanding of progress and evolution in diverse contexts. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'growth' to appreciate the nuances and insights they provide.
economicEconomic growth is essential for a thriving society.
rapidThe company experienced rapid growth in the last quarter.
slowThe company experienced slow growth in the first quarter.
industrialThe rapid industrial growth led to an increased demand for resources.
personalPersonal growth is an ongoing journey that requires self-reflection and dedication.
urbanRapid urban growth is a major problem in many developing countries.
furtherThe company is expecting further growth in the coming year.
futureWe expect the future growth of artificial intelligence to be exponential.
steadyThe company experienced steady growth throughout the year.
spiritualMy spiritual growth has been immense since I started practicing meditation.
bacterialBacterial growth was observed in the culture medium.
annualThe company's annual growth rate has reached 15%.
physicalI am happy with my physical growth over the past few years.
naturalThe natural growth of the forest was impressive.
continuedThe company's revenue experienced continued growth over the past quarter.
crystalCrystal growth is the process by which crystals are formed and grow.
recentThe company has experienced recent growth in the past year.
mentalEducation fosters mental growth by challenging students with new ideas and concepts.
averageThe company's sales have shown average growth over the last five years.
intellectualEmbracing diverse perspectives fostered intellectual growth and expanded my understanding of the world.
healthyThe healthy growth of the company was attributed to its innovative products and strong marketing strategy.
fetalThe doctor monitored fetal growth regularly throughout the pregnancy.
overallThe company reported an overall growth of 5% in the third quarter.
vigorousThe vigorous growth of the plant was a testament to the gardener's skill.
explosiveThe explosive growth of the tech industry has created unprecedented opportunities.
termThe term growth of the company has been impressive.
professionalWorking with a diverse team has helped me develop my professional growth
phenomenalThe company's revenue has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years.
slowerWe are seeing slower growth in the economy.
continuousThe company has experienced continuous growth over the past decade.
gradualThe company's gradual growth was a result of years of hard work and dedication.
tremendousThe company experienced tremendous growth in the past year.
subsequentThey attributed the company's subsequent growth to their innovative marketing strategies.
agriculturalAgricultural growth in the region has been stagnant for the past several years.
microbialMicrobial growth was observed in the petri dish after incubation.
excessiveUncontrolled development led to excessive growth in the city.
vegetativeThe plant displayed vigorous vegetative growth
luxuriantThe garden was a riot of color, with a luxuriant growth of flowers that filled the air with their fragrance.
denseThe dense growth of the forest made it difficult to see.
substantialThe company has experienced substantial growth in the past year.
remarkableThe company has experienced remarkable growth in the past year.
organicThe company's organic growth rate has been very impressive in recent years.
fasterThe company showed faster growth in the fourth quarter.
abnormalThe abnormal growth on my skin was a cause for concern.
sustainableSustainable growth is crucial for long-term economic prosperity.
balancedThe economy has been experiencing balanced growth for the past several years.
enormousThe company's revenue experienced enormous growth in the past year.
likeThe company has experienced like growth in the past few years.
malignantThe malignant growth was discovered after a biopsy.
thickShe was halted by a thick growth of trees.
dramaticThe company's dramatic growth led to a substantial increase in its market share.
sustainedThe company's sustained growth over the past decade has been attributed to its innovative products and effective marketing strategies.
maximumTo achieve maximum growth the team invested heavily in research and development.
regionalThe company's regional growth strategy focuses on the expansion of its operations into new geographical areas
secondaryDue to secondary growth the plant's diameter increases.
stuntedThe child's stunted growth was a cause for concern for the parents.
linearThe linear growth of the population is concerning.
epitaxialEpitaxial growth is a process used to deposit a thin layer of material onto a substrate, with the deposited material having the same crystal structure as the substrate.
fastThe company's fast growth required additional investment.
unprecedentedThe company has experienced unprecedented growth in the past year.
emotionalHe has experienced significant emotional growth over the past year.
ledOur CEO led growth to earn an industry leading 15%.
cognitiveShe was able to overcome all the obstacles and reach her true potential through cognitive growth
spectacularOur company has experienced spectacular growth in recent years.
acceleratedWith the new fertilizer, the plants have shown accelerated growth this season.
monetaryI'm not sure about the monetary growth but I know that the economy is doing well.

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