Adjectives for Guarantee

Adjectives For Guarantee

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing guarantee, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a guarantee can subtly shift its perceived reliability and scope. The term 'best guarantee' suggests a superior level of assurance compared to competitors, while 'only guarantee' might denote exclusivity or a unique offering. A 'sufficient guarantee' conveys adequacy, potentially calming concerns about risk. In legal and formal contexts, a 'constitutional guarantee' implies a foundational, societal promise, and an 'absolute guarantee' offers an undoubtable commitment. The personal touch of a 'personal guarantee,' however, adds a layer of individual responsibility and trust. Understanding these nuances helps in crafting messages that speak directly to the intended audience's expectations and concerns. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'guarantee' for richer, more precise expressions.
bestWe offer the best guarantee in town.
onlyA written guarantee is the only guarantee
sufficientThe manager ask for a sufficient guarantee for approving the loan.
constitutionalThe constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech protects citizens from government censorship.
absoluteThe contract provided an absolute guarantee of repayment.
personalJohn's personal guarantee is on the loan application.
backWe offer a 100% back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
surestThe surest guarantee of peace is a strong defense.
minimumThe minimum guarantee for the contract is 500 dollars.
britishDue to the british guarantee Belgium was safe from attack.
writtenThe product comes with a written guarantee for two years.
sureThis purchase comes with a sure guarantee
americanThe American guarantee is a promise of protection and aid to the European nations.
mutualBoth parties agreed to a mutual guarantee of security.
betterA better guarantee protects you better.
internationalThe product comes with an international guarantee
yearThis product comes with a two-year guarantee.
realThis product comes with a real guarantee
federalThe federal guarantee of student loans has been a major factor in the growth of the student loan industry.
effectiveThe effective guarantee provided by the insurance policy gave us peace of mind.
nuclearThe nuclear guarantee is a formal pledge by a nuclear-weapon state to protect a non-nuclear-weapon state from nuclear attack.
fullThis product comes with a full guarantee of satisfaction.
furtherThe law provides further guarantee of his rights.
jointThe bank required a joint guarantee from both spouses before approving the loan.
ultimateThe ultimate guarantee of preserving your valuable belongings is here.
legalThe product comes with a two-year legal guarantee
additionalThe additional guarantee gave us peace of mind.
soleThis document serves as the sole guarantee of the contract.
financialI've never heard of any financial guarantee that would protect you in this case.
collective"Unanimity at a decision-making meeting is often referred to as a collective guarantee."
implicitThe contract includes an implicit guarantee of quality.
unconditionalA major appliance company offers an unconditional guarantee for all of its products.
formalThe manufacturer provided a formal guarantee for the product's quality.
possibleThe possible guarantee of success inspired me to work harder
necessaryThe necessary guarantee is a crucial element of the contract.
basicThe basic guarantee of a democracy is equal protection under the law.
adequateThe bank requires an adequate guarantee for the loan.
explicitThe contract provided an explicit guarantee of payment.
reliableWe rely on a reliable guarantee to ensure our success.
completeThe company offers a complete guarantee on all its products.
virtualThe upgraded engine is a virtual guarantee that the automobile will run more efficiently.
firmThe company provided a firm guarantee that the product would be delivered on time.
automaticThe contract included an automatic guarantee for the rent.
dayThe warranty includes a 30-day guarantee for exchange or refund.
reasonableThe reasonable guarantee brought me peace of mind.
equalEach employee is offered an equal guarantee of promotion opportunities.
strongestThe strongest guarantee is a lifetime warranty.
fundamentalThe freedom of speech is a fundamental guarantee of the Constitution.
divineThe divine guarantee of eternal life provides solace to the faithful.
definiteThere is a definite guarantee that the project will be completed on time.
permanentThe product comes with a permanent guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.
solidThe construction company offered a solid guarantee on their work.
essentialThe essential guarantee for a successful trip is proper planning.
unilateralThe document was later interpreted as an unilateral guarantee on the part of the provincial government.
partialThe loan is provided with a partial guarantee from the government.
solemnI give you a solemn guarantee that your secrets are safe with me.
prioriThe absence of a priori guarantee was born from the absence of knowledge about the unknown.
imperialThe treaty was signed under an imperial guarantee
impliedWe provide our clients with an implied guarantee of high-quality work.
territorialThe bill also contained a territorial guarantee that no new states would be admitted to the Union without the consent of the existing states.
ironcladThe company's ironclad guarantee assures customers of the product's quality and durability.
strongerThe stronger guarantee provides more confidence in the result.
counterThe bank counter guarantee is issued for a loan secured by a real estate property.
substantial"I give you my substantial guarantee that this product will work for you."
satisfactoryThe company offers a satisfactory guarantee on all of their products.
limitedThe vehicle comes with a limited guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
surerA surer guarantee of success is hard work.
reciprocalThe reciprocal guarantee would help to ensure that each country would be supported by its allies in the event of war.

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