Adjectives for Guest

Adjectives For Guest

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing guest, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'guest' can add layers of meaning to your sentence, reflecting not just their presence, but the quality and significance of their visit. A 'welcome guest' immediately conjures an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, while an 'honored guest' elevates their status, suggesting reverence and high esteem. On the other hand, a 'frequent guest' might imply familiarity and regularity, bringing a casual tone. The description of a 'distinguished guest' adds a note of prestige and respect, distinguishing their visit as noteworthy. The subtlety in using 'special' or 'honoured' further personalizes the narration, indicating affection or deep respect. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives tailored for 'guest' below to enrich your descriptions with precise nuance.
welcomeWe would like to extend a warm welcome guest to our new visitors.
honoredThe honored guest was treated to a lavish party in their honor.
frequentThe frequent guest came to visit us again
distinguishedIt is an honor to welcome our distinguished guest speaker.
honouredThe honoured guest delivered an inspiring speech at the ceremony.
specialThe special guest arrived at the party with a flourish.
uninvitedThe uninvited guest caused quite a stir at the party.
onlyThe only guest is my sister.
unwelcomeThe unwelcome guest arrived at the party without an invitation.
lastI will be the last guest to arrive.
unexpectedThe unexpected guest caught us by surprise.
youngThe young guest was welcomed with open arms.
chiefThe chief guest delivered an inspiring speech at the graduation ceremony.
royalThe royal guest was greeted with great fanfare.
fellowI'm delighted to be here with you as a fellow guest at this prestigious event.
regularShe's a regular guest at the town's diner.
illustriousThe illustrious guest was greeted with great fanfare.
principalThe principal guest at the wedding was the governor.
foreignThe foreign guest enjoyed the local cuisine.
expectedWe are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our expected guest
constantThe constant guest was greeted with open arms by the family.
strangeThe strange guest arrived at midnight and departed before dawn.
maleThe male guest arrived at the party with a bottle of wine.
unbiddenThe unbidden guest arrived at the party and caused quite a stir.
weddingThe wedding guest wore a beautiful dress.
nobleThe noble guest was received with great honor and respect.
overnightShe left her overnight guest some breakfast before she left.
occasionalThe occasional guest would stay overnight in the spare room.
permanentMy cousin is a permanent guest in my house.
dearDear guest welcome to our humble abode.
femaleThe female guest brought a lovely gift for the hostess.
unknownThe unknown guest arrived at the party and no one knew who they were.
lateAlthough the late guest had apologized, her tardiness still annoyed the host.
officialThe official guest was seated in the front row.
fairThe fair guest was welcomed with open arms.
worthyThe worthy guest was met with great fanfare.
famousThe famous guest was so gracious and kind.
mysteriousThe mysterious guest arrived at the party, their identity shrouded in secrecy.
unwillingJohn was an unwilling guest at the party.
charmingThe charming guest left a lasting impression on the party attendees.
favouredThe favoured guest was treated to a sumptuous feast.
favoredThe favored guest was treated to a sumptuous feast.
perfectShe was the perfect guest arriving on time and leaving the house spotless.
heavenlyThe heavenly guest descended upon us, bringing divine blessings.
troublesomeThe troublesome guest caused a commotion in the restaurant.
familiarShe was a familiar guest at our home.
solitaryThe solitary guest sat quietly at the table, lost in thought.
privilegedThe privileged guest will be greeted with a warm welcome.
dailyThe daily guest brought a delicious dessert.
silentThe silent guest watched over the bustling promenade.
transientThe transient guest checked in for a few hours before moving on to their next destination.
favoriteMy favorite guest in the whole wide world is my beloved Grandma.
belovedThe beloved guest arrived with a warm smile and a twinkle in their eye.
unfortunateThe unfortunate guest was stranded at the airport due to a flight delay.
temporaryThe temporary guest stayed in the spare room.
featuredThe featured guest will provide a speech at the conference.
soleThe sole guest sat in the dimly lit room, their eyes fixed on the flickering flames of the fireplace.
biddenThe bidden guest arrived fashionably late.
casualHe was invited to the party as a casual guest
delightfulThe delightful guest brought laughter and joy to the gathering.
rareIt's a rare guest that comes without his passport.
extraThe extra guest arrived late to the party, but we welcomed them with open arms.
prospectiveThe prospective guest made a reservation for a room with a king-sized bed.
respectedThe respected guest was treated to a five-course meal.
lovelyThe lovely guest left a generous tip.
invisibleThe invisible guest watched her come and go, but she never noticed him.
agreeableThe agreeable guest left a generous tip.
honourableWe are honoured to welcome our honourable guest to the ceremony.
graciousThe gracious guest thanked the host for the lovely dinner.
imperialThe imperial guest was greeted with great fanfare.

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