Adjectives for Guidelines

Adjectives For Guidelines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing guidelines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuance between adjectives when paired with the noun 'guidelines' can greatly affect interpretation and implementation. For instance, general guidelines suggest broad recommendations applicable in various scenarios, while specific guidelines are tailored to particular situations or challenges. The use of clinical guidelines emphasizes a medical or healthcare focus, underscoring their importance in patient care. Moreover, new guidelines hint at recent updates or changes, possibly reflecting evolving standards or knowledge. Lastly, clear guidelines imply that the instructions are unambiguous and easy to follow, facilitating compliance and adherence. Discover the full range of adjectives associated with 'guidelines' and explore the subtle shifts in meaning they convey.
generalFollow the general guidelines when creating your design.
specificPlease follow the specific guidelines outlined in the document.
clinicalThe clinical guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for patient care.
newThe department has issued new guidelines for employees to follow.
clearThe project is progressing smoothly, thanks to the clear guidelines provided by the project manager.
fewThe lecture lacked few guidelines for the project.
basicFollow the basic guidelines set out by your institution.
ethicalAdhering to ethical guidelines ensures responsible conduct in all professional endeavors.
federalThe school district is required to follow federal guidelines for student safety.
currentBe sure to follow current guidelines when working with hazardous materials.
certainIt is important to follow certain guidelines to conduct a successful research study.
practicalA robust set of practical guidelines is essential for ensuring compliance with regulations.
strictThe company has strict guidelines for employee conduct.
dietaryBe sure to follow healthy dietary guidelines to avoid complications
broadThe project was completed according to the broad guidelines set out in the original proposal.
nationalWe must follow the national guidelines for this project.
usefulThe book provided useful guidelines for effective communication.
detailedPlease follow the detailed guidelines provided for the best possible outcome.
basedStatistics Canada has developed a set of based guidelines to ensure data quality.
simpleFollow the simple guidelines and you will succeed.
additionalBe sure to read the additional guidelines as well.
legalThe company's legal guidelines were intricate and included several pages of fine print.
appropriateThe company should establish appropriate guidelines for all employees to follow.
internationalThe company operates in accordance with the international guidelines
officialThe official guidelines for the project should be followed carefully.
operationalOur team is adept at following these operational guidelines
formalEmployees should adhere to the formal guidelines established by the company.
regulatoryOur company is dedicated to adhering to all regulatory guidelines
moralWe must adhere to strict moral guidelines when making decisions.
voluntaryGovernments and the private sector may resort to voluntary guidelines to promote responsible conduct.
standardPlease adhere to the established standard guidelines
proceduralOur company has established a set of procedural guidelines to ensure consistency in our operations.
professionalI have been following the professional guidelines for my job.
suggestedWe will follow the suggested guidelines to ensure the quality of the project.
administrativeWe must strictly adhere to the administrative guidelines
environmentalThe company adheres to strict environmental guidelines when making decisions.
diagnosticThe diagnostic guidelines for this disease are still being developed.
helpfulFollowing these helpful guidelines will allow you to achieve your goals.
explicitPlease be sure to adhere to the explicit guidelines provided in the document.
firmThe company established firm guidelines for employee conduct.
roughThe rough guidelines provide a general framework for the project.
technicalFollow these technical guidelines when writing this code.
preciseThe committee followed precise guidelines to ensure fairness in the selection process.
comprehensiveIn order to ensure that our employees can always rely on comprehensive guidelines regardless of their location, we made sure to make them accessible online.
nutritionalThe nutritional guidelines provided by the doctor were very helpful.
relevantPlease adhere to the relevant guidelines when submitting your proposal.
recommendedThe recommended guidelines for this conference are available on the website.
stringentWe must follow the stringent guidelines set by the government.
therapeuticThe therapeutic guidelines recommend close monitoring of haemoglobin levels.
rigidOur operations manager has developed a set of rigid guidelines for us to follow.
methodologicalResearchers followed proper methodological guidelines to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their findings.
statutoryGovernment employees are urged to follow statutory guidelines carefully.
concreteThe company provided concrete guidelines to ensure compliance with regulations.
theoreticalThe professor provided theoretical guidelines for the research project.
behavioralAll employees are expected to adhere to the behavioral guidelines set forth in the company policy.
institutionalWe must abide by the institutional guidelines when conducting research.
corporateThe staff were asked to adhere to corporate guidelines for the event.
overallThe overall guidelines are clear and easy to follow.
interimWe are pleased to provide these interim guidelines to help you get started.
normativeProfessional ethical behavior is guided by normative guidelines
uniformWe established uniform guidelines for our employees to follow.
definitiveThe organization outlined their definitive guidelines for handling the situation.
valuableThe expert provided valuable guidelines for the research project.
interpretiveThe interpretive guidelines provided a framework for understanding the data.
strategicImplementing strategic guidelines we can assure long-term success.

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