Adjectives for Hack

Adjectives For Hack

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hack, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of writing and creativity, the term 'hack' can carry a multitude of connotations, deeply influenced by adjectives that precede it. A 'literary hack' conjures the image of someone industriously churning out content, perhaps without the flair of originality, while a 'political hack' evokes the notion of an individual deeply entrenched in the machinations of power, often with a negative undertone. On the other hand, adjectives like 'good' or 'poor' directly reflect on the quality of the hack, adding a dimension of worthiness or lack thereof. Describing something as 'old' or 'mere' hack further delves into perceptions of value, antiquity, or simplicity. Each adjective weaves a unique thread of context, shading our understanding of 'hack' in nuanced ways. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'hack' below to unlock the layers of meaning each combination holds.
literaryThe unscrupulous literary hack churned out formulaic and uninspired novels.
politicalThe candidate was accused of being nothing more than a political hack looking out for his own interests.
oldThe old hack performed the trick with great ease.
goodI found a good hack to save time.
poorThe poor hack couldn't get the job done.
littleI used a little hack to get the document for free.
publicThe public hack was quickly patched by the developers.
commonI've seen that common hack before.
miserableThe miserable hack's writing was so bad that it made my eyes bleed.
cleverThe clever hack made life a lot easier.
ordinaryThe ordinary hack was used to extract the data from the system.
simpleYou can easily organize your belongings using this simple hack
openHe left the door open hack
quickThat quick hack saved us hours of work.
jadedThe jaded hack churned out another uninspired article.
commercialThe commercial hack has led to a huge increase in sales.
rateI'll never forget the time I found a rate hack for my favorite hotel.
riddenHe's a little too round in the middle to be a thoroughbred, but he'll do as a ridden hack
journalisticThe journalistic hack was accused of plagiarizing his articles.
quietThe quiet hack worked perfectly.
industriousDespite initial setbacks, the industrious hack created a viral social media post that attracted millions of views.
streetThe street hack found a quick way to fix the broken pipe.
ardentThe ardent hack was writing a passionate letter to his beloved.
emptyThe empty hack wandered aimlessly through the desolate streets.
usefulUsing a thesaurus is a useful hack when writing to expand your vocabulary and sound more sophisticated.
fineThe fine hack didn't quite work.
successfulThe successful hack led to the exposure of sensitive information.
competentThe competent hack was able to fix the problem quickly.
dryThe persistent dry hack was a sign of an underlying respiratory issue.
ministerialThe ministerial hack was a petty and unimportant official.
covertTheir covert hack went unnoticed for an entire year.
uglyThe ugly hack did manage to fix the problem, but it was messy and hard to maintain.
niceI wish you would mind your own business. I never interfere with you, and I don't like to be bothered. You really are a nice hack
obscureThe obscure hack managed to break into the system.
hiredThe hired hack drove me to the airport.
humbleThe humble hack with its simple yet effective solution, caught everyone by surprise.
cheapThe cheap hack allowed me to book my flight for half the price.
ethicalThe ethical hack uncovered a critical vulnerability in the system.
anonymousThe anonymous hack released sensitive data to the public.
neatA neat hack for organizing headphones is to use a binder clip.
shabbyThe old horse drawn carriage, once the pride of the town, had become just a shabby hack
perfectThe perfect hack is the one that goes unnoticed.
stableThe stable hack called for the farrier to examine the horse's hoof.
vileThe vile hack sullied the reputation of the once-respected publication.
favouriteProgramming is my favourite hack
typicalThe typical hack is to use a dictionary to store the key-value pairs.
grayThe gray hack is a type of horse that is known for its gray coat.
academicI'm an academic hack and I'm proud of it.
spiritedThe spirited hack sprinted through the forest, leaving a trail of broken branches in his wake.
leanThe lean hack helped reduce operational costs for the organization.
brownThe brown hack is a type of horse.
decentDespite his reputation as a decent hack the reporter had a knack for writing incisive articles that kept his readers engaged.
prolificHe was known as a prolific hack churning out cheap and forgettable novels for a living.
dilapidatedThe dilapidated hack is all over the place.
musicalAlthough he's a musical hack he created one or two memorable songs.
woodenThe wooden hack scratched the table.
venalThe venal hack took a bribe to write a favorable review.
lookingI'm looking hack at the old photos.

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