Adjectives for Hair

Adjectives For Hair

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing hair, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'hair' can paint a vivid picture that goes beyond its basic description. Descriptors like long, black, or red not only hint at its appearance but can also evoke a certain feeling or atmosphere. For instance, dark hair might be associated with mystery or elegance, while white hair could suggest wisdom or age. The choice of adjectives such as brown can bring warmth and reliability to mind, showcasing the subtle nuances that adjectives can convey. Each adjective adds a layer of depth, preparing the reader's imagination for the story or character described. Dive into the full list of adjectives used with 'hair' to explore more colors and textures.
longThe girl with the long hair walked down the street.
blackThe girl with the black hair walked down the street.
darkShe had long dark hair that fell in loose waves down her back.
brownThe girl with brown hair ran down the street.
redI saw a man with red hair at the store.
whiteThe old man had long white hair
blondThe young girl tossed her long, blond hair over her shoulder.
curlyThe girl with the curly hair was sitting in the corner.
grayI gazed at my reflection in the mirror, noticing the wisps of gray hair that had started to creep in.
shortShe had short hair and a bright smile.
goldenThe girl with golden hair swayed gently in the breeze.
blondeThe girl with the blonde hair was very beautiful.
fairThe young girl with fair hair skipped through the meadow.
greyThe elderly woman had long, flowing grey hair
lightThe girl with light hair ran through the park.
yellowThe man with the yellow hair ran down the street.
wavyThe girl with wavy hair shook her head and laughed.
straightShe straightened her long, straight hair
softHer soft hair gently cascaded over her shoulders.
beautifulShe had beautiful hair that cascaded down her shoulders in lustrous waves.
fineHer fine hair was a silky curtain that framed her face
auburnThe woman had long, flowing auburn hair
facialThe police officer had a thick mustache and bushy beard, giving him an imposing facial hair
thinThe stylist tried to hide her thin hair with a headband.
coarseShe ran her fingers through her coarse hair
wetShe stepped outside with her wet hair blowing in the wind.
sandyThe young boy with sandy hair ran through the park, his laughter echoing through the trees.
brightThe girl with bright hair stood out in the crowd.
coloredShe had vibrant, fire-engine red colored hair
mattedShe ran her fingers through her matted hair
reddishThe girl with reddish hair was sitting by the window.
paleThe man with pale hair was sitting in the corner.
tangledHer tangled hair cascaded over her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
flaxenThe young boy's flaxen hair glistened in the sunlight.
shaggyThe man with shaggy hair looked like he hadn't had a haircut in years.
dishevelledThe man with the dishevelled hair was running down the street.
looseShe tucked her loose hair behind her ears.
tousledThe boy had tousled hair from playing outside all day.
dampShe ran her fingers through her damp hair
woollyThe toddler had long, woolly hair
shinyThe girl's shiny hair flowed down her back like a silken waterfall.
braidedShe twirled her long, braided hair as she walked.
abundantThe forest held abundant hair with a rainbow of colors.
bushyHer bushy hair was a beautiful shade of auburn.
unkemptDespite his unkempt hair and sloppy appearance, he still looked charming.
goldThe princess had long, flowing gold hair
lovelyHannah has got lovely hair
unrulyShe left the house with her unruly hair blowing in the wind.
sparseThe man had sparse hair which was thinning out on top.
greasyI hate it when I have greasy hair in the morning.
lankThe lank hair hung down in her face.
dyedThe young girl with the vibrant dyed hair stood out from the crowd.
backHe had a lot of thick, dark back hair
dryThe dry hair crackled as she combed it
silveryThe elderly gentleman had long, silky silvery hair that framed his wrinkled face.
frizzyMy frizzy hair was flying all over the place in the wind.
disheveledHe looked in the mirror and saw a man with disheveled hair
wiryShe ran her fingers through her wiry hair as she paced back and forth.
stiffShe ran her fingers through her stiff hair
axillaryExcessive axillary hair can be unsightly and may cause irritation.
luxuriantHer luxuriant hair cascaded down her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
powderedThe powdered hair and fancy clothes were a sign of his high status.
stringyThe stringy hair of the old woman hung down over her face like a curtain.
sleekThe model effortlessly swayed her head, running her fingers through sleek hair
grizzledThe grizzled hair of the old man contrasted with the youthfulness of his eyes.
bleachedThe woman with bleached hair stood out in the crowd.
tawnyThe little girl with tawny hair skipped through the meadow.
wispyThe wispy hair gently framed her serene face.
prettyShe flipped her pretty hair behind her shoulder.
uncombedShe hurried to work with uncombed hair
roughThe dog had rough hair
untidyI ran my fingers through my untidy hair

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