Adjectives for Half

Adjectives For Half

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing half, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'half' can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, offering a nuanced lens through which to view quantities, sequences, or qualities. Whether it's the 'first half' indicating the beginning of a period, the 'second half' suggesting a continuation or completion, or the 'lower half' painting a vivid image of division, each combination opens up a world of descriptive possibilities. These adjectives serve not just as quantifiers but as a bridge to deeper meaning or context within your narrative. Explore the intricate dance of language and discover how selecting the 'one', 'other', or 'latter' half adds layers of interpretation to your messages. Delve into the full list of adjectives linked with 'half' to enhance your linguistic toolkit.
oneThe cake was cut into one half and shared equally.
firstI attended the first half of the meeting.
secondI was too tired during the second half of the movie to stay fully focused.
otherI'm meeting my other half for dinner tonight.
latterI have no choice but to work during the latter half of the night.
lowerThe lower half of the tree was covered in snow.
upperThe upper half of the building was still under construction.
lastThey spent the last half of the day fishing.
southernThis is the southern half of the map.
northernThe northern half of the country is experiencing a heat wave.
topThe artist painted the top half of the canvas a striking shade of blue.
andI ate half of the pizza and half of a cookie.
easternThe eastern half of the state is mountainous.
rightThe right half of the equation is equal to the left half.
westernThe western half of the town was destroyed by the tornado.
leftWe only need the left half of the chocolate bar.
bottomThe bottom half of the building was submerged in water.
posteriorThe posterior half of the body contains the thoracolumbar region.
anteriorThe anterior half of the spinal cord is responsible for motor functions.
betterI'm so grateful to have found my better half
frontI broke down the front half of my car.
outerThe outer half of the circle was painted blue.
lateralThe lateral half of the vastus intermedius muscle helps to extend the knee.
twoThe two half of the equation do not add up.
apicalThe apical half of the lung is supplied by the apical branch of the pulmonary artery.
eastThe east half of the city is more densely populated.
southThe rain clouds hover over the south half of the map.
rearThe squirrel ran quickly across the rear half of the lawn.
terminalThe terminal half of the protein was found to be essential for its function.
handI held the old photo in my hand half-covered my face.
basalThe basal half of the brainstem includes the pons and medulla.
medialThe medial half of the body is the middle section.
distalThe distal half of the femur was fractured.
threeI ate three half of the cookie.
nearNear half of the population lives in poverty.
hourI need to finish this in hour half
nasalI tried to clear my nasal half but it wouldn't stop running.
proximalThe proximal half of the femur is the part of the bone that is closest to the body.
1stThe 1st half of the game was intense.
undividedThe undivided half of the estate was left to his brother.
andaAnda half is one that is not fully cooked.
scarceDespite the recent discovery, the artifact is still scarce half understood.
payableThe invoice is payable half in advance.

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